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    Thread [Project] Bring back the Spotify Widget

    Recently Spotify decided to remove their Widget for whatever reason. Luckily with Tasker you can bring it back! Check it out! Q7vqWXu3YJg Just import the project from here and follow the instructions at the same link and you’ll have the Spotify widget back in no time! As a bonus you can...
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    Thread [Project] Chat Heads For Any App

    IMPORTANT: You need these for this to work: Tasker AutoNotification AutoTools You know how some apps allow you to create floating bubbles (chat heads) when you receive a chat from one of your contacts? Would you like to have that available for all chat apps? Check it out! XFzB8XFeaxY Import...
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    Thread [Project] Air Gestures to control your phone

    With the announcement of the new gestures feature for the Pixel 4 I thought: "I should try something similar with Tasker". Here it is! :) uh6njfDLP-0 It's obviously less precise because you don't have all the extra sensors needed for accurate gestures, but on the other hand it's infinitely...
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    Thread [Project] Launch Google Assistant In Different Modes (root needed for most)

    Turns out that the Google Assistant has a bunch of different ways that it can be launched. With Tasker you can easily launch it in these various ways! Check out the demo video: mAuw2E_EUd0 You can download the project for these here. Enjoy! :)
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    Thread [Project] Bring back the old Android Ticker even on Android 8 and above!

    IMPORTANT: You need these for this to work: Tasker beta AutoNotification Beta AutoTools Links are in the Taskernet link. Remember the old Android ticker? You can now bring it back with Tasker! Check it out: _RpDQ81PaHg You can import the project here and play around with it...