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    Thread Default USB configuration on Realme 6 Pro

    Hi I tried 2 settings below in Developer Settings to to set default USB Configuration - Default USB Configuratio: File transfer - Select USB configuration: MTP But everytime I plug in cable to connect with PC/Car Head Unit, it will show pop up for choosing Use USB to Can anyone have...
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    Thread Can't use Youtube Vanced on Realme 6 Pro

    Hi, I installed Youtube Vanced latest apks 17.x version successfully but unable to Open and Use Can anyone help this is known issue of realme or just me? Realme 6 Pro / Qualcomn / ver A.51 or C.17
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    Thread [QA] How to unbreak hardbreak realme 6 pro qualcomm chipset

    Hi I have a hardbrick Realme 6 Pro phone because of re-lock bootloader. Now can't enter fastboot/recover/edl mode. I know there is solution for Realme 6 which using MTK chipset ( So i wanna ask is there solution for Qualcomm...
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    Thread Can't edit/overwirte /system files on stock firmware & root realme 6

    Hi I rooted my realme 6 pro (Android 10, stock firmware) by Magisk and Installed TWRP successfully, but I can't edit/overwrite (by using root explorer or twrp). 1. So how can I overwrite/edit /system files? Or is there anyway? 2. Anyone can provide recovery image of Stock Firmware? Thanks