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  1. SemperAndroid

    Thread [Q] Looking for CM9/AOKP Theme template Galaxy Nexus VZW

    Can someone point me to an updated template for building a theme chooser theme for the Galaxy Nexus VZW?
  2. SemperAndroid

    Thread Play Store Search Fails for My GoTheme

    Does anyone have problems with their #gothemes not showing up in #playstore searches? Problem occurs in both web and device apps. Just search for "game of thrones" and my #gotheme doesn't show but if you search for "semper android" you will see it? Any thoughts? Here is my manifest. I...
  3. SemperAndroid

    Thread [Theme] Game of Thrones for GO Launcher Ex

    I have published two themes for Go Launcher Ex for the hit series from HBO - Game of Thrones. Every Icon will be themed with a ring of fire 60 Wallpapers 3 Apps Drawer Wallpapers 5 Docks 60 Wallpapers Cover: All the major houses of the land sigil Banners with sigil for most houses Key...
  4. SemperAndroid

    Thread ICS Vector Icons (Illustrator CS5)

    For those of you who prefer to work with vector files, I have taken the initial batch of Ice Cream Sandwich icons and converted them to vector formats using Illustrator CS5. This represents the first batch with more to come. There are 36 icons in this batch. ICS Vector Icons
  5. SemperAndroid

    Thread [Q] Anyone Know How to Create GoThemes on Mac

    Has anyone come up with a template or mod to existing tools that will allow you to create a theme for Go Launcher?
  6. SemperAndroid

    Thread M Droid Razr or Samsung Nexus

    Hi, I am a Verizon customer and am intrigued by the Nexus. With exception of a two month test of the Samsung SGT, I have been a loyal Motorola customer through 5 Android phones and the Xoom. I am very comfortable with the rooting/ROM processes of Motorola product line. Normally, I would not...
  7. SemperAndroid

    Thread How I Got My Xoom Upgraded, Rooted and Running 3.2.2

    I sent my Xoom off for 4G upgrade and received it. Moto in its infinite wisdom sent me a new Xoom. So naturally, I started my Xoom and 3G/4G failed because I had a new MEID. Motor provided this new Xoom without syncing up with Verizon. So Verizon didn't have my MEID synced to my new 4G card...
  8. SemperAndroid

    Thread [Q] ODDBall Eclipse Android App Signing Problem

    Hi, I have a simple ADWTheme app I have created which is working fine when I use a generic debug key, but when I use a private certificate created with Eclipse and build my Theme, I get a really lame/generic error when selecting a dock. Using the debug key it works fine. I even created a new...
  9. SemperAndroid

    Thread [Q] return Xoom to Factory ?

    Hi, I know there was a thread on this but can't seem to find it the one I need. I saw the one for WIFI, but was unsure if it had all the steps required. I have a Xoom running 3.2 and want to return it all the way back to factory and let it upgrade OTA naturally. I have the SBF, but not sure...
  10. SemperAndroid

    Thread Recommendation for RDP App for Mac to Xoom

    I am looking at the Wyse client, but thought I would throw out a request for ideas. So what would be the best RDP client for use with local LAN connectivity to a Mac? Sent from my Xoom using XDA Premium App
  11. SemperAndroid

    Thread [Q] Best Practices Advice for Theming Xoom

    Hi, I have been trying to follow the many posts with regards to theming the Xoom. I was hoping to get some feedback on the best practices. Changing Images: Based upon what I see in notes it looks as if the updated apktool works for decompiling. I have it working on my MAC with no problems...
  12. SemperAndroid

    Thread Downloads Fail far to Frequently for pics and files

    Hi, Environment: Honeycomb 3.01 Rooted & Unlocked Tiamat 1.4.1 via Kernel Manager I am seeing some really weird behavior. When I am using any browser and I download a picture or file it randomly fails to download and reflects failed in notification bar. This is not specific to any site. The...
  13. SemperAndroid

    Thread GALLERY - Howto Prevent Indexing Certain Directories

    I have a folder on my SD card that I don't want images to appear from. Is there a means to exclude certain directories? Sent from my DROIDX using XDA Premium App
  14. SemperAndroid

    Thread Step by Step Tear down of Xoom Sent from my Xoom using XDA Premium App
  15. SemperAndroid

    Thread Xoom Otterbox Pre Order $69.99 Sent from my Xoom using XDA Premium App
  16. SemperAndroid

    Thread Xoom Compliant Reflective Wallpapers 10 USMC & 1 Army

    You can download my HD Xoom Wallpapers from my public Picasaweb share at: Below are some samples. Sent from my Xoom using XDA Premium App
  17. SemperAndroid

    Thread Splash Masque Screen Protectors are shipping Now $18.99

    I picked mine up at Amazon through a 3rd party. Sent from my Xoom using XDA Premium App
  18. SemperAndroid

    Thread Xoom case by ZooGue

    I just preordered a case for my Xoom by It looks pretty cool. Sent from my Xoom using XDA Premium App
  19. SemperAndroid

    Thread Zoom Pre-Order Info Here

    I created this topic so people could post where you can preorder. I only know of the one site in the UK. Please include link, Carrier, cost Sent from my DROIDX using XDA App
  20. SemperAndroid

    Thread New ADWTheme - USMC in Market Today

    I just uploaded a new ADWTheme for the USMC. It has 25 wallpapers and over 405+ Night Vision Icons. This is the first of four themes dedicated to our military. I do have future development tasks for this theme. Add Live Wallpaper Add Widgets Add hotswap dockbar Semper Fi
  21. SemperAndroid

    Thread Any Use Stuffit on a Mac for Theming

    Has Anyone had any luck of theming framework-res.apk using Stuffit for Mac? If not what are you using?
  22. SemperAndroid

    Thread [ICONS] ADW Beer Can Icons

    I have created 380+ Beer Can Icons that are pre-named for ADW Shortcuts. Please feel free to use as you wish.