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  1. trixter127

    Thread Any Expected Price Range ?

    Hey, I heard its going to have a 90hz panel , new back camera layout and cheaper than 7 Pro. Any expected launch date and price range ?
  2. trixter127

    Thread GPU Turbo Global Update !

    As the beta testing of Honor 7x GPU Turbo (which is restricted to China) has ended a week ago. So, anyone with the Global variant received it yet ? FYI,they announced Europe's variants gonna get it December.
  3. trixter127

    Thread Disable Navigation bar Permanently ?

    Greetings , I'm using a Honor 7x and I'm comfortable with navigation dock EMUI 8.0 provided and I don't want the navigation bar to pop up when I swipe up. I previously thought it would not be possible without the SuperUser Access ( using build prop ) to disable the navigation bar permanently...
  4. trixter127

    Thread [Theme][EMUI 8.0/5.1] Dynamic Lockscreen Themes

    Greetings Everyone, Everone says SuperUser ( Root) gives freedom but with EMUI 8 I can say EMUI gives freedom from root ( atleast for customization part :cowboy:) EMUI customizations are always amazing,one thing that I always felt lacking is the lockscreen customizations. EMUI 5.1 allowed...
  5. trixter127

    Thread [Update]New Build B192 with Face Unlock

    Guys Huawei recently rolled out an OTA with Face Unlock ,AR Lens Camera App Feature and EMUI 8.0( Android Oreo ) according to the article published in XDA. Here is the link from xda for more info on that.. Honor 7X Update News Now my question is any with the Indian or Chinese variant (BND...
  6. trixter127

    Thread [Theme][EMUI 8.0/5.1]AOSP Themes with Android P[Update:01/09/2018]

    Greetings , I'm sharing this so that others can try and give suggestions to improvise the theme:angel:. Update No.7 [01/09/2018] Updated Android P stock Theme to v3.7 New Android 9 - Pie Icons [ Pixel Style ] Six New Variants based on Navigation Bar Homescreen , Outside Homescreen...
  7. trixter127

    Thread Pixel 2 build prop

    Can someone upload the build.prop of the Pixel 2 please :confused: ? I have been trying to find some defaults in the Pixel 2 but didn't succeed .I would be grateful if someone can upload it :o.
  8. trixter127

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Best BootAnimations Collection 2017

    Hi Guys,This is my first thread on XDA so please rectify me if I made any mistakes and suggestions are always welcome Whatever Rom we use or whatever phone we use bootanimations always matter. Atleast for us,people who frequently restart their phone for flashing etc., So I collected a few boot...