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    Thread General X70 pro+ with Origin OS—Initial Review

    A Happy New Year to everyone! Today, when I received the first upgrade of Ocean OS (for Chinese model V2145A) I was thinking, maybe it's time for a little evaluation of the phone. First thing first: why the Chinese X70 pro+? It's not the money. After a bad experience with Trading Shengzheng...
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    Thread Android 11

    I asked support about upgrading plans for Vivo X50 Pro plus but I didn't get far. I can't read Chinese so I contacted Indian support. It was entry level support and I couldn't get any relevant information. When you try to Google it, you can find one and only answer: Vivo is slow to upgrade the...
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    Thread Vivo X50 Pro+ User Review

    After nearly one month of use, I decided to write an initial review of Vivo X50 Pro+. The main reason is that Vivo as a part of the Chinese BBK Electronic concern is the least known brand in the west, and I believe unjustifiably. There are three brands under BBK - Vivo, Oppo, and OnePlus. While...
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    Thread Last Kirin Standing - An Upgrade Dillema

    I guess I'm not the only one around with an old good Mate 20x waiting patiently for this year's new phones revelation firmly determined to upgrade. And I did some research. I don't want to replace the phone for something worse. I'm not into such a big screen anymore, I prefer something lighter...
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    Thread EMUI beta on EVR_AL00

    It's my second time I've finally broken through all obstacles of the Chinese language and managed to subscribe for EMUI 10.1 beta. And it was worth it. That was yesterday and today I received the shiny new beta update. As usual after installation, I firstly transform the appearance into pure...
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    Thread EVR_AL00 – light review and heavy customization

    I got the Mate 20 X from Italy, delivered two weeks after order on November 12 for € 829, VAT and 2-years warranty included. It is a nice silver device 6/128 (don’t need more memory). My first hands-on impression? I was shocked. I had pure Chinese phones before (Huawei and Lenovo) and I know how...
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    Thread Android Pay with Axon 7

    Hi, guys, I'm wondering how many of existing users have managed to activate Android Pay on Axon 7 so far? On the original system, modified system (rooted, xposed), from the USA, from the UK? Thanks.:cool:
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    Thread [Guide]How to root Honor 7

    Why rooting Honor 7? Huawei Honor 7 is one great Chinese phone, on design and performance side I might say that one of the best. But then, like most of branded phones, it comes with its own UI, precisely Emotions 3.1. As this UI might have a few useful options, it is generally (as many others)...
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    Thread GPS Navigation

    For those who use navigation - I played and tried to compile a sort of material design for the outdoor map navigation app Oziexplorer. If you like this design just copy both files Motoxl.pa1 and Motoxp.pa1 to the memory (anywhere) open Main Menu > Operation menu > General and upload them one by...
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    Thread 4.4.3 evaluation

    It would be nice and really useful if someone who is long enough on totally stock T-mobile 4.4.3 could evaluate his user experience with the upgrade. There are so many unconfirmed rumors on issues and malfunctions of 4.4.3 that objective opinion is needed before taking an OTA.
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    Thread Volume rocker issue

    I know that I'm not the first who experience that issue, the previous reports are from Nexus 4 and 5 (, but to date I never noticed that someone reported it on the Moto x. The problem is plain and appeared instantly: without any...
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    Thread Halfway to the SIP functionallity

    Today I've played a little with the native SIP. I found out that the file "" is missing. I pushed this file to etc/permissions, changed permissions to rw-r-r and voila! - after rebooting the missing internet calling part appeard in my dialer settings menu. I managed to...
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    Thread Black is back

    Use at your own risk. I'm not a developer and won't be responsible for any damage you might experience using procedures described bellow. I’ve just adapted the method; all credit goes to Nexus 5 developer hello00. I always believed that the power consumption is one of the most important issues...
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    Thread Paint It Black

    My experience and expectations regarding Moto X: I've been using Moto X for a while now and I can generally say that I’m satisfied with the purchase. I have ATT model X1058, sim unlocked and unrooted. The phone perfectly suits my needs for business and everyday use. I’m not much of a gamer, I...
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    Thread Pillama-rom-0.3

    Argentinian dev max_choco issued new Pillama-rom-0.3 yesterday (link: He is obviously one of the most recognisable devs around. According to his description main characteristics of the new Rom are: Deodexed Zippaling Mobile Bravia Engine Sound Settings by max_choco Longer...
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    Thread [Q] SIP/VOIP

    It's supprising how few people use sip at least those who own Razri. I found it very useful and money saving, especially when travelling.Unfortunatelly Razri uses proprietary phone.apk as a part of Motoblur and Motorola stripped off the entire Internet calling part from the application. It was...
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    Thread [Q] VOIP

    Hi, I'd appreciate if anyone who possesses RAZRI checks whether Internet Call Settings section under Calls is presented or it is removed. Has anybody succeed to establish voip on RAZRI? And has anybody tried stock vpn (pptp vpn)?. Thanks.