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  1. ztotherad

    Thread Question Newest Tmo modem for Android 12

    anyone got the latest modem file for Android 12 on Tmo from the latest update? I'm on global and still on android 11, but want to update without going back to tmo OR does anyone have a full copy of the newest t-mobile update? I don't want to flash back to t-mobile and then go back to EU again...
  2. ztotherad

    Thread Question treble [Closed]

    is the oneplus 9 pro supported by the treble project? thank you hallo dare oneplus 9 pro isnt supported by treble
  3. ztotherad

    Thread Question OOS

    kept getting an error when trying to install the newest update in TWRP.
  4. ztotherad

    Thread Question dumb question

    so do i need to flash my tmo variant to the EU software or can i flash it to global?
  5. ztotherad

    Thread Worth it?

    I've got a OPO 7pro, is this phone worth it as an upgrade? give me your honest opinion please
  6. ztotherad

    Thread Decrypt DM Verity zip

    I've googled this and found the link but it appears dead. does anyone have the zip that they'd want to share? thanks in advance!
  7. ztotherad

    Thread Decryption

    if i decrypted my device and still kept OOS, would it try to encrypt the device?
  8. ztotherad

    Thread boot.img for international 9.5.11

    anyone have the original boot.img for international 9.5.11 GM21AA?
  9. ztotherad

    Thread if unlock and root tmobile opo7pro

    if i root and unlock my bootloader, will i be able to set it all back to stock without tmobile knowing? sorry if this question has been asked before, just wanna be cautious thanks in advance!
  10. ztotherad

    Thread xda news today
  11. ztotherad

    Thread random thought

    I'm not a developer, but ran across this while surfing xda. I realize that the pixel isn't a Moto device, but could someone take this example and fix it for the pixels that are locked tight? Link (concept): Moto G4 Play Amazon bootloader/root What they're using for example/to gain root...
  12. ztotherad

    Thread VZW Model of HTC U11?

    Do you think that the HTC U11 will be released on VZW's website or do we have to order it for the $650 from HTC? I personally hope it's released on VZW's website seeing as I can't afford to pay $650+ for a phone and otherwise I'm out of newer phone choses unless I choose the evil side and go for...
  13. ztotherad

    Thread can we install a sprint note 2 rom (touchwiz) on the i605?

    i understand that the sprint n2 data partition is different, but if we changed that mount point within the install script could we feasibly install it and it work after we flashed the config file as well? i know this is probably a dumb question, but it was one that came to my mind after...
  14. ztotherad

    Thread [SOLVED]vzw patch for international roms[SOLVED]

    anyone have the vzw patch for international roms? i can't seem to find a working link. TIA EDIT: nevermind guys, I found the correct patch file in another thread with a complete link. Thanks though! Mods please delete as this thread isn't relevant anymore.
  15. ztotherad

    Thread [Q]Okay, so potential stupid question

    so I odined my vzw note II back to stock using the alt tar package. It booted up fine, but then I rebooted back into recovery (stock android) and stupidly, or curiously... flashed the CWM Touch 6.0.32 recovery image in recovery, it attempted to reboot, but nothing. All I'm getting is a dim red...
  16. ztotherad

    Thread I'm just going to leave this here....

    Nitro has a little treat for us. go here to find it:
  17. ztotherad

    Thread build cm10.1 kernel

    anyone know if it's feasible to build the cm10.1 kernel without syncing the entire source? I've tried googling it numerous times but nothing came up pertaining to it. i did however find how to build the cm9 kernel without syncing the entire source, bit couldn't get it to build... thanks if...
  18. ztotherad

    Thread inverted 4.2.2 mms.apk?

    anyone have one or know where I can get one? thanks on advance!
  19. ztotherad

    Thread anyone having problems with backups on twrp?

    I can't backup without it saying ".md5 error" or "can't generate md5" I'm not sure what's going on, exactly. so just wondering if anyone else has had this problem
  20. ztotherad

    Thread Modem deltas for VZW fascinate?

    hey I'm looking to see if anyone has the modem delta zips for the vzw fascinate. I've checked the thread, but the zips are uploaded to multiupload and that site looks like it's been taken down. thanks in advance!
  21. ztotherad

    Thread cwm flashable radios

    why isn't a cwm flashable radio package ever been created? are we not sure where the radio is flashed to on the vzw fascinate? I think it'd be easier to flash a radio on the go, especially when the one you had on your phone crashed or something.
  22. ztotherad

    Thread anyone have any amazing deals on extended batteries?

    my fascinate's battery is crapping out on me unfortunately. so i wanna buy a 1800 battery for it. i don't want something huge where i need a new cover for it or anything.
  23. ztotherad

    Thread hey mx2 guys!

    if possible, can i get one of you to upload a newer stock 2.3.5/2.3.6 nandroid that has been wiped of your user data? i want to take over the mx2 port for the dx2, but i also need your help! if you can upload one thats been wiped of your data and has root access ill be grateful thanks in advance!
  24. ztotherad

    Thread so Vache's SBK generator site is down or whatever

    anyone have a SBK generator or know of another one?
  25. ztotherad

    Thread so why is there no modems..

    that fascinate (VZW) users can flash via CWM? is it possible to make on easily? id like to be able to flash via CWM and see if that fixes problems on ported ROMs im trying to use for personal use
  26. ztotherad

    Thread So who would use an ICS odexed ROM?

    as long as I can get it ported/built I'm planning on bringing over an odexed ROM. I'm not sure which one yet, but I just wanted feedback. Thanks!
  27. ztotherad

    Thread can the fascinate run the captivate's kernels?

    i think i know the answer, but wanted to double check
  28. ztotherad

    Thread so i think ima go crazy with my x2

    i have some ideas on what i want to try with the x2, but feedback would greatly be appreciated on what you wanted to do to the x2, but cant cause its your current phone and you dont want to brick it
  29. ztotherad

    Thread whats your CPU/GPU OC/UV to?

    just a random question, but im very curious to know & see what the safest levels are. mines OC'd to 1430 and UV'd to 440 on AOKP build 35.1 glitched
  30. ztotherad

    Thread What's the difference between AOKP-glitched and a rom flashed with the glitch kernel?

    instead of creating a new thread, I'd edit my old one and ask this question. I was just curious what the big differences are really. Thanks and sorry for all the idiotic questions.
  31. ztotherad

    Thread Is it possible to use another phones kernel...

