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    Thread HRT-Kangvip- B173+ root

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    Thread Please Nandroid backup twrp

    mha-l09c432 please cust backup
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    Thread Finally rollback 513-331 and 511-326

    Dual Card Single Card Unpack and copy file to DLOAD folder in SD You must flash stock recovery Dial *#*#2846579#*#* Software...
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    Thread FIXED Clean Nandroid BackUp Marschmallow B520+Updateb520+UpdateB521

    Use as always at your own risk! 1. Flash My only twrp here:!c5BjnSBC!Gu_tqeZgDkgSj31i57d3ntvS65dxqif2YdzkFAqCw90 2. Unpack and copy folder to Sd here:!51wSRJ7A!UZ1SVICgmseqLJzzGxd1dlQox6iSWHbr2oWKYKG3uXI 3. Reboot to recovery 4. Restore My BackUp in...
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    Thread Beta B510 Android 6.0 for MT7-L09 and MT7-TL10,TWRP,SuperSU

    Use as always at your own risk! Sorry my English is poor It is the location of China but it is not a problem change runs the hw/eu location What do we need? 1. ROM B354 china location!skIijDrL!Vdob3r9-pYaYAl45grFIR-8o8b-QxG5hUra53VnM-0M 2. Zip file oeminfo...