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    Thread Question Get calls on remote connection (wifi)

    It is already known that you can successfully get calls when watch is connected via Wi-Fi if you own a Samsung phone, but has anyone managed to find out a way to get calls on a non Samsung phone from remote connection (wifi)? I don't even get notification for missed calls. But it would be really...
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    Thread Question Messenger notifications (single message)

    Good evening, I have my gw4 connected with a mi 9 lite with no issues at all, but most of the time when I get the gw4 connected with my phone I only get notifications on the last message on Messenger (fb). I mean I cannot check the previous message from my wrist. I have to check them from the...
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    Thread Soft Brick (Stuck at Fastboot)

    EDIT: Soft Brick Solved with this method.
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    Thread Unlock bootloader without waiting?

    Hey everyone, just received my Mi9lite and just wondering if there is any working method to unlock asap to flash eu rom.. any help appreciated
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    Thread Battery needs optimization

    After 7 days of with the phone in my pocket, I think battery needs some serious optimization. Compared to my previous device Redmi note 6 pro on 4000mah had a lot better battery than Mi note 10 at 5260mah. Battery is draining like too fast. I'm on xiaomi eu btw.
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    Thread Google Pay on XiaomiEU

    Looking for a working method on how to use Google pay on rooted mi note 10 xiaomi eu 10.0.5 :D
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    Thread About custom ROM's

    Hello everyone, so I'm new on flashing custom Roms on my device (bored of Miui doesn't get updates too often and no cam2api) and i have some questions I would like to get answered from the advanced xda'ers! Right now i'm Havoc OS which feels really smooth and battery is great but sadly Dev...
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    Thread Low brightness issue

    Hello everyone, I'm facing a bug with latest global beta on pie. Brightness is very low (I have it set to high) and I can't even root this ROM. I tried to flash latest magisk but its not there when I reboot the phone. I tried to flash miui official stable and I get a bootloop. What...
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    Thread Miui 10 Camera APK for RN6Pro

    I accidentally Unistalled Camera stock app via Titanium Backup but I really need it back. Miui camera for Redmi note 6 pro with AI front and back. Update: I managed to find our a way to fix it and I installed the ROM via Twrp and I have it back but it doesn't work well. It crashes when I go to...
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    Thread stable or weekly?

    Hello everyone, so I just flashed stable rom by via unofficial twrp. It feels cool so far but I don't see any big differences. Is the weekly better? I don't know yet. It doesn't really feel custom to me. Any advices appreciated! :)
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    Thread About GCAM MOD

    Hello, newbie here. Just wanna ask, is it really worth using gcam mod? Gcam stock still good. And how easy is it to make it happen for a newbie? Thanks :D (Also looking for a newbie guide step by step on how to)
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    Thread Is it really worth it using a CUSTOM ROM?

    Hello, new to XDA and specifically to Android devices. I love the whole experience with my redmi 5 plus. Just wondering why so many people use the lineageOS. I mean is it really worth it? MIUI looks awesome. 1. What's the huge advantage of using a CUSTOM ROM?2. Will I loose the warranty? 3...