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    Thread Data not syncing consistently on all firmwares

    Hi guys, First let me explain the situation: I've noticed recently that a lot of my apps, such as Gmail, Facebook Groups, Messenger and pretty much any app I need to have instantaneous notifications, aren't syncing properly. I might get notifications an hour or more after they are delivered...
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    Thread Where to find TWRP for latest Z5C update?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to install TWRP on the latest firmware for the Z5C but I can't find the version of TWRP I need. Any help? Thanks guys :)
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    Thread [Q] Getting replacement S3, what should I do before sending in my rooted S3?

    Hey guys, I had issues with my Rogers Rooted S3 not being able to connect to LTE anymore so they offered to send me a refurbished phone. I have CM10 installed and have rooted it. What do I have to do before I send it back in? I definitely don't want my warranty voided. Thanks!
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    Thread [Q] Bad network connection after upgrading to CM 10.2

    Hey guys, I recently upgraded my Rogers Galaxy S3 d2att from CM10.1 Nightly 02/12 to CM 10.2 and have no longer been able to get the usual H+ connection. I now have either no letter or an E beside the signal bar. I did the following: Dirty Flash 10.2 through Recovery Menu Delete cache, dalvik...