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    Thread How to calibrate android watch (wearOS) battery that jumps from 95% to 3% but lasts for another 3 days?

    How to calibrate android watch (wearOS) battery that jumps from 95% to 3% but lasts for another 3 days? See attached photo. It says it will only go for 22 mins, but it's been saying that for the past almost 3 full days and runs this long on the last 3% battery. clearely there is some...
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    Thread How to fix video stutter/lag (stock camera on latest OP8pro official rom)?

    just got a brand new op8p 8gb ram version (from aliexpress) , updated to latest OOS (android 11) but super disappointed to see 4k videos having an immediate stutter. the phone is clean, no other apps installed. why does this happen? i upgraded from a Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and i feel like camera...
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    Thread Galaxy Tab A 8.4 2020 (T307U) , can anyone confirm bootloader unlocking or root?

    cant seem to find any info on these tablets, weird. is this tablet locked down 100%?
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    Thread Matterport Capture app - can't run because rooted, any way around this? I'm trying to use this app on my Xiaomi Mi Note 10 with latest stable rom, with magisk rooted. I've used magiskhide but it still says it cannot run due to rooted. any workarounds? thanks!
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    Thread MIUI12 (Cc9pro) Is there an integrated VOIP dialer (SIP settings) on stock?

    MIUI12 (Cc9pro) Is there an integrated VOIP dialer (SIP settings) on stock?
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    Thread What are the benefits of flashing a CC9 Pro to Mi Note 10 (global rom)?

    Sorry if this is a silly question but can someone list out why someone would want to unlock their BL , and flash a mi note 10 rom? I ordered a CC9 Pro that is supposed to come with all official google support (according to the seller). i DO need to have: -Google pay -Google playstore -Gcam Can...
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    Thread Is the Note 10 / CC9 Pro still worth it in late 2020 with the new flagship killers?

    i'm a heavy RAW photography shooter via the ultrawide lens , and from what i've researched im tempted to get a CC9 pro ~$370 USD and shoot computational RAWs with gcam with it. With this price range, there seems to be a huge explosion of "flagship killers" like the POCO F2 / X3, K30 Ultra...
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    Thread Does CC9 Pro (china Mi Note 10) support Google pay by default?

    the seller i'm buying from says the phone does come with google play store... does this mean google pay will work? i do not want to flash/root/unlock BL.. since doing any of these will for sure not allow google pay.
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    Thread Are GCAM RAW DNG files 27mp from the main cam, or are they 108mp?

    I would assume the sensor takes binned photos by default, but can someone confirm with a GCAM to take some raw dng photos? Even better.. if anyone has DNGs from GCAM for download that would be great. thanks!
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    Thread Where is the native SIP client for VOIP on Android 10 on LG G8 (at&t)

    i switched fully to VOIP and i'm trying to use the native SIP client, but cannot find it. i recall on older android there was a specific section where you enter SIP server + login/pass. I do see "Wifi calling" but it's complete greyed out and no way to enable it. How can i force enable this...
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    Thread LG G8 Android 10 - New HDR Video, but does nothing..?

    LG , as usual, is not very explanatory about how their products stands out on the market like showing how good its steadycam is. After being updated to Android 10, i noticed (i'm quite sure this wasn't there on Android 9) that if you go to VIDEO mode on the stock app, you will see "HDR" as a...
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    Thread Can an additional camera sensor attached via USB-C be read by apps via current APIs?

    ok... so totally crazy idea. Hypothetically speaking, what if there is a way to attach a much larger camera sensor (eg. APS-C size with e-mount) onto a fast SD865 phone (or future) via usb-c? And then would it be possible to have camera apps read data from it via current APIs? obviously there...
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    Thread What is the difference between a real Global Max 3 vs China Max 3 flashed with global

    i plan to buy one on taobao shipped to china when i visit it. its around 1000 CNY ~140 USD, what are the flaws i need to know if i plan to use this in north america?
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    Thread Fire HD8 2016 6th Rooted - google play store not working

    suddenly, my play store just doesnt work any one might know why?
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    Thread Any Google Camera (Gcam) 7.2 (Pixel 4) that works for V35 on PIE?

    really really wanting some of the features available on Gcam 7.2 such as the improved night sight , what's the latest one that works on the V35?
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    Thread Is there a way to "convert/edit" HDR10 videos recorded on phone to SDR?

    you might ask me "why dont you just record in regular SDR and not HDR10". for me, at least on the LG G8, i noticed that if I record in HDR10 the usable dynamic range is SIGNIFICANTLY better. For example, the skies are not blown out, there is rarely anything over-exposed even if I set EV to +1...
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    Thread LG's Steadycam: The most underrated feature of the G8 that's not being marketed?

    it's hard to find comparisons between the LG G8 STABILIZED 4k videos vs Iphone vs S10+ vs Gopro 7 etc. , but what from what I used so far, it essentially almost replaces a gimbal. Especially when this feature works for the ultrawide cam as well. I'm not sure why LG is so silent on this feature...
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    Thread Is there going to be EIS (steadycam) update for 4k 60fps on the G8?

