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    Post How to manually, I said manually, install an APK

    Can you install the app via adb? adb install appname.apk? Sorry, I don't know how to install one manually. I understand what you're asking for but I don't know the answer.
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    Post Post your Pixel 4a homescreen

    Not sure how I feel about the icons on the home screen yet. Might move some of those over to page 2 to reduce the clutter. The biggest change so far has been moving the clock over to the right side of the status bar and adding the date. And also adding the battery bar at the top of the screen...
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    Post [MOD][MAGISK][ANDROID 11] Addon Features for Pixel Devices - Pixel 4a Thread

    I'm not 100% sure. In the normal settings (not from this magisk module), I have my Display Size (Settings -> Display -> Advanced -> Display Size) set to Small. I just changed it to Default and Large and watched the battery bar shift over to the right each time. If you don't have your display...
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    Post [MOD][MAGISK][ANDROID 11] Addon Features for Pixel Devices - Pixel 4a Thread

    Great work! I installed this on my 4a and didn't have a single problem. I was able to move the clock to the right, add the AM/PM labels (which was the only reason I wanted this lol), add the date next to the clock, make the status bar smaller, and add a cool battery indicator line at the top of...
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    Post How to add AM/PM to the clock?

    Oh shoot, I didn't realize that. I'm going to try it out. Thanks man!
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    Post [flashing lineage OS] I am sitting here with a pixel 4a bootloader unlocked and get an error when I try to flash TWRP. Help please?

    I see a typo in that command, FYI. I don't know if that fixes your problem or not but it should probably be recovery, not recoery. Did you download SDK Platform-Tools from here? When I downloaded, it was...
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    Post How to add AM/PM to the clock?

    That's an impressive list of modifications. There's a lot of stuff in there that I either don't understand or don't need so I'm probably going to pass on it. I think I'm probably just going to use the 24 hr clock instead. I'm not using Xposed (Edxposed?) right now and not sure I want to install...
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    Thread How to add AM/PM to the clock?

    I don't know if I'm missing it or what, but I can't find a setting to add AM/PM to the clock in the status bar at the top of the screen. Without those labels it feels like it's using 24 hour time and it makes 3:00 look like 3:00 AM to me. Obviously I know if it's morning or afternoon but looking...
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    Post Center, right Clock, navbargone, Battery Gone, etc Stand alone mods

    Hmm, RC seems to be broken. I'm on the March 2021 update and I could not get my phone to start after installing it. Had to use the adb command to remove all magisk modules. I've re-installed all modules except this one and my phone still boots. I have not tried to install this one again. I don't...
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    Post [Guide] Root Pixel 5 with Magisk Android 13

    Does the link for ROM ❯ OFFICIAL ❯ ProtonAOSP 11.2.0 by*kdrag0n by kdrag0n work for anyone else? This link just takes me to the development section of the forums with what I assume are 3 sticky posts. I don't see any posts in there with custom roms. Did the OP delete the post?
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    Post [Q] How to restore Xperia XA2 stock boot image?

    My understanding is that we cannot install TWRP as a replacement recovery on this device because there is no true recovery partition. It's part of the boot partition. Hopefully someone will come along and correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Post [Discussion] What's your next smartphone / What should I buy

    I hate my Honor 8. If I use the camera with less than 60% battery remaining, the phone pops up an alert that my battery is critically low and will be turning off in 30 seconds. When turning the phone back on the battery percentage will have dropped 10-15% and will continue shutting off every...
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    Post 'NEW' [GUIDE][REBRAND] HONOR 8 To FRD-L19,09

    So if I rebrand my FRD-L04 to FRD-L19 then I can use ROMs meant for FRD-L19 on my device?
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    Post **What phone should I buy next?** -- Not sure what device to buy? Ask here!

    I'm looking for a Sony phone with good custom ROM support, USB-C cable, normal 3.5 headphone port, long battery life, and not an obscenely large device. This phone should last me 2-3 years, if not longer. It will mostly be used for web browsing, Maps, music (bluetooth and headphones), and...
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    Post [Guide] Unlock Bootloader // Install TWRP // Root

    Is there a TWRP package for FRD-L04? Or is the FRD-L09 compatible with the L04 devices?
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    Post [ROM][T710][RC][N] PoseidonROM v1.1 [12/03/2018]

    So if v1.1 does not have RC does that mean these features don't exist in v1.1? Or are they set to default values and not able to change?
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    Thread [Q] How do I get Amazon Prime Video working on my 2017 Shield TV?

