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    Thread T-mobile 5G and unlocked Note 20 ultra

    Hello there! So anyone with a Note 20 unlocked variant and T-mobile service can confirm what does it say under settings, About phone, Status, Sim card Status and mobile network ? Mine says LTE but at the top says 5g and I know how carriers like to show off "fake5g" so I'm just curious if thats...
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    Thread Pixel 3 XL First Look... NOTCH

    so here's a prototype Pixel 3 XL.. yes notch confirmed!
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    Thread LG V20 Tmobile Variant Stock TOT

    Here's the stock V20 firmware for the T-mobile Variant. Hopefully it helps other people develop a root for our phone. LGH918AT-01-V10d-310-260-SEP-14-2016-ARB00+0.tot DOWNLOAD
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    Thread World First Galaxy S7 Qualcomm Root

    well here's some proof of concept of my successfully rooted Galaxy S7 Edge. There's still lots of bugs but most root apps work. Suck it Samsung :cool: 0LoEKHcI6yI No ETA yet..
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    Thread If you have a SM-T817W Canada or SM-T815 LTE international look here

    IF you have a rooted device like the one mentioned in the title please PM me . I need to extract a file to bring mine back to life :crying:
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    Thread Unlocking boot loader issues

    So finally received my htc 10 and whelp im unable to unlock the bootloader. sending 'unlocktoken' (0 KB)... OKAY [ 0.016s] writing 'unlocktoken'... (bootloader) flash unlocktoken (bootloader) [KillSwitch] : /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/frp (bootloader) [KillSwitch] Last Byte is 0X01, enable...
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    Thread G900AUCS4CPA2 Odin Files here Get 'em while they are hot

    Some ppl pm'ed me about willing to tradem me their souls in exchange fpr the latest firmware for the ATT s5... well not really but here you go. Install with Odin and if you don't know how there are hundreds of guides everywhere how to do it.. WARNING THIS MAY DELETE ALL YOUR NUDEZ SO DO A...
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    Thread Marshmallow 6.0 Odin files N910PVPU4DPC1 HERE!

    Here's the official update package to get some of that delicious MM 6.0 taste If you don't know how to flash this then just wait for the OTA update in the next few days or next week. DOWNLOAD Enjoy! LINK Added. XDA mobile app failed me BE WARNED THIS WILL DELETE ALL YOUR DATA. MAKE A BACKUP
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    Thread Marshmallow 6.0 Odin files G928PVPU2BPC3 HERE!

    Merry early Xmas everyone! Here's the official odin tar file to upgrade your phone to MM 6.0 Enjoy and don't forget to thank me !:fingers-crossed: DOWNLOAD
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    Thread Marshmallow 6.0 Odin files N920PVPU2BPC3 HERE!

    After a trip to Samsung's Dark internal labs I grabbed the final tar for the 6.0 stock rom build number N920PVPU2BPC3 Download Please report your results. MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR DATA AS THIS WILL POSSIBLY WIPE YOUR PHONE CLEAN If you wanna root the phone I'd use...
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    Thread Marshmallow 6.0 Update Odin Package Here

    I posted the S6 odin tar file earlier and here you go the one for the Edge.... Enjoy! DOWNLOAD
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    Thread Root Marshmallow 6.0 Update

    Hello I was able to easily root the newly released 6.0 update for the sprint galaxy s6. First download Cfroot for the G920F model Download Flash with Odin 3.10.6 or higher.. Wait for the script to finish etc and once the phone reboots, force the phone into download mode and flash the stock...
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    Thread Sprint Galaxy S6 Sprint MM 6.0 Odin Package here

    Hello everyone.. here's the Odin file fresh off Samsung's kitcken . This will update your phone to the glorious 6.0! DOWNLOAD PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP. THIS WILL MOST LIKELY WIPE YOUR DATA. ONLY USE IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO TAKE THE OTA UPDATE OR WANT A FRESH INSTALL
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    Thread Note 5 marshmallow* Odin package.

