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  1. Deadmau73

    Thread How to get Root+CustomKernel Android 11?

    hey guys i bought Pixel 4xl few days ago and today i decided to unlockbootloader and start flashing ... i know a lot about fastboot and things like that , i came from a heavily moded pixel 2. i can't get my head around how to root it and have a custom kernel at the same time. i unlocked my...
  2. Deadmau73

    Thread Pixel 3xl hard brick Qloader 9008

    Hey guys , i got my Pixel about a year ago and everything was working fine , it was running full stock '' Locked bootloder '' Today without reboots or anything , i pulled it out of my pocket and nothing it was dead. no recovery , no download mode , no sign of life . when i connect it to my...
  3. Deadmau73

    Thread [FIX] [SOLVED] FIX ''Pixel launcher keeps on stopping'' on AOSP ROMS

    Hey Guys I just Flashed ProtonOS '' AOSP ROM'' and the only problem i got is i coudn't run Pixel laucher and it keeps on stopping , so i looked around the internet and there are some suggestions to install it as system app and such ... didn't work for me. i found a solution : steps: -Download...
  4. Deadmau73

    Thread [Q] How To Turn On Call Waiting Toast Message

    Whenever i call someone i don't get a toast notification "call waiting", every android has this "feature" if count it as a feature of course. We need to know if the other party is talking or not. Sometimes i keep on calling thinking that the other party left his/her phone , but the reality i'm...
  5. Deadmau73

    Thread [Q] how to install Android P on slot_b

    Hello guys I was wondering if i can dual boot android P preview on my Pixel . I have Android 8.1 rooted + TWRP + Magisk on Slot_a Is there a way to dual boot both roms so i can enjoy them both .
  6. Deadmau73

    Thread *fixed* Low In-call volume since May Update.

    Everything was fine , my phone was running on stock + Magisk and Twrp + stock kernel + April Update . I used it as my daily driver and i had no issue . Yesterday i updated to Latest update via TWRP and everything was fine , the call volume seems to be normal , after using it for almost 24 hrs ...
  7. Deadmau73

    Thread Nexus 5 stuck on EDGE , LTE is On but no connection

    Hello I bought my Nexus 5 about a year ago , and everything was fine , suddenly i've been facing some problems with network . The problem is i have EDGE with a small x next to meaning that i have no internet , when i change it to H+ it works but it's so slow "1mbps or 40~100Kb in download"...