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    Post Question Fold 3 SMS recovery with no back up help?

    Can you share with me the website?
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    Thread Question Fold 3 SMS recovery with no back up help?

    Hi everyone, I have a Samsung Fold 3 I bought in September 2021, and stupidly, I didn't have the back up set up from September 2021 to December 1st 2021, how can I restore these messages, specifically I only need one contacts messages, it is for court...I would really appreciate any help, I am...
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    Thread question on unlock lg g5

    Hi everyone, I am considering buying a used lg g5 on att network, to use in Europe. Will this phone need to be unlocked to use on a carrier in Europe or will international carrier? I appreciate the help with this question, Nick
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    Post APN info

    Thanks for your answer hopefully its that simple!:)
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    Thread APN info

    Hi everyone, I am going to Europe and have a Verizon G4, I know its a global phone, but I dont know what that means...can I just pop in a Cosmote SIM in Europe while im there and its up and running, or, do I need to go in and switch it to gsm and add APN settings for text? Where would be a good...
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    Post VZ LG G4..will this work in Europe?

    thank you both for your replies, did yuo have to add the APN information?
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    Thread VZ LG G4..will this work in Europe?

    Hi Everyone, I am traveling to Europe and want to use a local carrier sim (Vodaphone) in my Verizon this possible by just switching the sim and the setting to GSM? Excuse me if its a silly question, I just dont have any idea....:confused:
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    Thread Sprint Pre-paid Moto E

    Hi Everyone, I just purchased a Sprint pre-paid Moto E so I can take it with me on my trip to I understood what I read on another forum ,I should be able just to pop in a sim from Europe to use in this correct? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thank you so...
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    Post Sprint Samsung Unlocker - Unlock any Sprint Samsung phone

    How can I tell if my phone is unlocked now, I am not in Europe where I am going to get a SIM card and use it in a month. Also, I installed the program, thn when I hit open it said unfortunately, SSU has stopped? is it complete after install, or are you suppose to open it like I tried? thank...
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    Thread Using mySprint S5 on Vacation in Greece?

    Hi everyone, and thank you for taking the time to help me..... I am fairly underachieving with tech aspects of my Sprint Galaxy S5, software version is G900PVPU3BOF6/Hardware G900P.04, I include that info if its needed.. My question is, I am going to Greece in 1 month and want to be able to buy...
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    Thread APN question for use in Europe

    Hi Everyone, I unlocked my LG Optimus F6 for use on a trip to Europe...but I am confused now...the phone was from Metro PCS, do I need to do something to use the phone in Greece to the APN settings? Please help, much appreciated...
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    Post [Q] s3 update

    thanks, it says 4.3....
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    Thread [Q] s3 update

    Hi guys, happy holidays. My S3 went into some kind of weird update last night and now my fonts are all weird and this really annoying cartoonish face on my text messages ...can anyone help me get my phone back to where it was, this is driving
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    Thread [Q] Tab for EU?

    Hi everyone, question, I want to buy a Tab 3 10.1 for a friend in Europe, and want to find out, does the power supply automatically convert their higher voltage or would she need an adapter? Any other cons with buying on here in the USA and sending it to her? I just figure I can get one with...
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    Post [Q] Streaming problem..plz help

    By installing Dolphn and the latest flash in this link fixed my problem... thanks to everyone who replied....
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    Post [Q] Streaming problem..plz help

    Can you tell me how to overclock....
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    Thread [Q] Streaming problem..plz help

    Hi everyone, I have a tf101 that has worked like a champ for my Father, he watches European websites like and watches the steaming news...but something is really wrong..when he goes to the various websites to watch his favorite news shows, they will play for a minute then just...
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    Thread [Q] Circles clock widget?

    Hi everyone, Happy Holidays! I downloaded a cool clock from another thread here, Cicles clock..but when I go to put it on my screen, I get the message "Circles Widget is not supported on 3rd party home screens"....I am stock...not rooted...what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance,
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    Post [Q] 64gb micro SD card question please

    BinaryEclipse, thank you, ill try it....
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    Post [Q] 64gb micro SD card question please

    its whatever format it was formatted with my HC Evo 4g phone....i dont know how to format a card to FAT32...will the phone do that? thank you Looking4somehelp for your reply...
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    Thread [Q] 64gb micro SD card question please

    Hi, happy Saturday everyone! I am a new proud owner of the S3 and have a simple question...I have a sandisk 64gb micro sd card xc that I used on my battery hog Evo that has a ton of songs...what can I do to use this on my new baby s3? do I have to reformat it? transfer my songs to my external...