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    Thread Question increasing number of QS tiles still possible?

    with Android 12.1 came the demise of Fabricated Overlays, something I had used to increase the number of QS tiles from the default of four to six. is this still possible even with root? all the information that I found on the web seems to point at not using root and using the Fabricated Overlay...
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    Thread Question Gboard app data filthy - won't load on start - can't login

    any suggestions on how one can clear the app data for Gboard without actually getting into the device? I'm rooted, but nothing shows in adb while in Fastboot
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    Thread very low volume in earpiece after Sept/Oct Pixel 4XL update

    anyone else experiencing this with their Pixel 4XL or Pixel for that matter after updating to the Sept and Oct updates? prior to this, making calls the max volume for phone calls was nice and loud, however after updating to Android 11 with the Sept and Oct updates, the max volume is not audible...
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    Thread Gboard broken in Android 11 Pixel 4XL

    after updating to Android 11 I noticed that Gboard doesn't always pop up when I enter a text field - Messages, Hangouts, Keep, Chrome, etc. the only way is to lock the device, tap device to bring up unlock/keyboard, unlock and then go about using the app I was trying to type in. if I switch to...
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    Thread HELP: "Clean the top of your screen, including the black bar" - Pixel 4XL

    ever since the August update I've been getting this message whenever I try to face unlock AFTER the device has been covered or if the device was taken out of my pockets. if I then press the power button and try to unlock then, it unlocks fine. also, it unlocks fine if the device was not covered...
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    Thread LastPass and Wells Fargo lost ability to use biometric unlock on Pixel 4 XL

    not sure if there was a recent update somewhere, but somehow I lost the ability to use face unlock when using LastPass and the Wells Fargo app. anyone else or have any suggestions? I've updated to the August Pixel update, but this was happening prior to this specific update and only recently. in...
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    Thread booting to black screen with Mar 2020 update and Magisk stable/beta

    any suggestions on how to fix this? updated to the Mar 2020, extracted the boot image, patched in Magisk, flashed, and rebooted like I have done with the previous updates, however once the device is booted up all I get is a black screen! device is still responsive as pressing the power button...
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    Thread trying to update to Feb 2020 Pixel update - fastboot: error: Failed to boot into user

    any suggestions on how to get this resolved? can't get this updated properly after running the flash-all.bat script and getting "fastboot: error: Failed to boot into userspace fastboot; one or more components might be unbootable." at the end EDIT: looks like this was caused by Winbloze 10...
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    Thread apps not receiving notifications unless battery optimization is off

    I currently have the OG Pixel and the Pixel 4 XL and am wondering if I'm missing a setting somewhere. On the OG Pixel I'm getting notifications from all my apps, specifically the Amex and Atom apps and this is without the battery optimization setting turned off. However on my Pixel 4 XL both of...
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    Thread stuck on white G boot screen after rooting with Magisk

    so far this has happened twice for me and I'm wondering if anyone provide an explanation. after booting into TWRP temporarily and flashing Magisk 16.0, the device gets stuck on the boot screen until the juice runs out. after charging and booting up a second time, everything is back to normal...
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    Thread [ROM] [US996] US99610k/10l/10n/10o/10p/20f Stock ROM TWRP Flashable Zip KEEP ROOT!

    with very little activity lately for the LGV20, especially with the unlocked US996 variant, I created a TWRP flashable package for the recent US99610k release. this zip flash every partition included in the latest KDZ package with the exception of recovery to keep TWRP. standard disclaimer...
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    Thread [ROM] [H918] H91810q/r/s/t/u Stock ROM TWRP Flashable Zip KEEP ROOT!

    with very little activity lately for the LGV20, specifically the H918 T-Mobile variant, I created a TWRP flashable package for the recent H91810q release. this zip flash every partition included in the latest KDZ package with the exception of recovery to keep TWRP. standard disclaimer applies...
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    Thread mysterious download*.bin file?

    I just happened to glance down at my device and saw a file downloading so I went to notifications and saw that a download*.bin file was in the process of downloading and before I could do anything else it completed and disappeared. I've tried searching my device for any file resembling that, but...
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    Thread T-Mobile rooted LGV20 rctd root checking (spying), possibly other carriers - SOLVED!!

