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    Post ★[ROM][4.1.2][Sept 29] Hyperdrive RLS16 ║ Evolution of TW Custom Roms ║ ★

    My texting (SMS) has stopped working... It keeps on giving "Failed" Any solution to this problem ? Also how can we enable Call Recording on Att SGH-I747 ? ---------- Post added at 11:28 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:07 AM ---------- Thanks... It helped me solve the SMS (message...
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    Post ★[ROM][4.1.2][Sept 29] Hyperdrive RLS16 ║ Evolution of TW Custom Roms ║ ★

    call recorder not working... Hi, The ROM worked superb... but the Call recording is not working... Someone please help....
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    Post [MOD] [UCALG1/UCALH1] Enable Call Recording

    Help required Hi I have the same problem.... If I install any call recording software it records "NOISE" Below are my phone details: Samsung Galaxy S3 AT&T Model : SAMSUNG - SGH-I747 Android: 4.1.1 BaseBand Version: I747UCDLK3 Kindly provide the package as per the baseband.
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    Post [Q] Issue with my Qualcomm msm7227 Android Tab

    Specifications: Item Number MSM7227 Color White Operating System Andriod2.2 CPU High performance, high-pass Qualcomm MSM7227, (800GHz) Processing Speed 800MHZ RAM 512MB DDR2 Tablet Capacity 4GB External Memory TF card, expandable 32GB Tablet Screen Size 7 Inches Resolution 800 * 480 Touch Type...
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    Thread [Q] Issue with my Qualcomm msm7227 Android Tab

    i have bought a china Tablet with msm7227_ffa as a model name written. i am facing few difficulties in the tablet firstly i am not able to get into recovery or download mode. if i try key combinations like VOL down + Power, tablet stucks at boot screen secondly i tried to factory reset once...
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    Post [APP] Adobe Flash 10.1 APK

    thanks a lot for sharing... ---------- Post added at 07:39 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:30 AM ---------- Also my Native android browser keeps crashing... please help... After I uninstalled this Flash the browser is working fine again...
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    Post [Q] Smartpad based on msm7227, skype, flash, rom - help!

    HELP !!! I have exactly the same problem. I took a Tablet phone from China. However when I try to connect it VIA USB to my laptop it says "Found New Hardware" Qualcomm HSUSB Device" I didnt find the driver on the Internet as well :( Also I tried the Z4Root Application and when I press Root...