    I unlocked the bootloader and rooted my Shield TV using this tutorial (because I didn't see a straightforward guide on XDA). I installed TV Launcher from the Play Store and disabled Leanback with this command: pm hide Now when I try to open Amazon Video I...
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    Post Tutorial on how to root 2017 16GB Nvidia Shield running Nougat ?

    I found this:
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    Post [Unlocked][HOW-TO] Update ConceptMM + root + recovery + restore DRM functions

    I have a few notes regarding this procedure for Arch Linux users if you want to add them to the original post. flashtool is available in the Arch Linux AUR as 'xperia-flashtool' fastboot and adb are available in the Arch Linux AUR as 'android-sdk-platform-tools' These packages may be...
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    Post I'm looking for a super stable ROM with good battery life. Which do I choose?

    I forgot about that one! That has gotten so bad I don't even try looking at Youtube videos from Reddit or even the app. I will definitely try the concept ROM and this fix. Thanks!
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    Thread I'm looking for a super stable ROM with good battery life. Which do I choose?

    The title pretty much says it all. I'm looking for a super stable ROM with good battery life. Which do I choose? I have a short list of things I need: Lollipop or Marshmallow Debloated Good battery life Stable Bluetooth I don't care about camera quality (though the camera should work if I...
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    Post AT&T I747 Firmware repository

    Coming from a SlimKat ROM, MJB firmware... Anything I should know? Or just follow the directions and flash this in recovery?
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1|STOCK][D5803|D5833] 23.4.A.1.264 SLiM 5.0

    I see the following error message after flashing this ROM: Updating partition details... ...done E:Error creating fstab fstab is kind of important, yeah? I am re-flashing the ROM now. Should I be concerned about this message?
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    Post Hard Bricked Z3compact

    Did it complain about not being able to find drivers for your device? That's what it says when I plug my Z3c in. And I've attempted to install drivers using the drivers tool in flashtool/drivers/.
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    Post [GUIDE]Odin to Stock, Updating, Rooting, and Installing Safestrap

    My friend has an i337 that has been updated to OC4 (5.0.1) and does not have root access. Can we go back to NB1 from that as well? I know this says you can go back from ANY base but the examples just say OC3 and earlier.
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    Post [APP] AppStarter v4.0 | AppDrawer and Kodi / SPMC Updater for Amazon FireTV

    I love this launcher. I use it on both Amazon Fire TV devices I have and tell everyone else about it (if they have AFTV devices). However, I noticed a typo (maybe?) in the settings. The option to hide the left bar in the app drawer says "Left selection bar is hided when on the main page (App...
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    Post Stagefright Bug - Root possiblity?

    Are the files available for download for us to take advantage of this exploit? The video linked by Prowler_gr shows an attacker gaining root access. Once that's obtained, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out how to get permanent root.
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    Thread Blocked the update servers before registering my AFTV, now I can't register it.

    I bought a refurbished AFTV from Amazon. According to the serial number, this thing shipped with a rootable version of software. I have no way of knowing if Amazon has updated the software or if it's been sitting in a warehouse for months and still has old software installed. So I want to...
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    Post AJK Q&A

    creepyncrawly, Is the raw kernel file boot.img from the
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    Post AJK Q&A

    What recovery is in this kernel? And is there a version I can flash using Odin or can this be flashed from stock recovery?
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    Is it possible that Sony could patch or otherwise prevent this workaround from working in the future?
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    Post [ROM] Captivate Touch - CM10.1 Stable Modification

    dfellars77, if you were pretty far away from this back in March, you're probably even further away from it now. However, it never hurts to ask... :D Can you do the modification to this ROM? [ROM][KK][4.4.4][PORT] CyanAOSP v4.0.0 [FINAL] = FAST & STABLE If you don't have time to do the...
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    Post [MORPHOLOGY] Official v1.5 // Have it Your Way! [02.05.13]

    Is there a system UI mod like this for Android 4.4? Looking through this thread it would seem the answer is NO but I want to make sure before I give up. This thread consistently turns up in the search results while tying to figure it out so I figured I'd just ask. :good:
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    Post Easily transfer what you're doing on a PC to your Android device?

