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    Thread Patched IMEI

    Hi I am using a Patched IMEI phone , I wanted to ask if I can root the phone and install Custom rom? Anyone can help me pls? I am in Pakistan and most of the ppl use patched phones here.
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    Thread Custom ROM for Tecno Spark 4 Lite

    Hi , is it a possibility to get the custom rom for my Tecno Spark 4 Lite and TWRP recovery ... please help me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thread Honor 6X 5.0 Root Method and Custom Recovery

    Hi guys, I want to root my phone and install custom recovery so that I can install custom roms .. are they available yet ? Pls help me Thanks in advance
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    Thread EMUI 5.0 Theme Request

    Hello friends I want to request some cool themes like IOS MIX theme for EMUI 5.0 pls
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    Thread Anu custom Rom for Asus Z00AD

    Hi guys I wanted to ask if there is any custom Rom for Asus ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition?? I am fed up with boatware and I need something clean and good .. And battery life on stock Rom is not so good .. Please help as I couldnt find any custom rom for Z00AD model ?? Here is my battery...
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    Thread Want To Buy F1 .. Want Reviews !!!

    Hi guys ... As the title says .. I am planning to buy Oppo F1 for my wife and wanted to have some reviews before I buy it ... Can anyone help me in this regard ? I should wait for F1s launch but don't know when it would be launched in Pakistan :) Awaiting some good reviews ;) Sent from my...
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    Thread Battery Issues

    Hi i recently got Note 4 .. I am having issues with the battery ... can some one help me please.. check the following ss and help me plz Sent From My Precious Galaxy Note 4 :)
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    Thread [ROM] MIUI V6 - Wiko Ridge Fab 4G/QMobile Z8 Plus

    FIRST MIUI V6 ROM FOR WIKO RIDGE FAB 4G/QMOBILE Z8 PLUS #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about...
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    Thread [Q] Port MIUI V6 Camera Error

    Hi Guys, I am trying to fix camera error on my ported MIUI V6 Rom.. everything is working fine just for the camera... can some one help me to fix the problem ?? Here is the logcat :
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    Thread DELETE

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    Today I bring you another big news for all the people out there, and we are again the first one to unveil this news to you. Qmobile Noir Z8 & Z8 PLus Rooted Successfully. Yes the newly released phone from Qmobile is already rooted & Custom recovery installed by us now. Root Method: The root...
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    Thread [Completed] Honor 4C

    Hello .. I just got honor 4C 2 days ago and its battery life is not so good on standby .. I wish someone can help me on this?? Andriod OS is draining the battery and preventing it to go to sleep .. Kindly help :( Sent from my CHM-U01
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    Thread No OTA update even after flashing jelly bean

    Hey everyone I have a Taiwan branded LG g2 d802 I wanted to ask I flashed asia's kdz for jelly bean but it's not giving any OTA Update. ...can some one suggest me as I have to get OTA Update on my g2: ( Sent from my LG-D802
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    Thread [Q] LG G2 D802 Hangs when enables LTE Mode

    Hi Xda guys, I have just bought a 32GB international version of LG G2 D802 and I am not getting LTE option in network mode rather one option says enable 4G LTE mode when I click that it hangs and never switches on ..Here r some screenshots. .any help plz...I just want to avoid flashing and...
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    Thread LG G2 D802 Hangs when enables LTE Mode

    Hi Xda guys, I have just bought a 32GB international version of LG G2 D802 and I am not getting LTE option in network mode rather one option says enable 4G LTE mode when I click that it hangs and never switches on ..Here r some screenshots. .any help plz...I just want to avoid flashing and...
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    Thread LG G2 [Pakistani Users]

    Hello XDA users, Just searched for a Pakistani related thread here but couldn't find it so thought to make a thread for pakistani users of LG G2 (Any Variant) Just wanted to discuss the experience of Pakistani users on this awesome device.. :) Lets comment now ;)
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    Thread [q] port supernexus rom for xperia z

