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    Post Battlefield Commander

    New commander Place files: storage>android>obb Here you go, tested and working on Nexus 5 (I cant post outside links so there is space co. nz) BF Commander 2.2.0 + Data nz/#!Mh42jQoZ!P6NlAHhGTXF2FtGOZuVq_uUvzL5eTXDx0GqoZsXz43M :fingers-crossed:
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    Post Smart Cover Auto Wake up casing?

    2556266229433 Case with Smart wake up. Ordered this but didn't even know it had that feature. Took time to arrive to Europe from China but worth the wait. Search ebay: MOFI Slim PU Leather Smart Sleep/Wake up Stand Case Cover for LG Google Nexus 5
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    Post [ROM][Huawei U8120]Android 2.3.7 - Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 RC2 (09-01-2013)

    If I'm on update 11, should I install the updates from 12-13 or can I just go straight to update 14?