    Hey everyone. currently uploading the latest Odin package fresh off Samsung's kitchen N920AUCU2APB2 That is the build number. It is the same as Verizon's note 5 MM update. I do not have the ATT note 5 to test this on so when the file is uploaded I will need someone to confirm for me. Thanks...
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    Thread About those root files

    Hello. I'm just making this post to clear up some things and rumors about the posts going around about root firmware etc for newer ATT Galaxy phones like the s6, s6 edge, s6 edge + and the Note 5... First of all these files have been around for some time now and only very few people in the...
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    Thread ///**Stock ODIN TAR FILES G925AUCU3BOI2 *LATEST*

    Before I get spammed with pm to post the 5.1.1 firmware for the edge since I uploaded the one for the regular S6..well here we go again.. Your favorite Samsung double agent is back with some new goodies. No more tears of frustration.! I present you the Stock Official Files to Update/Recover...
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    Thread ///**Stock ODIN TAR FILES G920AUCU3BOI2 *LATEST*

    Guess who's back to save your little butts from your updates woes. .. Your favorite Samsung double agent is back with some new goodies. No more tears of frustration.! I present you the Stock Official Files to Update/Recover your ATT galaxy s6 to the latest Build. **WARNING** - This will...
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    Thread small Request for someone with rooted ATT LG G4

    Hello everyone. I need a small BIG favor...someone with a rooted ATT/puertorico LG G4 please run this command using adb shell terminal dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0 bs=1 count=17408 of=/data/media/0/gpt_backup.img And post the file here. Trying to make to make a file to unbrick completely dead...
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    Thread World First Note 5 Root

    Finally proper root for the Note 5 (mine is T-mobile) Link Kudos Manh_IT
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    Thread Kernel source it out. Proper Root coming soon.

    LKernel sources have been released.
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    Thread Stock Firmwares for USA models T,A,V,P

    Hello. Keeping up with the tradition of bringing you the latest tar files.... I have the stock odin files for all the USA Variants. They are close to 4GB in size each. If there's enough request for them I will upload them and post them. Just let me know :)
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    Thread N910P COG5 Tar Files. Return to stock!

    Since mr freeza took care of the root.. I bring you the freshly baked tar files to restore/update your phone to latest OG5 release. Enjoy and don't forget to say thanks. Link sorry for the wait...mega failed at 80% and i had to use mediafire instead. Edit : Fixed Link Here's the modem if you...
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    Thread Latest Odin files G920AUCU2AOF3 update

    Hello again ! It's your friendly neighborhood Samsung firmware nerd... So you bricked your phone while trying to downgrade? Or perhaps you hate root access and you just wanna have the latest ATT crapware? Then this is for you! ***WARNING*** THIS WILL UPDATE YOUR BOOT LOADER AND YOU WONT BE ABLE...
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    Thread New odin files G925AUCU2AOF3

    Hello again ! It's your friendly neighborhood Samsung firmware nerd... So you bricked your phone while trying to downgrade? Or perhaps you hate root access and you just wanna have the latest ATT crapware? Then this is for you! ***WARNING*** THIS WILL UPDATE YOUR BOOT LOADER AND YOU WONT BE ABLE...
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    Thread G920TUVU2DOF8 New 5.1.1 Leak

    Here's the for the newest 5.1.1 leak build number D0F8...!iIFSRA5C!Q9KWmi3vdNc_lRN2c4RKA8GFzOsT0L8FYgl1yMg7-L8 You can sideload this file via the stock recovery adb sideload you must use lastest adb binary or it...
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    Thread Another 5.1.1 Update G920TUVU20F8

    First the 5.1.1 leak and now my magical phone just received another OTA update Build number G920TUVU20F8 ! Sadly no root yet so I'm unable to snatch it.
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    Thread T-Mobile ONE free sim unlock test promotion

    Hello I'm in search of a lucky tester that currently owns a T-Mobile branded LG G4. Specifically looking for someone with a financed/blocked phone.. If your phone is been fully paid then you do not apply.. First one to meet the requirements will his//her phone factory unlocked by using the...
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    Thread If you hate lollipop.. N910A NK3 odin files.!

    Some people have requested that post the files needed to downgrade your phone to the most recent KK build which apparenty it's compatible with samsung VR and is more battery friendly than lollipop.. Your prayers have been answered so here you go. N910AUCU1BNK3 Link
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    Thread Need a brave soul to test downgrade

    As the title says I need a brave knowledgeable soul that it's willing to let me test a downgrade method for the galaxy s6 edge. I will flash official samsung files so there shouldn't be any issues. Sent from my SM-G925I using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread G925AATT1AOE2 Latest Uptate Odin Tar files

    Continuing the tradition once again here are the files to manually update your S6 Edge to the latest OE2 release for all those that are not worthy to receive the OTA update according to their tyrannical king AT&T. Link
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    Thread G920AUCU1AOE2 Odin Files Latest Update

