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    Thread Question Tab S8 Ultra constant popups when charging.

    I bought a HEYMIX 45W GaN PD Wall Charger, 30W USB C Fast Charger, Max48W Dual-Port Quick Charger AU Plug, Compatible with Galaxy S21/S20/10, iPhone 13/12 Pro Ma (thats a mouthful) for this tablet but i have an annoying issue since I started using it. I have constant popups showing the charge %...
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    Thread Notifications on lockscreen

    G'day, I take a lot of meds during the day and have an app that has never let me down give me notifications butt since I got the S7+ the app (and all others) don't show notifications on the lockscreen, wake the lockscreen I haven't used Samsung for a few years so I could be missing something...
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    Thread Apps to freeze

    Just bought a S7+, first Samsung phone / tablet in a few years, been using other brands. Last Samsung I had, rooting and roms where the way to go. But wow have things changed. Bixby was a pain in the butt app you froze straight away. Now looking at stuff to freeze I have no idea what to do...
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    Thread Can't change lockscreen wallpaper

    G'day, i'm having this weird problem, that I can't change my lockscreen wallpaper to any pics i have on the phone. When I try to I get the same error everytime "the theme does not allow changing this wallpaper" I have tried changing themes, using default etc but nothing works Any help...
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    Thread Oppo Find X2 Pro location issue

    I have a very annoying issue with my Oppo Find X2 Pro and that is the location doesn't change. The weather app stays on the area that I am originally located and the camera watermark doesn't show location. I have auto location turned on in settings and the setting for improved location and...
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    Thread Waiting for wifi connection errror

    I have a Oppo Find X2 Pro and am having trouble with the camera app, when you try to use stickers, most need a wifi connection (i presume to download) but can't download even though I have wifi on all that time. I constantly get a pop up saying unable to connect even when camera is closed...
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    Thread Lockscreen clock

    Just had this phone a couple days and love it but it's a bit of a learning curve from other phones lol. Just wondering if there is anyway to change the design of the lockscreen clock? Any help appreciated
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    Thread Restore Titanium backups without Root

    I just recieved my Mate 10 Pro BLA-L09 today and after a few hours playing etc I have decided to restore all my all from my previous phones. Problem is this is the only phone I've ever had without being able to root so I am wondering if there is a way to restore all my backups made with...
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    Thread Can't seem to install roms in T813

    I can't seem to install roms on my SM-T813 phone. I have the latest firmware - T813XXS2BRC2_T813OXA2BRB2_DBT TWRP - twrp_3.1.0-1_sm-t813_14417n or twrp-3.2.1-0-gts210vewifi.img. If I try to install a 7.1 rom I get either an error 7 message in TWRP or the rom will install but not reboot past...
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    Thread Are there any roms for the SM T819Y?

    cancel that it turned out to be a SM-T813
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    Thread Camera issue with various ROMS

    Lately I've been having a weird issue with my camera, stock or modded on any rom. When I open the camera and press on the little smiling emoji, it opens the screen like it should but there is nothing on it, no icons etc. If when the screen is opened and i press the + button i get a message...
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    Thread Phone rings but only once?

    I have BatRom installed although i don't know if the issue is only related to that. When someone rings me the ringtone only plays once (have tried multiple tones) even though the phone is still ringing albeit with no sound. Any help appreciated
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    Thread Am I blind or missing something, Edge Screen gone

    One thing I am missing on the S8 from the S7 (apart from the camera with movement photo's) is the Edge Screen. I really like that and the feeds, especially at night seeing what the time is etc but even though the edge screen is in the s8 it doesn't seem to work like it did on the S7 with times...
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    Thread Rooting gone wrong on G950F

    I just received my S8 G950F and of course like everyother phone I've had I rooted it ( using CF-Auto-Root-dreamlte-dreamltexx-smg950f.tar) and then twrp-3.1.0-1 followed by no-verity-opt-encrypt-5.1. When I go into recovery I get the can't mount storage, failed to mount /data (invalid...
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    Thread TW rom for T815Y?

    I'm waiting for my T819Y to arrive and getting prepared with roms, mods, xposed etc like with all phone orders lol. But I can't find a TW based rom for this model, is there one? Sorry I got the model numbers wrong it is the T819Y not that it makes a difference in this case.
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    Thread Can't install roms

    I just relegated back to borrowing my other halfs old S5 so I immediately did what we do and upgraded firmware to latest, rooted using CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltedd-smg900i.tar then installed twrp-3.1.0-0-klte.img. This all worked well, but as soon as I tried to install a rom Phoenix, Red's Revenge...
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    Thread Camera issue after changing font size

    I changed my font size using settings in Display to a smaller size, now I can't see the button you press on the camera to take photo's. I tried wiping cache etc but that didn't help, changing the font back to standard didn't help. When I changed the font to medium it fixed it but that made the...
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    Thread Wipe anything in TWRP causes many Fails

    I have installed TWRP and SuperSU following instructions here and it all works but If I try to install any zips or do any sort of wiping i get a list of error messages : Could not mount /data and unable to find crypto footer. Failed to mount '/data' (invalid arguement) Unable to recreate...
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    Thread People can ring me but can't hear me

    I have this problem with my Note 7, with TWRP installed and SuperSU but everything else stock. People can ring me and I can hear them but they can't hear me talking back. Any help appreciated please. I have tried factory resetting like mentioned below I can't Factory Reset or wipe caches or...
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    Thread Landscape boot animations for T805Y?

    I've been trying to find boot animations for my T805Y but can't find any anywhere, especially in landscape mode. Does anyone have any or know where I can get some please?
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    Thread Can't change read/write permission on system folder

    I have always liked to change the read/write permissions on System/Media/audio/ui so that I can delete a couple of the sounds and then copy some from my sdcard to replace them, usually I use Rom ToolBox but since I got my S7 Edge I can't do it anymore regardless of the ROM. I was wondering if...
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    Thread Here's help for Titanium not backing up to External SDCard.

