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  1. pavstar619

    Thread [HELP] USB Tethering Not Working on Samsung J7

    Hope I'm posting in the right place. USB Tethering's not working on my J700H 2015 Edition. Already tried resetting APN to "Default"~~ Doesnt Work. I'm using stock ROM and stock Kernel. And yeah my phone's rooted but that should not be factor i hope :cowboy:
  2. pavstar619

    Thread [Guide] Running Viper4Android on Samsung J7

    Hey everyone, this guide's mostly for Samsung J7 Users running on 5.1.1: (Skip steps if you've done them :p) *BusyBox app needed to run Viper4Android: *Download the Custom Kernel V2 from this thread and flash with TWRP, wipe cache/dalvik, reboot...
  3. pavstar619

    Thread [FIX] Samsung J7 Custom Binary blocked by FRP Lock

    Hi guys, since I tend to do a lot of rooting stuff this was the first time it EVER happened to me. Same thing happened to Samsung S6 Users as far as googled, here's a link: So basically if...
  4. pavstar619

    Thread OFFLINE Maps Directory on Lumia?

    I know there is a way to save maps to sdcard using WPTweaker but I was wondering if I could copy the already downloaded maps stored in my phone directory to my PC. If so, could someone kindly tell me the filepath when connected to PC? Thanks in advance :fingers-crossed:. I'm using 640 XL, full...