    For those with a T-Mobile branded LGV20 and rooted with Magisk and probably with SuperSU, I have an interesting discovery in my attempts at determining performance issues I was having with my device and for all I know with other carrier branded Android devices that I had rooted in the past...
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    Thread help requested, need T-Mobile H918 misc partition dump

    can anyone who has root access provide me with a dump of the misc partition from their H918 LGV20? I flashed a ROM that apparently included the misc.bin from the KDZ and now mine is wiped. HELP! the command to use would be the following dd if=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/misc...
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    Thread [ROM] [H918] H91810p Stock ROM TWRP Flashable Zip

    with little to no activity lately for the LGV20, specifically the H918 T-Mobile variant I decided to look into creating a TWRP flashable package for the recent H91810p release. these zips flash every partition included in the latest KDZ package with the exception of recovery to keep TWRP...
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    Thread Greenify's hibernation

    Does Greenify use "cmd appops set <package_name> RUN_IN_BACKGROUND ignore" to effectively hibernate apps as described here? Are apps listed as "Running in the background" in Greenify actually running as...
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    Thread fingerprint works well with right finger, but not the left?

    I have a US996 LGV20 and also a H918 LGV20, the latter I had first before the former and it's been working well specifically with fingerprints from both hands. with the US996 model my right finger unlocks just as well as the H918, however the left finger almost always has trouble unlocking the...
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    Thread [H918] TWRP Flashable Stock Firmwares

    with little to no activity lately for the LGV20, specifically the H918 T-Mobile variant I decided to look into creating a TWRP flashable package for the recent H91810k release. these zips flash every partition included in the latest KDZ package with the exception of recovery to keep TWRP...
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    Thread US996 bricked! HELP!

    Having a helluva nightmare right now with this LG V20 US996. Updated it to US99610f with no problems then proceeded with DirtyElf to unlock, however instead of going with SuperSU I went ahead and popped on Magisk 11.6. After exiting TWRP my device kept rebooting back to the LG logo so I went to...
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    Thread US996 unlocked firmware

    does anyone know what the latest software version that's available for the US996 unlocked non-US Cellular device is? searches reveal there a US99610h, but no idea if it would work on the non-US Cellular version. if it does work, is it root-able?
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    Thread T-Mobile LGV20 H91810k KDZ

    have at it folks... grabbed from LG Bridge and updated from it as well... EDIT: you will lose root and TWRP if you flash this, as this brings you back to stock. if you want root, downgrade to 10j, root, install TWRP, then flash 10k...
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    Thread unlocked US996 LGV20 confused with questions

    I currently have the LGV20 H918 from T-Mobile and now I have the US996 version of the LGV20 to play with. How can I determine if this version is the one from US Cellular or not? if it is not the US Cellular version, where can I get the older and latest KDZ? Can I root the latest software...
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    Thread T-Mobile visual voicemail

    anyone here able to disable/enable visual voicemail while rooted? for some reason I'm having issues enabling/disabling while not getting any notifications from vvmail and I'm wondering if it's because I'm rooted. I know the T-Mobile Device Unlock app doesn't work while rooted, so I'm wondering...
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    Thread Notifications stopped for some apps

    Not sure what's going on, but I thought it was related to hibernation and/or deep doze, but notifications aren't coming through for some of my apps. I still get notifications from chat apps like Hangouts, LINE, HelloTalk, Twitter, and Sync, but other apps like Groupon, Coffee Meets Bagel, no...
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    Thread T-Mobile LGV20 H91810j KDZ

    have at it folks... grabbed from LG Bridge and updated from it as well...
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    Thread HELP modifying an APK's AndroidManifest.xml

    I have little to no knowledge of modifying APKs and all attempts in doing so in the past have resulted me in giving up, except now I really need this to work! looks fairly simply according to this old post using apktool and java outlined here...
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    Thread forcing app orientation

    have an app that looks like **** in the default landscape mode... as soon as you open it up, it opens in landscape, won't do portrait. if i have root, can i force it to open in portrait?have an app that looks like **** in the default landscape mode... as soon as you open it up, it opens in...
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    Thread forcing application to open in portrait mode

    not sure where else to put this, but since there's no Xposed for Nougat one of the issues I've had is forcing a certain application in portrait mode. the application in question is Human Japanese and it only opens up in landscape no more what orientation you have set. With Xposed I was able to...
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    Thread Magisk, SuperSU, SafetyNet

    wondering if anyone here is using Magisk and SuperSU and was able to get their LGV20 to pass SafetyNet? for some reason using the same exact steps as others who have this combination working on different devices, I can't get it to pass on the LGV20 and I have a feeling it might be due to the...
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    Thread [TMO] call recording

    just wondering if call recording exists on the LGV20 under T-Mobile? it was on the LGV10 and while I've only used it a handful of times, it did come in handy
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    Thread help, data looks to be decrypted

    I was messing around with Magisk and everything was good until I trying replacing my bootanimation using Magisk where it would display part of the animation and then freeze. Couldn't figure out how to remove the offending flashed Magisk module I booted into TWRP and uninstalled Magisk. Doing so...
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    Thread SQLite Editor

    anyone have an alternative to SQLite Editor? seems like when I start it up now it no longer shows me any databases... is this because of Nougat?
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    Thread can anyone confirm Android Pay is dead if bootloader unlocked?

