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  1. sykomaniac

    Thread [App] Amazfit Sun Widget

    Amazfit Sun Widget My attempt at a very minimal sunrise and sunset time calculator ## Features - This is a Pace/Stratos/Verge Widget - Shows sunrise and sunset times in UTC with last update timestamp - Simple settings interface to fetch new location (only required if moved a large distance)...
  2. sykomaniac

    Thread [Question] Watch scratch

    Hi not a development thread so apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place. I've recently purchased a stratos and have managed to scratch the screen. Does anyone have any suggestions for repairing it? The watch shop I went too simply said post it back to the manufacturer. Thanks
  3. sykomaniac

    Thread [Guide] Switching OEMINFO versions

    I've seen a number of posts asking how to switch the oeminfo of your phone - so I decided to make a quick guide. Warning: Use this guide at your own risk. I did this on my own p20 Lite without issue but YMMV. Pre-req's Please ensure that you actually have an unlocked boot-loader Ensure that...
  4. sykomaniac

    Thread C432 single sim oeminfo

    Hi Does anyone have the single sim oemino image for the European C432 device. I have an ee specific UK variant and would like to change to the generic European firmware. I have an ANE-LX1 L01 Thanks
  5. sykomaniac

    Thread [2017-06-29] AOSiP 6.1

    Android Open Source illusion Project About us: AOSIP is a quality custom rom based purely on CAF N source. Twisted with the latest features and blended with stability. We strive for perfection and it shows. Team Illusion: Josh Fox (@xlxfoxxlx) Paul Clark(@Dabug123) Akhil...
  6. sykomaniac

    Thread Xperia home

    Hi Don't know if we can do requests but can anyone make a module for xperia home. Thanks
  7. sykomaniac

    Thread Wear app error

    Has anyone else who runs a custom ROM on their phone got this after updating to latest wear app
  8. sykomaniac

    Thread Bye bye mi4i

    Well after becoming frustrated with my mi4i and my inability to make anything build for it I've decided to jump ship back to Nexus land. Good luck guys!
  9. sykomaniac

    Thread [ROM][4.4.2][24/12/13] RasSyked

    Changes from Rascarlo builds Quiet Hours Halo Stock UI 2 Line date in expanded status bar Separate date/time clickable actions in expanded status bar Ability to centre status bar clock Immersive mode toggle Remove power menu and lock screen QS tiles KitKat audio Downloads Latest build...
  10. sykomaniac

    Thread EFS help

    Hi, First of all apologies - I know this isn't dev but I wanted to post in here hoping that someone will see this and reply quickly. I've just purchased a new nexus 5 and was about to sell my GNEX (literally later today) but have somehow managed to corrupt my <naughty word> efs partition...
  11. sykomaniac

    Thread [ROM] [4.3] [Unofficial] [23-10-2013] OmniRom

    Homepage: ================= Wiki: ================= Sources: ================= Gerrit: ================= SuperSU: =================...
  12. sykomaniac

    Thread [ROM] [JDQ39E] [AOSP] [LINARO] [SM-TOOLCHAIN-4.9.0] 4.2.2 SaberMod - 21/07/13

    Hi Maguro owners, welcome to SaberMod! Sparksco built this ROM from AOSP source and added 40+ Linaro patches to the source for strict-aliasing compiler optimizations. Roms include Linaro string handling routines for memory optimizations. No android kitchens were used to make this rom at all...
  13. sykomaniac

    Thread [ROM] [4.3] [31/10/13] BeanStalk Build 4.3.1015

    Like what you see? Click the thanks button or Donate to scott.hart.bti by clicking HERE Feature List.... Its a long one and growing every day! CM based Lockscreen background options (Colour fill, Custom image, Transparent) Customizable Lockscreen text colour Lockscreen rotation Option...
  14. sykomaniac

    Thread [ROM][05/04] Chocolate Sprinkles RootBox - Now with go faster stripes

    Description Exactly the same as RootBox :) So why the ROM? A few people have been complaining of lag so I thought I would try and fix this. As I'm the Maguro maintainer I feel I need to at least try and resolve this issue. What's different then? This ROM is built using Linaro 4.7 tool...
  15. sykomaniac

