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    Post vGet Referral Exchange

    just used the one above me ;) KFSKJ5UB - - thanks!
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    Post [ROM] InsertCoin 8.1.3 | ROM Kontrol - Tweaks | myHUB | Stable| Performance | Sense 5.5 | Android 4.4.2 | 4.19.401.11 | INT | ATT | TMO WiFi Calling

    Is there any way to disable horizontal quick settings? One option is enough for me :p Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk 4
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    Post [Script] Super CID for HTC S-Off Devices

    Just wanted to come in, a warning in the OP might be in order. First off, there's absolutely -zero- reason for you to change CID on your phone. S-OFF provides all you need, unsigned RUU flashes, firmware flashing, the works. There's zero need for you to SuperCID for that. (If all else fails...
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    Post RevOne new root method
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    What is "EARLY ACCESS PREVIEW"? We want to give you S-OFF as soon as practically possible so an early access preview release is not a polished product but it does work (mostly). It will:- * require knowledge of common android tools like adb and/or fastboot * be a command line tool * be...
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    MOD EDIT: In order to prevent undue questions and excessive off-topic I'm making this edit to the op to inform the users revone does not support HBOOT 1.54. What is "EARLY ACCESS PREVIEW"? We want to give you S-OFF as soon as practically possible so an early access preview release is not a...
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    Post My Touchstone charging case hack [UPDATE: Not Recommended]

    This seems fairly straightforward :) However, did you consider putting the coil in the actual One XL body? I have no idea how thick the coil and/or controlboard is, so I have no idea if that would even fit remotely. It would also solve the pogopin problem, as there are some pads you can solder...
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    Post [OTA] [RUU] 3.17.707.1 Android OTA 4.1.1--Evita/One XL (updated 12/29/2012)

    No need to upload.. Enjoy :)
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    Post [Kernel][SENSE][Feb 20]BeastMode Evita Plus | S2w Mpdec [Linaro -O3][Linux 3.4.11]

    @Zarboz Sent you a pull request on your bitbucket to fix powered USB OTG. Works for me :)
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    Post [TOOL]TF201 NVFLash [Updated 21. July]

    1. Take head 2. Bash against wall. 3. Read the guide again, especially the part detailing where to run nvflash from.
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    Post [DEV][Tool]TF300 NVFlash - Testers required!

    We expect you to: a) be on IRC so we can talk to you. b) be on the ICS bootloader, and have not accepted the official OTA for JB (because this includes the new bootloader) c) flash a custom bootloader as per our instructions (pre-tested) d) generate nvflash blobs that you will be able to use to...
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    Post Wheelie: Nvflash for ASUS Transformer B70+ [Updated 31-05-2012]

    You can do anything with nvflash, just like on sbkv1. Wheelie is "pre-flight", so it just sets everything up in order to be able to use normal nvflash in resume mode (-r). other than that, the rest is identical (normal nvflash usage).
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    Post Runnymede S-OFF

    First of all, I wasn't talking to you. I was responding literally to accusations of the person above, which are not true. Second, I have never asked you to create a donation thread, nor have I asked for anything from you. Exploit finding is not an exact science, which literally means that I...
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    Post Runnymede S-OFF

    What the hell are you on about? I don't even know who you, or this paul.robo are. Sorry, you fail to make any sense.
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    Post [Q] Will be possible in future S-OFF?

    Might as well reply here, then. The One X is a completely different architecture (nvidia tegra), with it's own set of restrictions/security measures. Therefore, it felt it was not wise to get peoples' hopes up, and simply said it's 'unlikely'. There's really no point in asking for 'plans', you...
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    Post [Q] How can I change H icon to 4G?