    rumors have said that some devices with unlocked bootloaders can still use Android Pay, while others can't. has this changed and hit our devices yet or is my device screwed up that it just can't do Android Pay?
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    Thread please help identify this icon! male symbol, wtf?

    just noticed this icon today, but have no idea wtf it is or where it came from. please help identify this!
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    Thread Compatibility patch

    Surprised there hasn't been much mention of this, but I'm currently rooted on V20j and today I see this pop up in my notifications. Compatibility patch 20160809 - this patch helps to avoid compatibility problems that may occur with apps. has anyone applied this while rooted and maintained root...
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    Thread Marshmallow - Messaging, Contacts, Name Prediction

    I rarely text message these days, but I'm pretty sure that when I had 5.0 Lollipop on my device that the To field would auto populate as I started typing the name of the recipient. Now that I'm on Marshmallow this no longer happens... I have the Messaging app's permission allowed for access to...
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    Thread MM locking with password "randomly"

    so with the update to MM I'm finally able to use the fingerprint unlock with a case, but either I missed something or it's still somewhat annoying to use. after booting up I need to enter a password, which I'm okay with, however after using my device for a bit and letting it go to lock there are...
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    Thread Additional settings grayed out

    so I was watching some videos and one of the things missing on the LG V10 (at least I'm not able to find it) is the "Voice clarity" option... if I remember right it wasn't available on LP and on MM it's still not available unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Anyway, my concern is that while...
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    Thread busybox and WiFi calling on MM

    after a lot of trial and error trying to determine why WiFi calling kept giving me the "Error: REG99 Unable to Connect" message, I was able to narrow it down to busybox pro found here. after I install this app WiFi calling breaks and I'm left with that REG99 message. if I remove busybox and...
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    Thread several apps having issues now on rooted Marshmallow

    I'm currently rooted and restoring my apps, however it seems like with each new version of Android the external SD gets trickier and trickier. A lot of apps these days use the round about method of having you choose the card to write to via the file manager, unfortunately not all apps do this...
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    Thread PTP, MTP, adb no longer works after root obtained

    was able to root my phone using the steps described in the forums where the PC recognized the device with no problems every step of the way. however after getting root whenever I plug in the phone to a PC I no longer see it connected via Windows or via adb. I've tried rebooting both PC and...
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    Thread any kernel tweaks?

    anyone using any kernel tweaks for the stock kernel to optimize performance?
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    Thread WiFi Tether Router vs Mobile Hotspot

    I'm currently on the Simple Choice North America 10GB Family plan and was wondering if there was any benefit to using WiFi Tether Router over the included Mobile Hotspot. Are there any software benefits and/or plan benefits to using the WiFi Tether Router app? I tried contacting the app's author...
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    Thread wi-fi MAC address keeps changing

    not sure if anyone else has come across this, but at home I like to have my router give my phone a static IP address based on its MAC address rather than a dynamic one. problem is, every time my device reboots the MAC address changes! anyone else experiencing this? EDIT: can someone please...
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    Thread memory dedicated for swap

    Currently using stock 4.4.2 and one thing I've noticed is that on this device there is swap usage as indicated by issuing 'free' in a console. Shouldn't these be free of any swap usage at all? Reason I'm asking is because I'm running low on memory and before you say memory should be used, I'm so...
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    Thread audio stuttering/skipping HELP!

    I'm currently on stock 4.4.2 ROM on T-Mobile for my Samsung Galaxy S5 device and have been getting some rather annoying stuttering/skipping while listening to audio. My current player of choice is GMMP and have tried Rocket Player, Neutron, and doubleTwist... I've removed any use of equalizers...
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    Thread WiFi Tether Router

    using the latest version of the app, copied everything from the default (non-editable) APN to a new one just so I can change the APN to IPv4. made sure this new APN was selected and then... no connection to the Internet as the 4G LTE icon disappears. If I change the APN to IPv4/IPv6 then the 4G...
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    Thread alarm clock late/snooze

    not sure if this was always the case with the S5 since I switched from an S4 on Sprint, but my alarm clock has been set to 7:14am during the weekdays and what I've noticed is that it will actually go off at the time set PLUS the snooze amount. So the default snooze time is "5 minutes, 3 times"...
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    Thread wi-fi hotspot mod for T-Mobile

    when I was on Sprint with a GS4 I had to apply a hotspot mod to enable wi-fi hotspot, which basically involved replacing services.jar with a modified one. only after doing so could I use PDANet+ to enable wi-fi hotspot. I've searched the T-Mobile forums for the GS5 and don't see any mention of...