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    Thread Please sign this petition for BMW to offer Android Auto integration

    Hello Everyone, Please support to make a difference. Cheers!
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    Thread [Request] Want to build CyanogenMod 12 Unofficial • m7cdug

    Hello all, Since there is no official CyanogenMod for M7 Dual SIM, i want to give it a try and do it myself (also since the phone is old enough, I don't care if it is bricked or something ;) Also since Android 5.0+ has dual SIM support/APIs, I think it would be a good learning. What I have...
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    Thread "mm-qcamera-daemon" Battery Drain in Note 3

    Guys, This is killing me. Any idea?
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    Thread Please help Medkid

    The following lines are from Medkid When I build and flash rom for Atom, by accident I’ve breaked my Atom’s screen. Now I need some money to get it fixed. But I’m still a student and I don’t have money in my pocket now. If you see my trying in building rom for OUR Atoms worth, please donate me...
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    Thread USB DUN (Dial-Up Networking) Atom WM6.1

    Is there any one who got USB DUN (Dial-Up Networking) working on Atom WM6.1? Regards.
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    Thread A proposal to all the ROM-Developers

    Hi guys, We all can feel that ROM-Developers r growing day-by-day and getting more and more powerful with every single release. Since O2 is not going to give a damm about the huge effort and time of the developers, why don't we make our developments more streamlined which can be more helpful to...