    Thread [ROM][12/02][4.2.1][AOKP/CM][Per-App-DPI][PIE] Vanilla RootBox (UNOFFICIAL) - JOP40G

    Description Please report any bugs to me in this thread/PM with a logcat or detailed description of what caused the error. All credits go the the Rootbox team. Original thread here: RootBox Description Vanilla RootBox is built straight...
  16. sykomaniac

    Thread [ROM] [4.2.2] [AOKP/CM/PA] Maguro Vanilla RootBox [21/05] [v4] [Per-App-DPI] [PIE]

    Description Vanilla RootBox is built straight from RootBox sources and always carries a very light installation with no extra/useless apps. This means, you can enjoy a pure Android experience combined with AOKP/CM features and some CM cherry-picks. Keep in mind Jelly Bean is only at the...
  17. sykomaniac

    Thread Themers - Team EOS needs you

    TEAM EOS NEEDS YOU Calling all themers - Team EOS is looking for a talented graphics designer. Could this be you? The initial mission brief is to produce some kick-ass EOS Control Centre icons and EOS wallpapers. More information: - Everything submitted must be your own work - this is...
  18. sykomaniac

    Thread Themers - Team EOS needs you

    TEAM EOS NEEDS YOU Calling all themers - Team EOS is looking for a talented graphics designer. Could this be you? The initial mission brief is to produce some kick-ass EOS Control Centre icons and EOS wallpapers. More information: - Everything submitted must be your own work - this is...
  19. sykomaniac

    Thread 4.1.1 Binaries are out
  20. sykomaniac

    Thread [ROM - JRO03H - Updated: 07/08/2012] AOKP Kang - Final build

    I got sick of the Galaxy Nexus having AOKP but not us left on the Nexus S - so here is my AOKP Jelly Bean Kang (built from source). What's been picked? - Latest source 07/08/2012 - Use new default Crespo kernel for AOKP - Lockscreen battery percent - Quick pin unlock - Sound icon in RC - Flip...
  21. sykomaniac

    Thread [ROM] {12/07/2012} RCMP Kang - CM9 + Salad Bar ||| {06/07/2012} Cherry pick build

    [ROM] - RCMP Kang - Final ICS build Download: - Google Drive Download: - Mediafire Checksum: 3f10ea1f2b8479000b34236522d7123b What you get: - CyanogenMod 9 base - Bottom statusbar -...
  22. sykomaniac

    Thread [REQ] Provision rom port

    I saw that paranoid android was ported based on a request so heres mine... Basically I like the look of the provision rom found here: Anyone up for porting?
  23. sykomaniac

    Thread [Live Wallpaper GUMMY] Gummy Beam - APK attached

    Here is an awesome live wallpaper from the new Gummy ROM. I'm only posting it as some people probably won't even try this ROM. ALL credits to the GUMMY team!!!
  24. sykomaniac

    Thread [Q] CM7 Lockscreen call icons

    Hi everyone, I recently made a metamorph for my lock screen. I updated to the latest CM7 nightly for desire, which has options to chose lock screen answer/reject call style. I re-applied my metamorph (updating it first to work with the new nightly). I set the style to sliding tab and got my...
  25. sykomaniac

    Thread [03/06] Hinted White Lockscreen - Official Gas update

    If you are a fan of ClassicalGas's work (e.g. you use his JAMT theme chooser theme) and would like to use one of his lockscreen's then look no further: Gas has updated the theme for use on CM7. Here are the instructions from his site...
  26. sykomaniac

    Thread [APP-Updated 22/07/2011] 3D contact v0.93B - Makes searching for contacts sexy!

    3D Contact App v0.93B New update available in market (Minecraft bug over) :) 3D Contact App is designed to replace the default contacts application that is included with you Android phone. It provides the same functionality as the default contact app but looks a lot slicker! Features: * 3D...