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    Thread Best way to fix a inoperative strip in the touchscreen

    Hi all, So I thought to ask here, if this is a legit way to fix a strip of the touchscreen response, running from the Bixby button, all the way across. Most of the screen is perfectly usable, just a narrow strip that isn't. Phone was dropped, cracked a tiny bit, but a replacement screen is...
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    Thread Dark mode keeps switching off

    Having an issue with certain things not bring saved, after a restart Dark mode, Qs tiles Navigation bar switching Running crdroid 7.2, and I constantly have to switch things on after a restart,
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    Thread similarity with op2?

    Hi all, Thought to ask, How similar is our OnePlus x to it's big brother, the OP2? Could you for instance flash ROMs meant for the OnePlus 2 in the X? Or is flashing ROMs onto the wrong type of phone, never a great idea, no matter the similarity.
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    Thread [infomation] unknown ZTE phone,

    Hi all, Im trying to mod this phone, and I thought id ask here, its a ZTE phone, but Im unsure of the exact model, can anybody help me out.... where would the ROM or phone page for this...
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    Thread oreo for serrano3g?

    Hi Guys, thought to ask if such a thing is possible? I mean nougat was never meant for the s4 mini, so it should be then possible to get oreo on this phone working?
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    Thread foolproof TWRP guide for wileyfox swift (original, V1)

    TWRP final guide with EXACTLY what to do; preparations: wileyfox swift with cable (original, or high quality cable), as swift plug is recessed quite deeply not like samsungs ect.... working ADB drivers or platform tools, and access into it from your PC, latest TWRP for this phone, first step...
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    Thread Root support for wileyfox swift v1

    Hi Will there be a support for the new wileyfox swift v1 nougat upgrade?
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    Thread rooting wileyfox swift after Nougat update

    Hi all, as I found out yesterday when I tried to load TWRP on my phone, the new nougat update disables rooting on the new wileyfox nougat update, TOS111B-N6F26Y also in my case, it has downgraded my sim card back to 2G network only, where before I was getting LTE consistently.and I can no...
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    Thread compatible battery?

    Hi all, Anybody know if it's possible to use any other phone battery inside swift(1), LG or Samsung or any other brand? Or if it's possible to repackage this type of battery?
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    Thread cant send short code sms's

    Hi all I have a swift with an interesting issue I am on stock ROM, no flashing yet, marshmallow android. And for some reason I can't send SMS to short code numbers, I can send normal SMS without any issues, But if I try send to 35050 my phone crash and reboot my network. Message still...