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    Thread General New Update May Global EU

    Picked up a new update .15 version today. Heres log
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    Post Question Update gt2 pro global?

    Yep ,Got it now . That's one update a month since it's been released. Hopefully they can keep ironing out the bugs and improving
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    Post Question Update gt2 pro global?

    Not seeing it🤔 ,will give it a day or two
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    Post Question Update gt2 pro global?

    I got the last two updates from VPN to Spain but nothing appearing yet so far. I doubt the chap who says hrs on the a14 version is using a non EU model. Latest version is a10
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    Post Question Light around Front Camera ?

    I haven't tried it but this seems to be a solution which works on another Realme device:
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    Post Question New software update RMX3301

    Seeing no issues with this update so far, Updated via VPN to Spain from UK.
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    Thread Question Light around Front Camera ?

    Has anyone noticed that a circular light sometimes appears around the front camera sensor. It seems to happen me when my face unlock fails to work. There is no info on this light. If it is there, Are there any settings for it ? It would be good as a notification light
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    Post General How to optimize battery consumption on Realme GT2 PRO.

    Good points ,thanks . Might also want to include setting screen refresh rate to auto Select
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    Post Help to unbrick my Mi 10T

    I'm not sure what that is but it's the Xaoimi Flash tool,seems to be aot of places to get it but your probably safer getting it from Xaoimis website.Its a bit more complicated than the Mi tool V2 so I'd recommend a YouTube tutorial or something,good luck !!
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    Post Help to unbrick my Mi 10T

    I ran into trouble with that tool when trying to go from Global to Global EEA I used the Mi Flash tool,the official one to recover
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    Post Issues post MIUI 12.1.1

    You should factory reset after a major OS update but you will lose data but you should backup just don't restore any system settings.I updated to a11 in Europe yesterday morning and did factory reset, Everything is working Great
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    Post Call Recorder

    You can record calls but like every manufacturer,you can only do it based on your region,it's against EU regulations so you can't in Europe
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    Post Flashing stock (EU or global) ROM on operator-branded 10T with locked bootloader?

    Yes ,this is true ,you can go from EEA global stable to Global stable without unlocking bootloader but of you want to go back to EEA you must unlock bootloader. This is what happened to me and for some reason the Mi tool V2 almost bricked my device doing it.Luckily enough I'm back on EEA now by...
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    Post Flashing stock (EU or global) ROM on operator-branded 10T with locked bootloader?

    All I can say is it went terribly,I used the Mi toolv2 after I unlocked my bootloader thinking I could flash the EEA ROM with no issues, but what insued was one of the worst days ever, It kept getting stuck on .fastboot flash all failed exit code 1 output flash vbmeta error, I thought dam this...
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    Post Flashing stock (EU or global) ROM on operator-branded 10T with locked bootloader?

    Will do,still waiting for unlock but should get it done by end of weekend
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    Post Flashing stock (EU or global) ROM on operator-branded 10T with locked bootloader?

    Yes but I think the volume was worse on the EEA version but possibly the speakers are just not very good generally no matter what ROM though I intend to go back to EEA anyway. I think this phone was intended mostly for the EU market and it seems to be getting a lot more updates
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    Post Flashing stock (EU or global) ROM on operator-branded 10T with locked bootloader?

    On display settings for sure there were more options plus Im just kinda thinking that I'm probably better off on the EEA being in Ireland because apparently they do optimize signal for certain regions. The main reason I switched to global initially though was that Europe have s load of stupid...
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    Post Flashing stock (EU or global) ROM on operator-branded 10T with locked bootloader?

    I believe you can relock the BL after flashing Global stable.I was on stable EEA and then switched to Global stable but now I realize stable EEA has I went from EEA to global without unlocking BL using mi tool v2 with no issues. I since regret this as the EEA has more features not present on...
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    Post phone shutdown randomly

    Yes,I witnessed my phone reboot a few days ago ,10T pro with global ROM, I was not using the phone much so don't think it was overheating, Thought it might have been related to the theme I was using but I don't know,hasn't happened since
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    Post Hardware upgrade Mi 10T to Mi 10T pro

    You would be better off selling your 10T and upgrading then. You would run into a lot of issues because the 108mp sensor firstly won't fit the 10T and then there are multiple issues because of this,also the software, There is no software for such a hybrid device I went for the Pro version...
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    Post Phone gets warm when charging

    It's usually advised not to use your phone while its on a quick charge like the 33w of this phone. I thi k it's normal enough that is would get slightly warm if doing that
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    Post Stable Global Question latest update Heres the Link to the tutorial , I just followed that and did the steps for my device and Rom I wanted, Dont ask me how it works but it did fine, I think you will only run into...
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    Post Stable Global Question latest update

    It was actually very straightforward using the Mi tool v2: I used a tutorial that was already on XDA for a different Xaoimi device as a guide but it was pretty easy to do. Ill update this post of I can find that link again
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    Post Can I flash another region ROM?