    T-Mobile's HSPA+ network isn't 4G. Officially, it's just 3G. (Some call it 3.5G) So what you're seeing is switching from UMTS (3G) to HSPA+. (3.5G, if you will) The term '4G' is reserved for next generation mobile networking technologies, like WiMAX and LTE. So as such, the display is 100%...
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    Post [INFO]Please download Latest/Official CWM v5.8.2.0

    Yes, you're welcome. (see the Androidroot github for our modified kernel base that allows this, by exposing boot and recovery partition)
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    Thread ClockworkMod Recovery for TFP

    Hi! Seeing as Asus released the unlock tool for the Transformer Prime, we made a Clockworkmod Recovery image for it. One caveat: This uses the internal sdcard for the Prime. So you won't be able to mount usb mass storage, or use the MicroSD. But that should not be too much of an issue...
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    Post Everything S-OFF - Think tank, General information, Q&A

    Yes, but I would suggest not randomly donating for an Amaze device, but instead somewhere to keep track, like a thread. Besides that, I need to stress, a donation does not guarantee a S-OFF method/procedure within X days. It all comes down to research and time investment. I have absolutely no...
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    Post Everything S-OFF - Think tank, General information, Q&A

    Nobody said we don't want to help, but we have no Amaze. Next to "being willing to help", exploit finding isn't exactly an exact science, you know. "tried talking to them" ? You mean the 3 line IRC chat conversation I had with him, about him having an assorted collection of hboots for Amaze...
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    Post Official ASUS Thread - Serial Number Not Found

    just press "Update List" in the menu. At least, that worked for mine. Did you wipe data for DMClient and reboot/check updates? Seems like the smart thing to do. If all of that doesn't work, then the 'no serial number' is just a symptom of Asus not having these serial numbers provisioned in...
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    Post Official ASUS Thread - Serial Number Not Found

    Also, did people applying ratchet try to wipe data (preferably erase userdata, but..) on the DMClient app, and then reboot/checking for updates? I would not be surprised if this app cached the 'unknown serial number' somehow. I'm pretty sure there was this URL you could visit from your device...
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    Post [DEV] HTC Sensation & HTC Sensation XE firmware | Partitions Info | [11.07.2012]

    Quick update: Since losing the unlocked bootloader itself is a Bad Thing [tm] (and I wanted to flash the 3.24 ROM) I patched up HBOOT 1.27.0000. Packaged it up nicely with the 3.24 firmware: 3.24 PG58IMG zip with Revolutionary-patched HBOOT. Enjoy.
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    Post S-OFF without XTC-Clip discussion/ideas/conclusions

    Opening MTD blocks and writing to them has nothing to do with hboot in itself. These block devices are protected on a hardware level, eg, NAND RW protection. In radio nvram, to be exact. HBOOT has control over the handset by setting hardware flags (such as above mentioned NAND locks) whenever...
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    Post Free 50GB Storage Box Account

    *drumroll* ief [at] alpharev [dot] nl Thanks bud.
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    Post [Tool]Razorclaw - One click Root for all ASUS Transformers, 3G and Slider(25-12-2011)

    If you're not going to tell us what ROM version you're running, this is pointless. Tested ROM versions are in the OP, anything else for TF101(G) will NOT work.
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    Post Revolutionary - zergRush local root 2.2/2.3 [22-10: Samsung/SE update]

    Try with the current version ! :)
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    Post Revolutionary - zergRush local root 2.2/2.3 [22-10: Samsung/SE update]

    Try again on the latest version, this version contains fixes for SE phones.
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    Post Revolutionary - zergRush local root 2.2/2.3 [22-10: Samsung/SE update]

    You may need to create /data/local/tmp first. Also, if you've already ran this once, you might need to clean up this directory - remove boomsh/sh.
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    Post [Guide] to Installing Unlocked BootLoader [10/13/11] | UPDATED |

    @OP: Change the thread title to "Unlocking bootloader by htcdev", S-OFF is misleading, and a whole different ballgame. This is *not* S-OFF.
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    Post Info Mining my Jetstream (hopefully helping devs root it)

    fastboot oem saveprt2sd hboot -n eng.bin That will pretty much save the current ENG hboot to your sdcard (which you'd need inserted), so you can upload. But, as with many factory/eng S-OFF devices, they are of little use in exploiting S-ON.
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    Thread Revolutionary - zergRush local root 2.2/2.3 [22-10: Samsung/SE update]

    Hello! We would like to announce the public availability of the root exploit we use in Revolutionary, named zergRush. This local root exploit should be Android-wide, across Froyo (2.2) and Gingerbread (2.3). However, this will not work on Android Honeycomb and up (3.0+). Simultaneously, we're...
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    Post [q] hboot 1.16.0000 soff?

