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  1. tinko975

    Thread Lineageos 16 no livedisplay

    I have pocophone F1 and after a while in new LOS16 release is disabled all about ambient display and night reading mode. Why is that and when will that great feature be back in official lineageos 16? Thanks.
  2. tinko975

    Thread Change region fot working themes on miui 10.

    I live in europe and my country is set to croatia. Tryed to change theme but said themes not available in my country. Bad. On suggest i change region to India and lot of themes appeared. I find one nice snd applyed and looks good. Shold i leave region on India, or change back to Croatia, europe...
  3. tinko975

    Thread Poco F1 face unlock not working

    I am new poco owner, live in europe and have stock global stable rom, locked, unrooted but there is not option face unlock. Just fingerprint sensor. Do poco have facial recognition only in chinese roms or? Thanks.
  4. tinko975

    Thread always on display wont turn off in pocket.

    i have A520, galaxy a5 2017 and always on screen wont turn off in pocket or such situation. it is really alwasy on. i had samsung s7 and when i cover proximity senson, aod dimmed and turns off to save battery, but on this A5 is always on.. how to enable turning off? i am on latest nougat.
  5. tinko975

    Thread MI6 water flash resistant? FAIL

    guys i just want to express my expirience with mi6 and his water splash ressistant. it is FAKE. few hours from now i exposed it to little water splash, dry it with paper and after a 30 seconds my screen start to flickering. flashing, and phone rebooting every 30 seconds.. i suspect in water and...
  6. tinko975

    Thread unlocking bootloader need developer rom

    have mi5s plus with global stable rom which bootloader cant be unlocked. first must be flashed global developer rom.. is it this rom on link? now on phone is global stable
  7. tinko975

    Thread i9195 le fleur firmware

    i have new s4 mini la fleur with 4.2.2, and wish malually update kitkat thru odin. there are la felur firmwares, but can i flash stock firmware for regular black device? i know that le fleur have some options and tweaks but can it be reflashed with newest stock 4.4.2 firware for black/white s4...
  8. tinko975

    Thread Alcatel T10 tablet cpu overclock

    trying to find app to overclock processor and gpu on my tablet, it is fully rooted tab with Android OS, v4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich), Chipset Rochip RK2918, CPU 1 GHz Cortex-A8, GP Vivante GC800 tryed some universal apps from store but none...