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    Thread Nexus 5 vs Galaxy Nexus battery life

    I'm a owner of a Galaxy Nexus and I would like to buy a Nexus 5 but the feedbacks about the battery life are not so good. Is there someone could compare the battery life between the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 5?
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    Thread [Q] XO Skins screen protector (which one to order)?

    I really liked the SGP Flex, but it seems to be out of production. I would like to order the XO but, what is the difference between the screen protector and the screen protector case fit? I use a very cheap TPU cover.
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    Thread [Q] How to display my avatar in gmail app?

    In gmail (I'm using the last version) I can't see my avatar but I can see the ones of my contacts. I'm using CM10.1 (last nightly, stock cm kernel, 12/12 gapps). I have no problems with text messages. I use g+ so I see my avatar in the text message app. How can I show it? There is a setting...
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    Thread [Q] Disable system updates

    Cause that this expensive phone turns itself in a useless brick when I install ANY 4.0.4 rom, is it possible to disable the system update notification on the 4.0.2? How? edit: sorry, I just saw that I written in the wrong forum, move the topic please, I'm so sorry...
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    Thread [HOW TO] "solve" the signal lost problem on 4.0.4

    I'm using a rooted stock 4.0.4 rom with CMW bootloader: PRIMELA03 baseband: I9250XXLA2 I had the signal loss problem, I "solved" the problem following two main steps: 1- 2- install setcpu (interactive, min 350, max...