    Maxthon browser has Cloud Push which is exactly what I was picturing when I asked this question. I didn't really want all my tabs to be synced and I didn't want to deal with add-ons , plugins, or 3rd party apps. I'll install Maxthon on each device and just use that. I like the interface better...
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    Post Edit Build.prop to make it look like phone

    Oddly enough, that's how I found this thread. (Back to Google for me...)
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    Post [APK] New Camera & Gallery with Photosphere 100% Working, NO ROOT REQUIRED

    I cannot get it to install. I've tried downloading from a few different sources but I keep getting the same results, even after deleting the old camera in /system/apps/: This is with CM 11 on my Galaxy S III. I have no idea why it won't install. Any ideas? Edit: Do I need to change my...
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    Thread Looking for metamorphosis mod

    I can't find metamorphosis anymore. It's been a while since I visited the thread but I was hoping to find an update. For those unfamiliar with it, it was a mod that let us customized the toggles in the notifications menu. Part of the process makes the notifications area more like aosp android...
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    Post Am i ready to root?

    It's been a while since I've rooted a phone so I came here from another guide to refresh my memory a bit. This thread is a joke, right? One of the more useless threads I've seen.
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    Post [CM 10.1/10.2]Pie controls (Enabler and Color Mod)(Build 2)

    I'd like to see this on nexus 7, any chance we can get a black theme?
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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod 11 [OFFICIAL] [NIGHTLIES] [M5]

    I'm using RC2 and I'm having trouble getting the lock screen widget to show the temperature in Fahrenheit. I've gone into the cLock weather settings and unchecked metric, but there was no change. Is anyone else having this problem? Guess it just takes some time to apply... It's right now.
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    Post [Q] My N7 lost the OS

    What happens when you do it from command line using adb/fastboot? That should probably give you more detailed info on why it failed.
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    Post Root unlock custom rom Mac

    On Linux I have to type ./adb to do any adb commands as opposed to just typing adb. Might be the same on Mac.
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    Post [Q] My N7 lost the OS

    Are you able to boot into the recovery menu or boot loader? ---------- Post added at 06:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:08 PM ---------- If you can get into recovery menu then wipe data/system and flash a new ROM of your choice. If you can't get into recovery but can get into the...
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    Post [Q] How to remove quick settings on 4.2.2 (CM10.1)

    Where? I've been looking but can't find it, hence my post. I have removed all the tiles but the panel still pulls down if in swipe down from that side of the screen.
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    Post can someone plz post the "my xbox live" apk?

    Im looking for this too... The drop box link above is dead :(
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    Thread [Q] How to remove quick settings on 4.2.2 (CM10.1)

    Any ideas on what can be done to remove this "feature" from my device? I don't use it and it usually comes down when I'm trying to pull down the notifications menu. I'm running CM 10.1 RC2. Would this change need to be made in the source code before being compiled or is there a flashable zip...
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    Post [ROM] Intergalactic v4.1 [AllianceRom][UCUEMJB][4.3][1/8/2014]

    I've been using your ROM for a while now. With my old phone (Samsung Captivate) I was always flashing different ROMs. Just couldn't find one I liked. Once I got my GS3, I flashed a few (Serenity, ported from GNote and CM10) before I found yours. I haven't looked back since then. This is the...
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    Post [STICKY INDEX] AT&T GS III - I747 {/Root/ROMsTools}

    The link for the drivers does not work anymore.
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    Post Blackberry Z10 Wallpapers

    Are you looking for this one? I don't know what the stock wallpaper looks like. If it's this, I'll keep looking to see if I can find just the wallpaper for you. EDIT: Try this link:
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    Post [GUIDE][13/11]Update/Recovery/Root/Downgrade Android 4.2.1 on Unlocked/Locked Devices

    The fastboot method works for us Linux users as well. Setup: Instead of downloading the fastboot files provided in the OP, I had to download the entire adb-bundle for Linux. I extracted it to my home folder (you can place it anywhere you want), opened a terminal and changed directories until I...