    I'm looking for the RUU to this software version (which has HBOOT 1.16 included). The OTA update URL is also fine.. someone grab it for me?
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    Post [ROM] HTC Sensation XE 1.73.401.4 | Stock | Rooted | 29/11/2011

    Mind linking me the hboot over PM (or the RUU for that matter) so I can check this new version for revolutionary? thanks.
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    Post [Q] Root / Unlock Australian Evo 3D (Vodaphone or Telstra)

    I'd like to dump both HBOOTs. We can schedule ssh or teamviewer session so I can obtain these dumps. As an aside, we don't use fre3vo anymore. Fre3vo was patched in all the latest GB roms.
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    Post [Q] Sensation (Pyramid) Bricked after Revolutionary (its not batt. drain)

    There's literally one explanation: you corrupted hboot during flashing. Great job. No offense, but that's what you get for just blatantly pulling the battery. There's no fix for it, as qcom dl mode can't flash hboot. Go for warranty, and hope for the best.
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    Post [Unlock Boatloader] 01-09-2011 Official HTC instructions online today for Sensation

    Phones don't come stock unlocked. You would still have to follow the HTC procedure to actually get the bootloader unlocked (and only that). That is just as fast as running revolutionary, whereas revolutionary is less effort (as everything is automated). Hell, it even downloads and flashes...
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    Post [Unlock Boatloader] 01-09-2011 Official HTC instructions online today for Sensation

    Not true. Revolutionary sets radio s-off. And that is permanent. Even if you switch to a full stock ROM + locked hboot, signature checking is still disabled. Bullshit. Our (patched) HBOOT is SHIP hboot with FULL fastboot features. Erase/flash/boot any partition you want. The same is not true...
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    Post [UPDATE] Rooted US/(WW) Transformers to

    That is just because you have a different kernel installed, the kernel module is different because of that. Put the stock kernel + wifi module back, and it should work. On that note, tested fine on my rooted WW.
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    Post ***BOUNTY FOR ROOTING S-ON FLYER*** Promised $935 **$700 collected***

    Yes, that is fine. I created a specific link for this thread: Flyer bounty
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    Post ***BOUNTY FOR ROOTING S-ON FLYER*** Promised $935 **$700 collected***

    Express/Flyer support will be in the to-be-released 0.3 beta for AlphaRevX, soon'ish. So everyone will be able to follow steps, given they participate in our beta (but I feel most of you will :cool:) In regards to the 'beta' part, we don't release anything unless pretested a few times. Our...
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    Post ***BOUNTY FOR ROOTING S-ON FLYER*** Promised $935 **$700 collected***

    The express (view) is directly related to the Flyer, it's just a different board. Anyone up for internal testing for S-OFF on Flyer (latest OTA, 2.0)? Get on IRC: #alpharev , or just query me there, IEF.
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    Post Just got I take the OTA?

    Don't worry, the latest OTA (for now) using HBOOT 1.40 has been tested sucessfully. So this works. 1.13.651.7 is (as I understand it), the latest OTA, and works fine.
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    Post Sensation given S-Off by AlphaRev, Evo 3D coming soon? (Confirmed yes)

    No idea where 'Sunday' is coming from. We never said that. At the same time, a lot of work will be put in over the weekend and beginning of next week, and that may or may not result in something that's releasable. That said, as soon as we know when we will release, you'll know. There's really...
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    Post Is the Sensation Worth Getting?

    Easily worth the upgrade due to the much, much newer architecture. Even locked it has *AWESOME* written all over it. There's no development on Sensation right now, as the means to unlock it has yet to be released. This is (along with the Evo3D) HTC's new flagship, so it's bound to have proper...