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  1. noisy_lightning

    Thread Link Ring & Notification volume

    Is there any way to link the ringtone and notification volume so when using the volume rocker they are both set the same? I can't find any setting on the phone for this so it may require a third party app to solve? Sent from my SM-G986B using Tapatalk
  2. noisy_lightning

    Thread UK O2 OP3

    Hi, I dropped my LG G3 this morning and its moved on to the phone afterlife which has sped up my decision to buy the OP3 by a month or so. I can get one today from O2 in the UK but curious if they are any different to the variant direct from OP? Reason being is that I will need it unlocked and...
  3. noisy_lightning

    Thread Maps killing my battery

    Google maps is killing my battery. I am running 4.2.2 stock. I noticed this yesterday and killed the app, deleted its cache and data and never launched it, but today it's done the same! I do not use Google Now. Anyway I can stop this? Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk HD
  4. noisy_lightning

    Thread Facebook Sync & Music player question

    Anyone know of a good sync app which can sync my Facebook contact photos with my contacts in the people app? Also are there any music apps which can display current playing track in the notification bar but that also offers buttons to skip tracks? I am using winamp currently which is good but...
  5. noisy_lightning

    Thread Vibration after JB OTA

    Has anyone else noticed that the buzzer has become stronger for all notifications after the JB OTA? Before on ics it was strong enough and still quite quiet, now it's much loader and too strong. It's not a fault with the motor as I use SwiftKey and the settings for that remain unchanged and...
  6. noisy_lightning

    Thread Screen response when charging

    I normally use the charger which came with my HOX and there is significant lag when it comes to using the screen in all apps and android as general. Just used my Desire HD charger tonight and the screen is normal with no issues. Anyone else noticed a problem with the screen on charge or just...
  7. noisy_lightning

    Thread Play Store Refund Notification

    I recently through IAP paid for something which failed to actually turn up in game and after emailing the developer got an email to say they have refunded it. However now each time I go into play store I get a notification in the notification bar top left telling me I have the refund. If I...
  8. noisy_lightning

    Thread Notification bar on screen lock

    Can you only drag down the notification bar on the screen lock if you don't have an unlock code/pattern etc? I see numerous people saying you can drag it down but mine does not and I can't find an option to activate it. Thanks. Sent from my HTC One X using XDA
  9. noisy_lightning

    Thread [Q] Calendar Default Time

    When I click on the HTC Calendar widget for a specific day to add an entry it starts at midnight, and I have to scroll down each time to at least 7am. Is there a way to default the time to 7am rather than midnight as I have no need to add anything at midnight? Thanks.
  10. noisy_lightning

    Thread [Q] Cellular radio "freezing" after 1.28 update

    I have owned this phone only for three days now, coming from a DHD. Today I installed the 1.28 update and since then my cellular signal has been all over the place. I normally get a solid 5bar HSDPA signal where I live and since the update I have had nothing but issues. My Sim card seems to be...
  11. noisy_lightning

    Thread UK numbers stored in US format

    I just flashed the newest version of ARHD and since I synced my contacts from Google this time round the phone now displays them as XXX-XXX-XXXXX rather than XXXXXXXXXXX format. How can I revert them all yo UK format? By the way when I make a call the phone converts them to uk format, they are...
  12. noisy_lightning

    Thread Wifi only & Disable GSM?

    Guys I am going away with work for four months somewhere which will cost me fortune to use my phone. That said I want to take it with me use it as a tablet of sorts as I have access to wifi. I know I can turn off mobile data, but can I disable the GSM modem too. Basically I want airplane mode...
  13. noisy_lightning

    Thread Ace Hack Kit & ARHD 6.1.2

    Hi guys, I think this is probably a simple fix but I am new to all this so best to ask. Today I took my first steps into custom roms after a month or so of reading about them. Today I bit the bullet and using the AHK I rooted my phone, and then flashed ARHD. All went well, the ROM installed...
  14. noisy_lightning

    Thread SMS Number Log

    I was wondering if there is an SMS activity log somewhere on the DHD like there is on a whole bunch of other android phones. I could do with the telephone number of a text message I received but deleted without thinking! If I could find a log then I could get the number? I'm not interested in...
  15. noisy_lightning

    Thread [Q] Marketplace Account Switch

    I have just installed the leaked GB rom and its all gone fine and is running perfectly expect the market. I have two googlemail accounts (for the ease of explanation here A & B) All my market purchases and downloaded are stored under account A, but for some reason if I go to the market there...
  16. noisy_lightning

    Thread [Q] Dead microSD?

    Woke up this morning and my live wallpaper which uses my camera photos has stopped working, I also had a notification saying my SD card has unexpectedly unmounted. Its done this before when I had not put in in correctly, so I powered the phone down and removed and reinstered the card, then...
  17. noisy_lightning

    Thread Weather Location

    I can only think that this is linked to my gmail account somehow as I shall explain now. Before my DHD I had an iPhone and lived in a place called Corsham, I since moved to Lincoln which is 150 miles away, my DHD has never been to Corsham and yet it keeps defaulting to Corsham for my location...
  18. noisy_lightning

    Thread [Q] Market Update Notifications and Auto Update

    I have the Market setup to show me when updates are available and I have pretty much most of my apps set to allow auto-update. The only notifications I ever get are when I reboot my phone (not just shutdown as I have quick boot on, but a full reboot) Then the market comes up and will tell me if...