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    Thread is it possible to change system font without root?

    Back in the xz3 compact days i had root and could do whatever i wanted. Had also xposed modules and so on and it was great. I cannot find any information if i can change the system font to roboto light without root on the xz2(c). Has anyone of you information for xperia and oreo if this will...
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    Thread strange vibration after booting

    Does anyone of you also noticed that the phone is vibrating two times shortly after entering pin of the sim after a restart? there is no notification about this and im wondering where this vibration is coming from. In safe boot nothing vibrates, so it must be an app causing this. is there a...
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    Thread again light leak and bad manufacturing quality

    got today my S9 midnight black and its even worse than on the s8. light leak also on the bottom, additionally plus the light leak above front cam. also dust in the frame of the fingerprint sensor. oh samsung oh samsung..... at least the stereo speakers are fantastic i have to say. display is...
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    Thread Samsung and Quality

    Just a quick report of my journey buying a S8 without any issues in Germany. I had now 5 S8 midnight blacks here. Every one had atleast one issue of rhe following. Yellow tint or green tint with non uniform white. Not removable by white balance correction. Light leak above front cam and iris...
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    Thread Preordered

    Due to the lack of alternatives in compacts only (iphone se which has to small display, no notification led and iphone 7 without headphone jack) i have preordered this little black powerhorse. In Germany you get additionally headphones when preordering (Value 220€-300€). the ones that were...
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    Thread [Q] Via camera shutter key opening camera in manual mode possible? xposed module?

    Hey guys, do you know if there is a xposed module that can open camera straight in manual mode when i use the camera key? i hate that it always opens in superior auto.
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    Thread x reality for mobile off - battery better?

    Does anyone of you know how much battery can be saved if i turn off x reality? And where is x reality active? only in the album app by sony or also during ui of android or browser? i made some tests and you can see that after a picture has been rendered in the album app then the picture gets...
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    Thread unbrand without losing any drm

    Hey guys, i just want to ask if its possible to unbrand a vodafone unit by flashing the generic country firmware without losing drm keys? is there any risk? so far i know that only unlocking the bootloader flashes the keys. but only flashing a firmware is ok?
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    Thread Possible overheating?

    I'm wondering if the compact version will also suffer from 4k video/image processing overheating. I just now have discovered that the Z2 and even the Z3 on IFA during some hands on's had overheating issues while using the camera. Does anyone of you with a Z1 compact had this issue or is this...
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    Thread [theme request] miui x10/arc blue

    does anyone know if there is a x10/arc miui theme somewhere available? i havent seen and would like to have this one because the blue xperia colors are very nice. or does anyone has plans creating such a theme?