    I know that the SD855 is capable of doing EIS for 4k 60fps as I've noticed that other ones with the same chip are starting to come out with updates to enable this feature. I know that all SD855 phones already can do EIS for 4k 30fps but not 60fps (the option greys out or disappears). for...
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    Thread Cannot unlock my AT&T G8... "thin" databases for the G8?

    so i got a Lg g8 off ebay and it's clean but i've tried so many ebay unlocks from $0.99 to $39 "premium databases" etc. , but all of them, after waiting 3-4 days cannot unlock my phone and some have said that the databases are very thin for the lg g8. why is this..? does this mean i can never...
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    Thread Where can I initialize the "demo screen" that says "Personal assistant by Google.."?

    Where can I initialize the "demo screen" that says "Personal assistant by Google.."? Mod edit: no cross post allowed. Thread closed. sorry to crosspost this but it seems the pixel 2 forum is more active and actually is applicable to pixel 2s as well for anyone who has a burn in caused it being...
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    Thread How to fix Pixel XL "Personal assistant by Google" Screen Burn In? Where is image?

    How to fix Pixel XL "Personal assistant by Google" Screen Burn In? Where is image? So I picked up a google pixel XL but it has a obvious burn in that seems to be caused by those words being shown on screen for "days". Can anyone tell me where I can show that screen? is it a google app? is it a...
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    Thread Still room for more improvement in Essential's monochrome camera? How does P20 do it?

    So as seen on dxomark , the Huawei P20 pro is now the king of phone cameras, and one key thing is that it has a second monochrome camera just like the essential. Perhaps they figured out how better to "utilize" the monochrome camera much better than the devs at Essential? i love my essential...
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    Thread Essential can't play X265 HEVC 4k video via HW (black screen / frozen frames) SW only

    i have a 4k h265 hevc video that i;m trying to play, but it doesnt work. using MX player, and it only works in SW but that means it is very veyr laggy and choppy. HW and HW+ doesnt work. does anyone have this issue? is there a special codec i have to install? thanks!
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    Thread Is there no way to charge faster than ~250mA using "conventional" charging methods?

    Is there no way to charge faster than ~250mA using "conventional" charging methods? sorry for the newbie question, but i am loving this phone so far EXCEPT i have never been able to charge it to more than 60% so far because i dont have the original charger. and every single other method i've...
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    Thread 50% more battery tip on Wear24 (and other LTE AW watches) -> ~3 Days /w Min Usage

    so i have been seeing REALLY crappy battery usage on my wear24 on aw2.7 despite turning off alot of things and barely using any apps. now i EVEN have always-on ambient , and my watch lasts almost 3 days. since its always on, i rarely need to use the watch (eg. wake). i use the Sleek face which...
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    Thread Is it normal to have ~30% of battery usage by Android System + Android OS on Wear 2.7

    i use a verizon wear24 (without verizon, with all verizon apps like msg+ and my verizon disabled). i dont use anything special apps other than agenda (1 calender), facebook messager, and whatsapp. no google fit, no tracking, no location. the wear24 has a 400mah battery which is decent , and uses...
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    Thread Request firmware download for Fire HD 8 6th (2016) , anyone..? Downgrading...

    can't seem to find this firmware anywhere, the only one posted seem to be for the 2015 version and that doesnt work for me (says verification error when sideloading) anyone have this firmware / rom available for download? the only relevant area i found is here...
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    Thread "Emergency Calls" only, loose SIM card tray or SIM motherboard contacts? How to fix?

    "Emergency Calls" only, loose SIM card tray or SIM motherboard contacts? How to fix? lately, i have been having random issues with my phone not detecting SIM card or saying emergency calls only. I fear it might have been cuased by me as I opened up the phone to tweak the motherboard abit in...
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    Thread Why is my LG G4 H811 40% slower than my G4 H812? Octane and other Scores

    So this seems very weird, i just got a H811 because I hate the fact that my H812 bootlaoder is locked. Before I installed any custom roms on my H811 (stock t-mobile 20i android 6.0), I did Octane and Jetstream (both javascript based web browsing benchmarks) and scored around ~4000 and ~24...
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    Thread Just unlocked my H811, confused which rom, Stock vs other custom Nougat? RAW camera?

    im abit confused as there are so many roms listed in the t-mobile section AND the general lg g4 section which ALSO seems to be for H811? I'm mainly looking into the most stable, fastest rom that has the best RAW camera support. And I understand that if I were to stick with stock based roms (eg...
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    Thread Possible to flash custom rom via Flashfire on locked bootloader? See video inside

    I know the answer is 99% NO but still how did this person do it? Does the galaxy use a different "kind" of bootloader that allows this? has anyone with a rooted (but locked bootloader) G4 actually tried the latest flashfire with a G4 custom rom like...
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    Thread Confused why my LG G4 can't unlock..? It's a new unactivated warranty replacement

