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  1. QbanXpress

    Thread Theme chooser

    I've seen on both Jasmin 2.+ and the new alliance rom a native theme chooser. Where or which themes can we get to show up on that app? Thanks! Sent from my SM-N900V using XDA Free mobile app
  2. QbanXpress

    Thread What happens?

    Don't know much about safestrap, just trying to pick you all's brains. I wanted to know what happens if safe strap is installed and I'm on stock ROM... and I accept an ota update from Verizon? Does safestrap get uninstalled,overwritten, or is it still there and I can install a custom ROM to it...
  3. QbanXpress

    Thread Installing ROMS

    Hello everyone, my question is hopefully simple. I'm rooted and safestrapped. I would like to know if I take OTAs in the future that break my root will safestrap still be there? Like for example, can I run a nonrooted stock ROM with safestrap installed or will safestrap get uninstalled if I take...
  4. QbanXpress

    Thread Running low on space!

    Maybe this is a noob question but I'm running low on space in my internal storage and can't figure out why. I ran sd card analyst inside of es file manager and can't figure or why it's low on space. Sent from my SCH-I605 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  5. QbanXpress

    Thread Aosp camera on paranoidandroid

    I have a note2 running paranoid Android RC1 and the camera seems terrible while shooting. Specially during video mode, the image seems warped while filming but on playback all is fine. Also, I miss the ability to touch the screen and have it refocus at my will like in touchwiz. Is it just me or...
  6. QbanXpress

    Thread [Q] Jellybeans Rom version not updating

    Hello XDA, This is my first post :cyclops: OK, so I have a Note 2 running Jellybeans Rom and used the updater to go from revision 17 to 18. After downloading the update via Custom Settings and OTA Updater app, I selected Wipe Cache only and not data. The phone then installed the Rom update fine...