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    Thread [Q] How to restore cell capability after recovering from bootloop? (Sprint LG V50)

    When I was getting my phone setup for LineageOS, I accideantly followed the instructions while a version behind. I managed to use a dump of partition back-ups to get back to a working system and then successfully get Lineage installed, but ever since I can't get cell service with my SIM. It just...
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    Post Sprint LG V50 with Pie

    Mind sharing how you solved it for anyone coming by with the same problem?
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    Post Guide LG G8/G8x/v50 Bootloader Unlock and Magisk Root using Firehose by Seasee606

    I followed the guide without checking the requirement for Android 10 (I was on 9). I did back up my abl_a, abl_b, boot_a and boot_b. Can I just restore them with QFIL and redo?
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    Thread Is the LG G5 H831 the same as the H830?

    I have a Canadian LG G5 (H831), and was wondering if it's the same as the H830, i.e. can I root it with H830 guides, and install H830 ROMS on it?