    I've tried a few services online and none of them can unlock (sim/network) my LG G4 H812 (Canada). Abit long story, but I bought this new from WIND a few months ago, but switched to another carrier (Mobilicity) recently and unlocked it fine. But soon, the G4 had issues so I received a warranty...
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    Thread Can I simply flash a MM 6.0 custom rom to a LP 5.0 custom rom (Cloudy 2.5)?

    i'm not really like any of the MM roms so i want to go back to the good old stable and reliable cloudy 2.5 can i simply TWRP flash it directly after a standard wipe?
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    Thread PACMAN rom (CM12.1) rom , experiences..?

    since the source code for k3 note has released, i see that suddenly more new roms are coming out including pacman (cm12.1 based) and that doesnt seem to have any issues with previous cm12.1 base roms. not sure if im allowed to post links but you can google pacman k3 note any one tried this...
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    Thread Can I simply flash any Kitkat rom from Lollipop (Cloudy 2.5) - vs985

    i want to go back to kitkat because hidden verizon menu doesnt work on lollipop, and i want the menu to unlock the extra LTE bands, specifically the 2700mhz band. apparently it only works in kitkat. so can i simply flash any kitkat roms (non stock is ok?) from my current rom which is Cloudy 2.5...
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    Thread [Q] Does NFC tags work on magnetic surface?

    does NFC tag work if it is attached to a magnetic surface ? i know NFC is also done by magnetism so i dont know if it will disrupt it?
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    Thread [Q] Any FFDSHOW filter or Video sharpen filters for video playback on Android?

    i've tried diceplayer, vlc, mx player for android and none of them have any sharpen filters like windows media players. anyone know? thanks!
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    Thread [Q] Acer Aspire A3 21.5" Android, uses Intel Celeron J1850, windows possible..?

    It's tough to find ANY info in this, almost no reviews eventhough it looks like this came out about a year ago. whats interesting is that it uses a processor i havent seen really used at all, intel celeron j1850 which supposedly is faster than a tegra 4. also this has expandable ram up to 8gbs...
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    Thread Is there a program to remotely control/use your android phone in Windows?

    just like how there are many android apps that remotely control your windows desktop, what are some programs that does the opposite? i would like to be able to type using my keybaord on my desktop for things like whatsapp and instagram. thanks!
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    Thread [Q] Cheapest unlock service? Please recommend

    have a locked rogers phone, so far i have looked on cellunlocker and it is $7.99 to unlock. are there cheaper ones? thanks,
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    Thread [Q] Kitkat - How to: press phone # "link" to make it go to text instead of dialpad?

    [Q] Kitkat - How to: press phone # "link" to make it go to text instead of dialpad? when there is an underlined phone number link that you can press (eg. on my calendar or someone texted me with another number), i want to be able to press it and have it go to my SMS app. however, i am only...
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    Thread [Q] QPST to save hard brick? Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 driver recognized only

    my htc amaze 4g that is s-on (didn't touch that) is hard bricked. I believe it was due to somehting wrong with flashing (it was a awhile ago, i dont remember). however, it does show up in windows device manager as "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM12)" is there any specific way to save this...
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    Thread My tab 3 7.0 just died by itself and doesn't turn back on? (T210)

    so i was using it normally (about 45% battery), plugged in a usb cable as i wanted to transfer a file from PC to the tab. in the middle of the transfer, i noticed the file was stuck and the tab had frozen. so i unplugged it, and the tab turned off and restarted. however, it wasn't able to...
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    Thread Disable fast dormancy?

    is there a way to disable this on the moto x? i'm on 4.4 rom. i hear it is suppose to provide better battery for all android phones...
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    Thread Post your battery life!

    post your battery life + screen on time (optional!) let us know your rom/kernel, and any extra things you've done. cheers,
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    Thread Bumper case available?

    anyone found bumper case for the moto G yet? i dont feel like i really need to protect the front nor back and just want to prevent drop breakage, without adding bulk. thanks!
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    Thread [Q] is it safe turn off "keep awake" / wakelock for "Android System" ?

    [Q] is it safe turn off "keep awake" / wakelock for "Android System" ? in app ops, what happens if i turn this off? thanks,
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    Thread [Q] Notification LED and Ear detection when on call not available?

    I dont really like active notifications since it seems to suck up a little more battery than i want. anyway regardless of battery drain or not, for someone who does not want active notifications, does this phone have any LED notifications when you have a message? also, on my older android...
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    Thread [Q] Request for canadian retail moto g systemui files

    could someone please upload their SystemUI.apk and SystemUI.odex files, from their canadian retail version? i had deleted them and forgot to back them up :( thanks! UPDATE: thanks to someone really nice, here are the files i requested...
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    Thread Possible to re-arrange bottom buttons?

    i came from a samsung device and my return button used to be on the right, search on the most right, and options on the most left. is it possible to have this arrangement with the moto g? thanks,