    I bought the EEA version of the phone but wanted the Global version . This morning I used the Mi Tool v2 to convert to Global with no issues, It even works on locked bootloader, The tool is quite intuitive and lets you convert to all different regions. I believe you only run into issues with...
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    Post Stable Global Question latest update

    Thanks for the reply,that's good actually because I was a bit apprehensive after using the Mi Tool on a locked bootloader to convert ROMs but I guess everything worked.
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    Thread Stable Global Question latest update

    Hi,I just got the Mi 10T Pro yesterday, I was disappointed to get the EEA version so I went ahead and used the Mi tool to convert to Global stable, Everything seems to be fine and I'm on Version V12.0.9.QJDMXM Only concern I have is that my Security Is saying 2020-11-01 but the description...
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    Post Screen on time

    Yea,Can't really complain about the battery life. I use the phone a lot too ,not into gaming at all. Suppose I've just turned off everything I don't need, Usually only on WiFi, occasionally mobile data but I'd leave it off unless I need it. Turned off AOD and edge lighting and most...
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    Post Screen on time

    Interesting,My battery life is pretty good about 9 hrs SOT with no debloating but I did make use of App quick freeze,dark mode and other tweaking. I use friendly instead of Facebook and Brave instead of Chrome,I find my battery life goes down way too fast with Chrome. My battery health is not...
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    Post Initial Impressions/Opinions ?

    Definitely a great deal and a solid device especially at that price point,I had purchased the 6/128 model on Amazon for £250 but later cancelled because I wasn't too sure on it. I don't see any reason now to pay 500+ for a phone when devices like these are being released. I will hang on to my 1...
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    Post Initial Impressions/Opinions ?

    Just to update,this was a bad idea,although interesting budget phone the X2 pro is far superior so I will hold out
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    Thread Initial Impressions/Opinions ?

    So I've been eyeing this phone for a few weeks now,I was going to get the 9t last year but didn't and I ended up getting the X2 pro which for the most part has been an excellent device and obviously much more powerful, I'm someone who gets bored of my phone and regularly change it at least...
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    Post pleas share your experience with other chargers than supervooc.

    Maybe you should ask on Reddit or Realme Forums about this,There's obviously not a lot of users who regularly check in here but honestly I think it should be relatively easy to source an oppo vooc,super vooc or OnePlus charger from somewhere
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    Post warp charger on x2 pro????

    No expert myself but it seems to be charging just as fast as my old 6T though this is a warp charge 30t charger I got off OnePlus using voucher Codes, My 50 watt charger is the EU one and I use a eu to UK adapter with no issue. Don't think I'll use the warp charge again as it's noticeably...
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    Post warp charger on x2 pro????

    Hope this helps ?
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    Post warp charger on x2 pro????

    Apologies but I have a life to lead,maybe someone else cud do that
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    Post warp charger on x2 pro????

    Yes,I get vooc on the animation when charging with the OnePlus warp charge 30t charger The screen with the 1560 is when charging with warp on Ampere app
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    Post warp charger on x2 pro????

    Yea ,I think so because Realme have vooc charge which is what some lesser phones charge at and at least for me a few .months ago it it displays charging at vooc speed as opposed to super vooc
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    Post warp charger on x2 pro????

    Yes I have one and it works fine, it works at Vooc speed I stead of super vooc, But I only use the 50 watt charger as don't see reason to use 30
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    Post Major performance issue

    You said you tried everything but didn't mention a factory reset ?
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    Post Early adopters

    I read on Realme Forums that article was fake news anyway,bit early for early access if there is going to be any kind of early public access at all.
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    Post Early adopters

    They usually give early access and other perks to India only unfortunately
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    Post Realme x2 pro doesn't detects 5GHz wifi routers

    No problems here and I'm only connected to my 5ghz band, On EU model with latest RUI update
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    Post Does Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 is on AMOLED also or just back side ?

    Some reviews say Gorrila glass 5 and saw one say the screen was gorilla glass 6. Then I'm seeing that it's not actually glass build at all and some sort of plastic polycarbonate which is being widely reported but not mentioned by Oneplus.
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    Post Oneplus Nord price leaked?

    On Amazon there is an offer of €30 off the Nord in most countries like Spain and France of you have Amazon Prime so you can get it for €369 if you just sign up for a trial of Prime. In UK the Offer is £379 minus £30 which is decent at £349
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    Post Oneplus Nord price leaked?

    Realme x50 came out at 349 with same chip so I can't see them justify a €500 price tag, €400 would be fair but do think it will be hgher
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    Post About charging realme x2 pro

    It's likely still not a good idea to do that with a 50 watt charger,10 minutes in the morning does me 24 hours
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    Post RealMe X2 SD card Format as Internal

    X2 pro has no SD card,maybe you should post in the X2 thread ?
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    Post Official backcover from Realme

    You can get it here but I never ordered here
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    Post Oneplus Nord price leaked?

    €400 would be fair,not worth it for any more but then again you are getting OxygenOS and the same 48mp camera on the 7 series,good sized battery too