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    Post [ROOT] latest OTA SPA2.220405.003 [ACTUAL WAY]

    Been a while since I last rooted any of my devices. I am currently on the April update to Android 12. What I want to do is root my Pixel 5 and roll back to Android 11. Should I follow these instructions, and then how to get to Android 11. Thank you for any help.
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    Post [RECOVERY] - TeamWin Recovery Project [REDFIN] [OFFICIAL]

    "Are the glory days over?" There are still a few very dedicated devs, working on our behalf. Realistically though, the answer is sadly, yes.
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    Post [KERNEL] [April 4] Pixel 3a ElementalX 4.11

    I like my whites to be pretty white ... here's mine. red - 121 green - 123 blue - 256 saturation - 134 value - 130 contrast - 127 hue - 0
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    Post Developer support

    Obviously I'm not a moderator ... but knock it off guys. This is not helpful for anyone.
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    Post [Guide] How to root the Pixel 3a with or without twrp & take OTA updates once rooted

    Would love some help ... I am rooted, with Magisk and Elemental kernel. I would like to return to stock, in order to exchange my 3a for the 3a XL. Problem is, I do not have access to a computer for adb commands. Is there a way to return to stock without a computer? Thanks.
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    Post [Guide] How to root the Pixel 3a with or without twrp & take OTA updates once rooted

    quick question All ... been a while since I unlocked and rooted an Android phone, need a little help. I've had the 3a for a few days, really like 90% of the build. There are a few things that I think can be tweaked with root ... low volume, yellowish cast to the screen, Adaway host file. So...
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    Post [ROOT, NON-ROOT] [OREO, PIE, Q] [/system /oem /vendor] Debloat Script - v1.6

    Just wondering, any chance this could be used on the z3 tablet compact? Thank you.
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    Post Chances of activating HTC U12+ on Sprint?

    Yeah, check it out for sure. They've really done a good job with the software ... many of the tweaks we used to depend on you for!
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    Post Chances of activating HTC U12+ on Sprint?

    "I'm having a bit of t-mobile regret...I was with Sprint for 16 yrs, had great service in my area. T-mobile is just as good in town but out in the rural, it sucks @ss, guess my next phone will need band 71 for sure." Hey Ken ... somehow I lost your contact info, maybe you'll see this post. I...
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    Post Best phone to get next? (Small)

    I'll add to the discussion ... picked up the Sony X Compact in early December from B&H for $279. If one only considers the specs, you will miss a terrific device. Not only is it quick and buttery smooth, the 4.6 inch screen is quite good. It's like our original Moto X ... you must experience...
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    Post [KERNEL][N5] FrancoKernel - r115 - 2nd November - Stock & Oreo

    My N5 is running strong. Can't imagine ditching it any time soon. I am curious to see the smaller (Sailfish) Nexi, when it arrives this fall. I really appreciate Franco keeping us up to date!
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    Post [ROM] [6.01][MOB30M][07/06/2016] xTraFactory Odex - Super Stable - xTreme Battery

    xTrafactory and xTraSmooth are different roms, even though they have a lot in common. If you want the features you mentioned, they are in the xTraSmooth rom only. Here is a link to the latest download. I personally, always do a clean install...
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    Post [ROM] [6.01][MOB30M][07/06/2016] xTraFactory Odex - Super Stable - xTreme Battery

    You need to download the xTraSmooth version for those features.
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    Post [ROM][N5][Mark_4.5][MTC20F]

    Try turning the hotspot on and off in settings, and then it should show in the quick tiles.
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    Post [ROM] Pure White [6.0.1] [M4B30Z] [Odex] [28/01/2018]

    Great idea! I much prefer a minimal approach ... thanks.
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    Post [ROM] Pure White [6.0.1] [M4B30Z] [Odex] [28/01/2018]

    Really like your work, and especially how quickly you respond with the updates. Thank you!
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    Post Yet Another Stock ROM for NEXUS 5

    Yes continue to debloat, and leave gapps to the individual preference. Thank you for your work.
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    Post Secure Spaces Android ROM (now on +50M devices)

    Bud, now that you have your 5X, it's time to take your questions and discussion to the proper forum. This one is for the Nexus 5, not the 5X. Good luck with your new device.
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    Post New Google Keyboard OTA Update

    The new keyboard is a very nice improvement. I simply installed the apk. Since, like you I am rooted, I went into the system apps and deleted the old keyboard.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][Marshmallow 6.0.1][HAMMERHEAD] PAC-ROM MM

    I'm away from home ... do you have a link to a flashable zip?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][Marshmallow 6.0.1][HAMMERHEAD] PAC-ROM MM

    I'm running HHZ20b, which I thought was the latest bootloader ... am I incorrect?
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1_r10][16/8/15] The Android Open Source Project

    Still using this on the Moto X. Any chance you're planning to give marshmallow a go? Thanks for all your efforts.
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    Post google bar nexus 5 remove

    The Google search bar cannot be removed from the stock launcher. As was said previously, use a different launcher such as Nova or Apex, and it is easily removed by holding and dragging upward.
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    Post Help with ROM Nexus 5 stock.....

