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    Thread Custom roms

    Hi Does anyone know if there are any more custom roms for Mi 10T (apart from LOS 17.1 which has a thread in the forum)? I'd really like to see PixelExperience for our devices. I hope we get it one day!
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    Thread Lag when using Nova Launcher?

    I just noticed there's some lag in Mi 10T when using Nova Launcher as the default launcher. For example, when changing apps in multitasking or going back to homescreen. Also, when Nova Launcher is set as default, you lose the gesture to go to the previous app swiping up from the bottom and then...
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    Thread Battery drain WiFi

    Same here.
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    Thread [Bug] Official Oreo Quick Settings Panel

    Hi, After Oreo update, I noticed the following in the quick settings: before the update when clicking once for example on the WiFi toggle, it opened a secondary panel always inside the same place; now it just turns off/on the WiFi. This issue is not related to Android Oreo itself because Google...
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    Thread No custom ROMs available?

    Hello. I purchased a Mediapad M3 in Amazon Prime Day yesterday. I am checking development for this tablet and I can't seem to find any custom ROM out there. Is it because of the Kirin SoC? Is it because this model has not adquired popularity? It would be nice a LineageOS ROM, especially when...