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    Thread Increase Audio Sound

    Has anyone used any good modules or APK's to improve/increase the audio? If i watch any media i use VLC player as i increase it to 150% but if i am using other apps like Youtube it is a bit on the quiet side. I have just installed Viper4Android FX but not sure how to tweak the settings correctly.
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    Thread P3O Lite GSI Rom Installation

    Hi there. I have unlocked the bootloader and have installed TWRP (Think i have the right TWRP). When i try to install the GSI img file in TWRP it fails. If i try it via fastboot it flashes but fails to boot then reboots to EMUI recovery. How do i install a GSI on this phone? Doesn't seem much...
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    Thread TWRP touch screen dodgy

    I have tried a few TRWP IMG files from fastboot and when it loads up I can't select the thing I want. Calibration is way off! My ROM however is fine, has anyone a solution for this thanks.
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    Thread Custom ROM for USB Tethering

    Hi everyone! Could I be recommended please to a custom ROM that supports USB Tethering? I am currently on Lineage OS 16 but doesn't support it. Basically a custom ROM that ticks these boxes:- * USB Tethering * Very Stable * OTA updates (optional) Thanks ??
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    Thread No network (any SIM card)

    I installed lineage OS 16.0 and all seemed ok but then when I put in my SIM card it recognises the name but there is no signal, no network. I then tried crdroid custom ROM. Same thing. I thought maybe because I was on Oreo stock ROM prior to all this that I needed to update it to latest stock...
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    Thread Asus Chromebox 3 Developer Mode

    Hi all, I have a Asus Chromebox 3 7265ngw that i bought off someone and wanting to enable developer mode so i can install a different OS other than just using deafult Chrome OS. However i have followed some advice off websites and it attempts to enable Developer mode then fails and reverts...
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    Thread Best ROM for Galaxy s3 mini gt-18200n

    Hi all, I am after a simple Custom ROM to install that is easy on the RAM usage and also good battery life. Had a look at many ROM's but confused as which one would be best.