    I don't ever use stuff like that. Do have to say though, my current setup, with xTraFactory rom and updated bootloader/modem, had really enhanced my battery.
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    Post [ROM] [6.01][MOB30M][07/06/2016] xTraFactory Odex - Super Stable - xTreme Battery

    Best way is to experience it for yourself, as everyone's usage is different. My guess is, you will like it a lot!
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    Post Help with ROM Nexus 5 stock.....

    You're welcome, let us know how it goes ...
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    Post Point me in the right direction

    You first need to find out what state the bootloader is in. Is it locked, unlocked? If unlocked, is there a custom recovery installed, such as TWRP? First of all, turn the phone completely off ... and then boot into recovery, by holding the volume down button and the start button...
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    Post Help with ROM Nexus 5 stock.....

    It's all available here at XDA ... you just need to dig in and get to reading. Google is your friend!
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    Post Help with ROM Nexus 5 stock.....

    You're already rooted with TWRP, so make it easy on yourself and just do what I said in the post above. It will give you the latest version of Android, which is 6.01 along with the latest bootloader and modem/radio.
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    Post [ROM] CleanCore N5 | MMB29S | 100% Lean Stock | 01/19/2016

    I would love to see an update as well. Thanks for all your work!
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    Post Help with ROM Nexus 5 stock.....

    If you want to get your N5 to the latest 6.01 Marshmallow, download one of the custom roms from the development section. The one I have been using is the xTraFactory rom ... it is excellent. You can also update your bootloader and radio to the latest ... there is a flashable zip available...
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    Post [ROM] [6.01][MOB30M][07/06/2016] xTraFactory Odex - Super Stable - xTreme Battery

    Like Loo Ney said ... no problem at all.
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    Post [ROM] [6.01][MOB30M][07/06/2016] xTraFactory Odex - Super Stable - xTreme Battery

    A flashable zip has been created with the new bootloader and radio included.
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    Post Upgrade over Nexus 5

    My advice ... get a new battery, and update the system to the latest. You will be pleasantly surprised how well the new battery performs. Regarding the camera, the new Android N camera apk really improves the quality, and has a nice updated interface. With these improvements, your N5 will...
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    Post [ROM] [6.01][MOB30M][07/06/2016] xTraFactory Odex - Super Stable - xTreme Battery

    When I flashed the MOB30D rom, both my bootloader and radio were updated in the process. So no need to flash them separately.
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    Post Opinion Needed Please

    Not sure where you are located, but if in the USA, be sure to check the lte bands. The One Plus X is light on actual bands.
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    Post 5x - Hugely Disappointed

    My point was ... it's not a short coming of the Nexus 5x.
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    Post 5x - Hugely Disappointed

    I also get "ask" instead of "all" every time. Thing is though, it's on my original Moto X ... must be a Google keyboard thing.
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    Post [Official] NO Android 6.0 Marshmallow for Moto X 2013 confirmed!

    Here's the thread you need. Follow the directions, and it will work fine.
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    Post [Official] NO Android 6.0 Marshmallow for Moto X 2013 confirmed!

    You can go back to 4.4.4, if you follow the directions properly ... I did, and everything works again.
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    Post Question - Custom ROM

    Yes it would. Like you, I don't care to have the search bar on my home screen, so I use Apex launcher. Works very well!
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    Post 5x - Hugely Disappointed

    I picked up a 5x just before Thanksgiving, kept it for most of the holidays, but ultimately returned it, primarily for performance issues, general lag. I did not unlock the bootloader, kept everything stock. Since then, I have continued to follow all the threads here at XDA, and am thinking...
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    Post Advice on Updating Device

    You should not downgrade to 4.2.2, besides it's not necessary. If you want to get to 4.4.4, then I would use the method compiled in this post by liveroy. It's not complicated, simply follow the directions exactly. I then reflashed TWRP recovery, and installed SuperSU, in order to use AdAway...
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    Post Unlock Bootloader

    Both AT&T and Verizon will not allow the bootloader to be unlocked, except on the developer edition. Many moons ago, there was a Chinese middleman that could supply unlock codes for a fee, but that has been a while. Most likely, you're stuck ... sorry.