    I ask because I like IcyGlitch, but there a lot of other kernels out there for samsung and I want to try another ICS AOSP kernel, so I didn't know if we can use a GNex kernel or another sammy phones kernel. Thanks.
  32. ztotherad

    Thread question about GB bootloader

    when you flash to stock GB (EH09, i believe [2.3.5]) do you have the gb bootloader or not? Sent from my SCH-I500 using XDA
  33. ztotherad

    Thread Anyone still have the ROM:

    Awesome Sauce v3? I can't download it on rootz so I figured I'd ask here if anyone had the zip and could upload it for me. Thanks. :)
  34. ztotherad

    Thread Is there not a fully functional Miui for the fassy?

    I want to try M4, but I want certain things to work, and it doesn't seem like there's any M4 ROM that fully works out of box, unless I'm missing something. I've tried all of the ICS ROMS thus far and really enjoy them, but on my DX2, I reallllly enjoyed Miui (not because I'm an apple fanboy) so...
  35. ztotherad

    Thread okay, so I got a used fascinate...

    and it was on 2.2.1 i believe, now I'm on 2.2.2 but want to go to GB. the only problem is I didn't make a backup of the stock and can't seem to find a reliable GB update zip online. Does anyone have any ideas on where I can find one?
  36. ztotherad

    Thread whats the best ICS rom?

    1-10 w 1 being worst & 10 being effin rad im getting a fassy soon, sick w the droid x2 and i cant wait to root and stuff so i need your opinion. this is also my first samsung device Sent from my DROID X2 using XDA
  37. ztotherad

    Thread how good is the stock battery life?

    im buying a fascinate and coming from a locked down droid x2 i was wondering how good the battery life is on the stock oem battery with a kernel replacement and OC with screen on & UV (possible) with screen off Sent from my DROID X2 using XDA
  38. ztotherad

    Thread is there any problems..

    is there any problems with the fassy that i may experience? music skips, overheating, batt bug, etc? Sent from my DROID X2 using XDA
  39. ztotherad

    Thread anyone have a fascinate?

    pm or whatever, I definitely want one I know this is the wrong forum Sent from my DROID X2 using XDA
  40. ztotherad

    Thread if i install the latest ics leak...

    do i need to unlock the bootloader again? i want to flash the 0.31 ics leak, but would i have to unlock it again?
  41. ztotherad

    Thread Kernels

    can someone list which kernels work with the 0.014 ICS update for the a500? im sick of the stock kernel that came with cm9, i believe and want to flash another one. my tabs unlocked, cm9 installed, but is laggy so i think OC'ing it may help a tad. ty in advanced as im new to the world of...
  42. ztotherad

    Thread so somehow i broke my recovery..

    im on cm9 w/o gapps and thats as far as ive gotten w it, do i have to fastboot my recovery again? it wont let me reinstall it w acer recovery nor cwm so i think my only option is to fastboot my recovery again.. any ideas?
  43. ztotherad

    Thread cant flash aokp

    im not sure what ive done wrong or anything, ive flashed the new ICS update (0.09, i believe) and i think ive unlocked the bootloader on it, haha sorry im not very helpful, but i figured id post it here asking for help, or be redirected to another forum or something ty! Sent from my Milestone...
  44. ztotherad

    Thread can you load another kernel onto the x?

    yes i realize im posting from the x2, but im looking to buy a droid x. i was just curious if you can flash a different kernel with the rom of your choice Sent from my DROID X2 using XDA
  45. ztotherad

    Thread [REQ]if I upload my framework-res.apk...

    can someone take it make it read 1% battery increments for me? I'll upload anything else you need as well. I've tried and tried to do this, but I can't, for some ungodly reason, I can't get the freakin' thing to work... thank you if someone does this edit: the "" contains...
  46. ztotherad

    Thread anyone know when the contract ends?

    the contract im talking about is the one between motorola and vzw
  47. ztotherad

    Thread [Q]Possible to unlock bootloader...

    on the Acer_AV041_A500_0.014.00_WW_GEN1 leak? That's ICS btw, I can't find anything about that leak unfortunately.
  48. ztotherad

    Thread Anyone have the froyo-based eclipse ROMs?

    I want to see what the old eclipse looked like, plus I need more ROMS for my froyo x2. I know I know, I should be on GB, but I can't get away from froyo, the icons are simplistic and beautiful.
  49. ztotherad

    Thread [Q]Yet another question.

    I know you guys are getting sick of seeing these from me, haha. anyway, does anyone have the old froyo based eclipse ROMs? and can upload one or two for me? I'm running 2.2.2 right now and I'm on CorteX2 and want to see eclipse in it's earlier form.
  50. ztotherad

    Thread [OFF-TOPIC]So, I sbf'd back to 2.2...

    and i've come to the conclusion that I really do love the froyo icons, but I'd like to incorporate them into GB. is there a way to do this?