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    Post HTC Magic - half bricked - RUU USB

    You use what method to let it enter FASTBOOT
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    Thread Magic, who can solve this situation? It seems that the UK version of Ruu is needed. Use other versions of RUU to report error 131 error ID

    The solution to the magic situation seems to be the need for the UK version of Ruu. Other versions of RUU report error 131 error ID Original language:
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    Post [ROM] Official HTC Sapphire/Magic/MT3G ROM Links

    你好,我需要这个论坛上的官方 RUU。你可以给我发一个到我的邮箱吗? ?[email protected]谢谢 Translation:
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    Post Looking for stock ROM for T-Mobile MyTouch 3G 1.2

    我有两个Magic的RUU 不知道你需不需要 Translation: