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    Post How To Guide Convert T-Mobile OnePlus 9 to Global (or other) firmware

    does this flash make a locked op9pro t-mobile to sim unlocked?
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    Post How To Guide How To: Unlock the T-Mobile Bootloader

    any XDA members still doing SIM unlock for op9pro t-mobile? will donate $5! thanks!
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    Post [UPD] Super-Pack of Google Camera MODs for OnePlus 8 Pro!

    thanks, ssilly question but how do i load XML settings on this LMC gcam? usually i press the blank black area but this does nothing ... thanks, NVM figured out, double press
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    Thread How to calibrate android watch (wearOS) battery that jumps from 95% to 3% but lasts for another 3 days?

    How to calibrate android watch (wearOS) battery that jumps from 95% to 3% but lasts for another 3 days? See attached photo. It says it will only go for 22 mins, but it's been saying that for the past almost 3 full days and runs this long on the last 3% battery. clearely there is some...
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    Thread How to fix video stutter/lag (stock camera on latest OP8pro official rom)?

    just got a brand new op8p 8gb ram version (from aliexpress) , updated to latest OOS (android 11) but super disappointed to see 4k videos having an immediate stutter. the phone is clean, no other apps installed. why does this happen? i upgraded from a Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and i feel like camera...
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    Thread Galaxy Tab A 8.4 2020 (T307U) , can anyone confirm bootloader unlocking or root?

    cant seem to find any info on these tablets, weird. is this tablet locked down 100%?
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    Post Matterport Capture app - can't run because rooted, any way around this?

    thank you! that first advice worked! cantbeleve it was so simple!
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    Thread Matterport Capture app - can't run because rooted, any way around this? I'm trying to use this app on my Xiaomi Mi Note 10 with latest stable rom, with magisk rooted. I've used magiskhide but it still says it cannot run due to rooted. any workarounds? thanks!
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    Post GCam

    thanks! actually i was able to fix it by downloading the other version that was on the same russian thread. it seems the version you posted is for the people who have android 11. since im on the latest stable miui12 rom, it's on android 10 and so thats why i was guessing it was having...
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    Post GCam

    THANK YOU! we really should make a seperate thread dedicated to the stock camera enhanced mod. this really is the BEST video quality. Gcam does take better photos however it's 5x slower and glitchy most of the time. ---------- Post added at 10:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:07 PM...
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    Post 1080p 240fps unavailable?

    is there any rom or any magisk module that would unlock 240fps 1080p AS ADVERTISED EVERYWHERE...? so weird that no one has this.
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    I'm on's miui 12 latest stable ROM and google pay works fine (and i have an unlocked bootloader). If i flash magisk v20.4 , will my google pay stop working?
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    Post GCam

    Does anyone know if there is further updates on this? I can't believe this isn't more popular? The stock cam is sometimes superior (and definately 3x faster) than Gcam. It just sucks tthat the default stock cam is TOO basic. But this guy Roman YALTA is a genius to allow all these advanced...
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    Post [ADB] Mi Note 10 Debloat (no root) Global and EU

    how can i re-install some stuff back after uninstalling?
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    Thread MIUI12 (Cc9pro) Is there an integrated VOIP dialer (SIP settings) on stock?

    MIUI12 (Cc9pro) Is there an integrated VOIP dialer (SIP settings) on stock?
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    Post [ADB] Mi Note 10 Debloat (no root) Global and EU

    can i use this list for cc9 pro china?
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    Post What are the benefits of flashing a CC9 Pro to Mi Note 10 (global rom)?

    Thanks, as long as I can use the 3 i mentioned, I"m fine with CC9 pro then.. I really dont know what features i COULD gain with a mi note 10 actually. is there a place to read up the differences?
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    Post What are the benefits of flashing a CC9 Pro to Mi Note 10 (global rom)?

    thanks . thats exactly why i do NOT want to unlock the bootloader. But I"m trying to figure out what i'm missing if I stay on CC9 pro firmware
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    Thread What are the benefits of flashing a CC9 Pro to Mi Note 10 (global rom)?

    Sorry if this is a silly question but can someone list out why someone would want to unlock their BL , and flash a mi note 10 rom? I ordered a CC9 Pro that is supposed to come with all official google support (according to the seller). i DO need to have: -Google pay -Google playstore -Gcam Can...
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    Thread Is the Note 10 / CC9 Pro still worth it in late 2020 with the new flagship killers?

    i'm a heavy RAW photography shooter via the ultrawide lens , and from what i've researched im tempted to get a CC9 pro ~$370 USD and shoot computational RAWs with gcam with it. With this price range, there seems to be a huge explosion of "flagship killers" like the POCO F2 / X3, K30 Ultra...
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    Thread Does CC9 Pro (china Mi Note 10) support Google pay by default?

    the seller i'm buying from says the phone does come with google play store... does this mean google pay will work? i do not want to flash/root/unlock BL.. since doing any of these will for sure not allow google pay.
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    Thread Are GCAM RAW DNG files 27mp from the main cam, or are they 108mp?

    I would assume the sensor takes binned photos by default, but can someone confirm with a GCAM to take some raw dng photos? Even better.. if anyone has DNGs from GCAM for download that would be great. thanks!
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    Post [GCAM] Google Camera for Mate 30 Pro?

    i want to know as well.. anyone got a version working? i like it beacuse gcam is the only app that has computational RAW, the stock does NOT have this.
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    Thread Where is the native SIP client for VOIP on Android 10 on LG G8 (at&t)

    i switched fully to VOIP and i'm trying to use the native SIP client, but cannot find it. i recall on older android there was a specific section where you enter SIP server + login/pass. I do see "Wifi calling" but it's complete greyed out and no way to enable it. How can i force enable this...
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    Post [GCam] tigr's trCamera

    anyway to do gesture or voice activated shutter?
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    Thread LG G8 Android 10 - New HDR Video, but does nothing..?

    LG , as usual, is not very explanatory about how their products stands out on the market like showing how good its steadycam is. After being updated to Android 10, i noticed (i'm quite sure this wasn't there on Android 9) that if you go to VIDEO mode on the stock app, you will see "HDR" as a...
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    Thread Can an additional camera sensor attached via USB-C be read by apps via current APIs?

    ok... so totally crazy idea. Hypothetically speaking, what if there is a way to attach a much larger camera sensor (eg. APS-C size with e-mount) onto a fast SD865 phone (or future) via usb-c? And then would it be possible to have camera apps read data from it via current APIs? obviously there...
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    Post How to receive updates on the lg g8 att unlocked outside the usa

    FYI this didnt work for me. i use a US AT&T lg g8 unlocked in Canada. Bought an AT&T go phone prepaid SIM, has some issues activating it on the at&t site. regardless i put the sim into my phone and still do not have any updates... ---------- Post added at 10:49 PM ---------- Previous post was...
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    Post Can't update AT&T G8

    so has anyone flashed this firmware manually via LGUP to their AT&T g8 and was successful? does everything get wiped?
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    Post [GUIDE] Unlock your LG V40 via 9008 mode (Every Variant except T-Mobile)

    i have a sprint locked v40, does this mean i can do this to bootloader unlock it , and then possibly flash another variant so taht it is NETWORK unlocked as well? thanks!
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11] LineageOS 18.1 [T710][T715][T715Y][T810][T815][T815Y]

    clean install from a stock 7.0. cleaned system/data, flashed LOS 16 from microSD into logo but auto-loads back TWRP. i found that the /sdcard is empty, is this normal? i just realize i have same EXACT issue as above . im using T710. how come the same problem?
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    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][10] Havoc-OS 3.x [T710][T715][T715Y][T810][T815][T815Y]

    weird issue, just got a fresh tab s2 on stock 7.0. ODIN flash twrp, clearede everything, moved the rom to /sdcard and tried flashing. it shows ERROR 255 right away. any fixes?
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    Post Rapid Temporary Root for HD 8 & HD 10

    OK, so i modified the py script to make it work. apparently i am not able to push multiple files all at once
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    Post Rapid Temporary Root for HD 8 & HD 10

    have you tried to start all over and do the automated root here? i havent tried yet as i dont want to lose what i have right now on the tablet. damn amazon automatic updates that cripples our tablet randomly is infuriating to say the least
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    Post Rapid Temporary Root for HD 8 & HD 10

    same here. just trying to re-root it using above. but doesnt work
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    Thread What is the difference between a real Global Max 3 vs China Max 3 flashed with global

    i plan to buy one on taobao shipped to china when i visit it. its around 1000 CNY ~140 USD, what are the flaws i need to know if i plan to use this in north america?
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    Post Sprint OTA Android 10 update install!

    can i install this on my unlocked AT&T g8?
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    Thread Fire HD8 2016 6th Rooted - google play store not working

    suddenly, my play store just doesnt work any one might know why?
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    Post Urnyx05 GCam_v7.0.009-v4.4.apk Review on the LG G8 ThinQ

    did you try to install Android 10 beta (preview) and try Gcam 7.2?
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    Thread Any Google Camera (Gcam) 7.2 (Pixel 4) that works for V35 on PIE?

    really really wanting some of the features available on Gcam 7.2 such as the improved night sight , what's the latest one that works on the V35?
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    Post Gcam recomendations for V35

    please someone please recommend a perfect version for the V35 on pie ! i have found nothing so far!
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    Post Is Gcam fully working? I cannot get it to work

    i tried above but when its low light it freezes. i'm on at&t v350 /w PIE (20c)
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    Post [ROM]ASUS-ZenWatch-3-WI503Q- Swift [6 DEC-2017][STOCK-NWD1.170623.001]

    the links are all dead for 2.0rom
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    Post Watch soo Slow

    just got a zenwatch 3, and it IS VERY slow. i already disabled ALL ASUS stuff , no OK google and it is super laggy. My Verizon wear24 watch with the same Chipset runs at least 2x faster/snappier. will flashing the custom rom make it 2x snappier?
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    Post Google Pixel Camera Port working

    anyone know why i cannot install this? i'm using a AT&T g8 , android 9 on G820UM10j . it wont let me install it NVM: had to fully unisntall my previous gcam , including removing it from disable apps first!
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    Thread Is there a way to "convert/edit" HDR10 videos recorded on phone to SDR?

    you might ask me "why dont you just record in regular SDR and not HDR10". for me, at least on the LG G8, i noticed that if I record in HDR10 the usable dynamic range is SIGNIFICANTLY better. For example, the skies are not blown out, there is rarely anything over-exposed even if I set EV to +1...
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    Thread LG's Steadycam: The most underrated feature of the G8 that's not being marketed?

    it's hard to find comparisons between the LG G8 STABILIZED 4k videos vs Iphone vs S10+ vs Gopro 7 etc. , but what from what I used so far, it essentially almost replaces a gimbal. Especially when this feature works for the ultrawide cam as well. I'm not sure why LG is so silent on this feature...
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    Post LG G8 just got root yesterday

    can this be used to unlocked a network locked AT&T model for use with other carriers? how much?