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  1. titosmaximos

    Thread Backup twrp

    Does anyone know when I get a buckup with twrp which boxes should I tick? I tried with what it gives by default, but unfortunately when I got the backup I got an error.
  2. titosmaximos

    Thread TWRP does not work the touch screen.

    After having worked hard to install TWRP, I saw that the touch screen is not working. Necessarily used OTG and mouse. Why? Does anyone know how to help?
  3. titosmaximos

    Thread Xposed for poco m3

    We know if any xposed works for poco m3 I've tried the riru but for me it does not work. Does anyone know anything?
  4. titosmaximos

    Thread unlock bootloader

    This is the first time I have bought a Chinese device! So far I have been dealing with them. Many models have passed through my hands, and I do not need to list them all. the Poco m3 I found that it takes 7 days to unlock it I imagine the company will have a reason to do something like this...
  5. titosmaximos

    Thread Dark mode for Google Translate

    Finally Dark theme for Google Translate. Of course, in my opinion, it still needs a bit of work. But as long as we got away from the bright subject (blah)
  6. titosmaximos

    Thread Android Q?

    Is there a chance to see Android Q on HTC 10? If this happens it will be happiness!???
  7. titosmaximos

    Thread Problem external sd

    I have a problem with external SD. It does not "see" the PC. Neither Windows 10 nor Linux (kubuntu) I use. Before I saw the internal memory and SD separately. I also noticed how the es file explorer I am using does not let me make a new folder on the external SD While in the internal memory...
  8. titosmaximos

    Thread S-0FF:

    I remember when I had the m7 there were some programs running with adb, (there was a "htc one tool kt") called Renove, Firewater, ant Rumnunner who made the s-off device. Is there a case to work for HTC 10?
  9. titosmaximos

    Thread Decryption after flash

    On HTC M10 I tried to change my rom from oreo 8. I dropped bootloader, installed TWRP and became root.I found this rom but since my flash says the device is encrypted, and it asks for a code.I never put...
  10. titosmaximos

    Thread problem dark theme official viper one rom

    After I ask and I'm sorry for my English, I want to ask for help for a problem. Install a rom from here all right. But when I try to install a dark theme from here the device...