    Here's the full odin package for ATT S6 latest OTA update...that fixes battery drain by wrecking your signal! Enjoy Link
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    Thread ATT Note 4 Edge Lollipop Odin Tar files

    They say I can get anything...It could be true...but I feel bad for the forgotten ATT users hoping to one day receive the update but worry not I present you the official Odin flashable tar files to manually update your phone to the newest Android version or in case your phone is bricked...
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    Thread Cricket S6 Official Odin Tar files

    Once again keepin up the magic. here's the stock files for the Cricket S6 so now you can go bug the developer of pingpong root to include support for your phone. G920AZTUU1AOD1 LINK
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    Thread Another Back to stock files LATESTCOC4 BUILD!

    Ok so here's the latest of the latest firmware. Apparently people been messing up their phones and are unable to downgrade or whatever..well this will put your phone to the latest official ATT build. (previous was OC2 ) As with any other Samsung firmware flash with odin N910AUCU1COC4 LINK
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    Thread Odin Files Return to Stock ATT Galaxy S6 Edge

    Keepin up the tradition..providing you with the magic files to bring your dead piece of metal and glass back to life. As usual flash with odin. You need Odin 3.10.6. GOOGlE it. Now to hide from ATT secret police. They don't want us the people the have these files as they consider them "high...
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    Thread Odin Tar files for SM-G920A

    here you go bi****ches official tar file for ATT galaxy s6. :cool: Time to join the pingpong game. Magic files enjoy your rooted phone and if you brick it well now you know where to come..don't forget to click the thanks button
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    Thread 5.1.1 ota rollout

    Just received the 5.1.1 OTA. look at the kernel build date. this thing was cooked up YESTERDAY. device feels a lot snappier!! This is the T-Mobile branded one. NO, the bootloader is not locked with the 5.1.1 update that was leaked. Rather, "Factory Reset...
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    Thread Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop Odin package

    Here u go fellas the stock tar files to manually update your phone with Odin to android 5.0.1 lollipop. Download here Enjoy. use Odin to flash the files. make sure you use the right sections for each file.
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    Thread Volume Boost Mod

    For those that have their shiny S6 rooted.. copy this file with any root explorer to System/etc and make sure permissions are set to 0644. It's a noticeable boost. You can go higher but then the distortion starts. Modded one Link Stock untouched one Link PIC <path name="gain-media-speaker">...
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    Thread Microphone issues

    Hello there. I finally got my note 4 but im having horrible call issues. Already replaced the sim card but people can't hear me :( funny think is if i use voice recorder app it sounds crystal clear. I dont know if it could be the network or what.
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    Thread [STOCK]Odin Firmware I527UCUBNE7 ATT 4.4.2 here

    Uploading....Coming soon :) Hello everyone this is the official odin package for the galaxy mega ATT version. With this you can get your phone back working if you get the "This phone is not running authorized software crap. " etc . Also hope it encourages more people to find a root method...
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    Thread Galaxy S4 Active 4.4.2 Kitkat ROOT

    Hello everyone. It's me again now this time I bring you root access to the new OTA KITKAT for our S4 :o Disclaimer : I'm not responsible if your phone suddenly dies, explodes or your cat catches fire. Be warned. SOME PEOPLE REPORT MOBILE DATA NOT WORKING AFTER THIS PROCESS SO ALL YOU GOTTA DO...
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    Thread 4.3 OTA ML2 Root Method!

    Hello there fellow XDA peeps. I figured out the way to root the OFFICIAL OTA 4.3 Update. Build Number UCUBML2. 1. Download the the following file and flash it with odin under PDA. I pulled the boot.img from the 4.3 leak and...
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    Thread Black or white

    So which color you guys picked for this amazing toy? Black or white.
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    Thread [Q] Speaker Boost

    Got my T-Mobile note 3. Already rooted. Must say it is pretty dope but coming from a HTC one the speaker quality is such a let down. Now I don't expect to have the same sound quality but has anyone seen a way to boost the Volume.? Back when I had the note 2 there was this guide to manually edit...
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    Thread [FIX]Remove Home button delay *Perception Edition*

    Hello XDA since I'm not able to post in dev section ill post it here..I was frustrated that after flashing Perception v1-RC1 the dreaded home button lag came back and Yoderk's Fix in this thread will make your phone crash nonstop so I...
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    Thread perception home button lag

    Hi xda I just went from cognition to perception and the home button lag is there again.many way to fix this? The fix in development section is not compatible