    I have this problem since I got this phone, after looking for ages for an answer and going through heaps that didn't work I found this on another forum and figured I would post it here, hope it's ok to do this and that it helps others.
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    Thread Can't upgrade SM-N9005 to lollipop

    I have an Australian SM-N9005 that I want to upgrade to lollipop. I have done this a few other times without incidence on other Samsung phones but this one won't do it. There isn't any Australian 5.0 firmwares so I have tried the Taiwan and Hong Kong firmwares from SamMobile but I get this...
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    Thread [Q] .ogg file quality?

    I would like to change some of the .ogg files in the "ui" folder but I don't know what quality to make them so they sound the same as the ones already in there. Any help would be appreciated please
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    Thread Trouble with keyboards

    I have the 915G and am having troubles with using keyboards other than the one that comes standard. The problem is clicking any button on the left side 1, q, a are very hit and miss which is very annoying, my preferred keyboard is Smart Keyboard Pro which does it, have tried others and they do...
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    Thread Problem with 64gig Samsung class 10 sdcard

    I am using a Samsung Class 10 64gig sdcard and it has been working well but all of a sudden even though it shows as 58gig on the phone it only shows as 236kb on the pc when using it through a card reader. I have tried to format using guiformat, SDFormatterv4 & HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool...
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    Thread Can't update apps on Play Store

    The last two days I can't update apps from the Play Store, I can search for an app and download it but I can't load up my apps and then update them. Have tried DN3 (on this I can load my apps but not update), Jedi X20 & W03 SlimRom, all with full clean installs Any help appreciated
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    Thread [Q] Extended battery issues

    My other half's standard battery pretty well gave up so I bought her a Extended Battery With Battery Cover For Samsung Galaxy S3 ( 3500mAH, 3.7V ) and it doesn't seem to have made any difference at all to what she was originally getting out of the standard battery I was wondering if maybe just...
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    Thread [Q] Phone won't accept private numbers

    My daughter has this phone, it is rooted and has Android Revolution HD installed, she is having this problem where if someone rings with a private number it automatically goes to voicemail. She would like it so private numbers go through like normal numbers, any help would be appreciated
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    Thread MMS Trouble with all roms, help please

    I am a ROM addict, love to try new roms and updates on my Note 2 LTE, but the last couple weeks doesn't matter the rom I can't receive MMS's. I have the correct APN's backed up (Optus / Virgin) and restore them but that doesn't help My method of cleaning before installing a new rom through...
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    Thread Can't use touchwiz roms?

    I use a N7105 LTE Note 2 and love playing around with different roms like everyone else here. I've noticed that the trend seems towards roms like Avatar and Moon and Beanstalk type roms which I have no trouble running. My problem is I can't run roms like Jedi and Criskelo as I get the same...
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    Thread No wifi option in google play app?

    I have an xperia z but I don't know if this is a problem for the phone so I ask here. I noticed that the google play app doesn't have an option to download by wifi only, is there anything I can about this as in mod or something cause I really don't like downloading anything unless it is through...
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    Thread PC sees micro sd but not seeing phone

    I put an 8 gig micro sdcard in my phone, the phone uses it ok , I plugged the phone into the pc via usb and it connected properly, phone showing in My Computer but the micro sdcard is all that shows and not the phone. Any help would be greatfully appreciated
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    Thread Camera issue with JB roms

    I have been trying out JB roms lately and really them but I have a problem with my camera apps, mainly Camera FV-5 & Camera Pro. The problem is that they load fine but when looking at the screen the preview of what I am going to take the photo of is only about 2/3 size of the screen and then...
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    Thread Sudden battery loss problem

    Last week I thought I'd try [CWM]AllianceROM N7000 ICS v2.1 and it was lovely but I think I started things going wrong by flashing notecore 13 kernel cause after that the battery started going flat withing 12 to 16 hours. So I thought I would go back to faithful [ROM] Criskelo's ICS V11.2 <<...
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    Thread xda premium app question

    I got the premium app for my Galaxy Note and i was wondering if it's possible when opening it that It opens the Galaxy Note GT-N700 forums as I'm not really interested in the other forums? Any help appreciated
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    Thread question about CyanogenMod

    I want to use CyanogenMod on my N700 cause it's been bricked once and i don't want to take the chance again, I installed it and was impressed except for the contacts app, I dislike the change so much that I got rid of CyanogenMod. Is there a way to get rid of the CyanogenMod version contacts...
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    Thread Does Samsung refuse service?

    I just bricked my phone (which is on contract) a couple days ago, I took it into the closest store for the dealers I have the contract through and they sent it to be fixed. Will Samsung fix and return or could there be issues because it has been rooted and has the yellow triangle etc?
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    Thread so am I right on this

    I love playing around with my Note N700 and trying every rom, but I have become a little worried of late with bricking it. So am I right to think (after reading things said all over these forums) that no rom based on either ICS 4 is safe from bricking? Also is it true that even if you do it...
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    Thread question about [Stock Official ICS Firmwares] N7000XXLPY (4.0.3)

    I just installed the [Stock Official ICS Firmwares] N7000XXLPY (4.0.3) mentioned elsewhere here and it works like a dream but I was wondering if that means it makes all mods null now, I like the CyanogenMod & CriskeloRom but I'm not sure if they can be used now
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    Thread getting two sms's instead of one

    I just got the Incredible S a couple days ago and love it, glad I dumped my Xperia X10i for this. I have ChompSms installed and every time I get a message I get it from Chomp and the phone book, how do I stop this? Also, I imported my contacts from my sim card that I brought over from the...