    Hi, Can someone port Super nexus rom for Xperia z please?? Here is the link for S3 device
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    Thread Facebook and twitter notificationsnot working

    Hey there just got xperia z fb and twitter notifications are not working ..can someone help ? Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Galaxy S3 Freezing & Shutting Down Automatically

    Hi .. i am really fed up of my S3 .. its freezing and shutting down automatically .. can someone help me plz ..... i am on stock 4.1.2 official .. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread [ROM][CMW][29DEC][OJP]NeatROM Lite 2.3.5 Gingerbread/Stock Themed

    Hi.. I am presenting NeatROM Lite 2.3.5 Gingerbread Version.. ( Pakistan Firmware ) Features: Rooted SuperUser Signed Bloatware Apps Removed (Will provide the list later) Disabled Scrolling Cache Disabled Boot Sounds Nothing special on this rom.. This rom is totally for battery life and...
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    Thread [Q] Firmware Question - Pakistan

    Hi, I am currently in pakistan and wanted to update my device to latest firmware (Stock Only) , i am not getting good battery life on Jelly Bean so i would wait for the official release :) When i go to , there i can find 4.0.4 firmware when i search for pakistan firmware , but...
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    Thread [GUIDE] Rooting SGSII & Installing NeatROM Lite v4.0

    Hi, I have been following up NeatROM thread for some time now and i see ppl asking for questions already answered there but they are having problems finding that answer on that thread so i am giving you links and complete Guide on how to install NeatROM Lite v4.0 (best rom which i have...
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    Thread [Q] Still Stuck On 4.0.3 ? :(

    Hi, I am from Pakistan (Specifically From Islamabad) , i flashed 2.3.5 on my SGSII (Stock Rom from and checked for software update , it updated to 4.0.3 :( and now i am stuck on it , when i check for update , no new update is found and i think 4.1.2 is coming in December where as...
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    Thread Ram usage

    Hey .. i finally rooted my galaxy s2 :) I am very happy with cynogenmod 9.1.0 but i am having one problem .. it is using alot of ram compared to stock rom :( So kindly help if there is a solution .. cant tell abt the battery life as of yet.. i have just installed the rom last night .. Sent...
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    Thread Firmware Question

    Hello everyone , I have recently got galaxy S2... It came from uk on three network, i got it unlocked here in pakistan .. Now my question is what firmware shall i install as i like stock roms , not custom roms ... ?? I have to install pakistan official ICS rom or what ?? Kindly help :( Btw its...
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    Thread Internal memory problems for galaxy ace

    Hi. This is my first topic here after trying alot. . I am on stock rom for galaxy ace but rooted. .. I want to increase my internal memory, actually want to use ext4 partition on my memory card to install apps directly. .. I have tried amarullz script but it gives bootloops. .. I hve tried...
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    Thread [Q] CM 7.0.2 Problem When Receiving Calls

    Hey There, I m using CM7.0.2 for a while now and i have noticed that when i get a call, it just stucks on the main screen and i have to wait till the screen comes :( any solutions ? i m using SetCPU while in screen off Max = 245MHZ Min = 160MHZ Is there a problem with this ? Let me know if...
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    Thread Customizing CM7.0.2

    Hey There, i want help regarding animated weather widget and clock widget :( i was using beautiful widgets before but it sucks :( i dont like it :( can please anyone tell me a cool weather and clock widget and i want to make my menu more like a 3D menu or customize the way i browse menu (All...
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    Thread [Q] Touch Panel Not Working After Downgrading

    Hey There, I just downgraded using RUU to root it, the Hboot is changed and the phone boots also, but touch panel is not working :( and now i m using official 2.2 Froyo from shipped roms and its giving me error on bootloader ... saying USB has problem :( check the usb connection:( can anyone...
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    Thread [Q] Wifi Problem On HTC Wildfire

    hey there, this is my first HTC phone and i m a bit disappointed with it :( i was a iphone user , just thought of trying android this time , so got this cheap phone :) anyways, coming to my problem :( the phone is running 2.2.1 Froyo and its working gr8, but when its giving me problems on...