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  1. crazy4jack

    Post Photo quality

    hi si there working night mode with gcam on moto g8 power?
  2. crazy4jack

    Post Overall love

    i have question cuz i know this is a problem in RN7 and RN8 but is 8PRO have same screen bleed retention problem? anyone
  3. crazy4jack

    Post Screen on time

    14h SOT possibly? i dont believe it ;)
  4. crazy4jack

    Post Low light

    can u use gcam mod? stock camera on moto is useless
  5. crazy4jack

    Post Screen on time

    lol i have only 3min per 1% battery so shot nothing near 8h SOT
  6. crazy4jack

    Post Realme 7 Google camera

    ffs dotn use any version 6 gcam mods, just use v7, u have m\any of them and im guessing many will work fine, im usiing many of them on my motorola g7 - any of those mods r not compatibile with my phone but work like a charm, justy do it your self
  7. crazy4jack

    Post Screen on time

    i have moto g7 with 3000 mAh, i have 6.:20 h on WIFI and 4:30-5 h on LTE so only 5-6 h on 5000mAh battery is garbage
  8. crazy4jack

    Post Photo quality

    so what if he use a gcam, gcam does a milions white dots on bright yellow orange surfaces
  9. crazy4jack

    Post Screen on time

    so what SOT do U have guys in 2020 im interresting ;)
  10. crazy4jack

    Post Can not install apk

    i allowed install only second method, phone was is speed of light sell, freaking chinese meta
  11. crazy4jack


    so im on stock andorid 10, is there any advatnages to go for Lineage or Pixel ROM? better battery maybe? better photos? any?
  12. crazy4jack

    Post Can not install apk

    i just bought note 8t and fffs i cant instal from mixplorer apk, wtf????
  13. crazy4jack

    Post Standby drain

    i have about 10% over 10h night drain and about 5-6% over 10h night on fly mode ;) so drain is big imho
  14. crazy4jack

    Post Photo quality

    So none r posting any pghotos so i will be first one, im using Gcam Mod from Nikita's and Burial's, all photos r with VSCO filters
  15. crazy4jack

    Post GCam working on the MoTo G7 (Working, portrait, night sight,video,Pano)

    burial latest mod is the same like parrot, nikita urnyx etc, but burial v7.2 like in my post is great, almost none white dots etc
  16. crazy4jack

    Post GCam working on the MoTo G7 (Working, portrait, night sight,video,Pano)

    dont know;) im using Burial and Nikita Mod every day, no problems, mayby just to long processing hdr;) parrot nikita end more others version 7 gcam r very almost similiar just try others, but stay away from ver 6 ;)
  17. crazy4jack

    Post Realme 6 screen burn in/screen retention issue

    i have the same on moto g7, also xiaomi is putting cheap ****y lcd to their phones, im not rtrusting chinese anymore
  18. crazy4jack

    Post Moto G8 power UI BUG

    this is not ghost screen, this is screen persistence - when uswicthc off phone for 15 or more minutes this will be gone, but will be back after using bright apps - i have the same **** lcd on moto g7, motorola have this isuue on many model, putting realy shoity LG?> lcd, this is shame i wanna...
  19. crazy4jack

    Thread MOTO G8 Power screen retention, persistence or bleeding

    Hi im on moto g7 and i have freaking screnn persistence -after using some white app even 2-3 minutes, i have still when i launch another app, i have still white buttons etc on my screen - on dark theme this shows massive:( is this problem is on Moto G8 Power to? cuz on mot g8 plus ifound some...
  20. crazy4jack

    Post GCam Mod

    do not use gcam version 6 is buggy and not working, use gcam version 7, choose on gcam webpage what camera u lie;) im on burial and nikita version 7 on moto g7 and photos r amazing for a 70 bucks phone;)
  21. crazy4jack

    Post Show your Moto G7 Screenshots

    my g7 looks like this
  22. crazy4jack

    Post [ROM]-[11.0]-[RIVER]-Havoc-OS-4.x-[27/05/21]-[OFFICIAL]

    in what custom roms like havoc r better than stock android 10 on our g7? battery life? better photos? maybe some trick how to disable this screen persistence?
  23. crazy4jack

    Post The best working GCam for MOTO G7 Power

    on my g7 al most every gcam v7 is working, but the best is Burial, has working almost everything besides 4k video, quality of image is veeery good, parrot dont have 1080 p 60fps video?
  24. crazy4jack

    Post G7 - Received Android 10 Update & June 1 Security Patch, and now No Calls

    i get today some security patch for g7 ;)
  25. crazy4jack

    Post can someone pls make a gcam app quickly

    im on moto g7, using any gcam mods i hve famous white dots on orange yellow surface, do u have the same? and is anyone confirm that this phone dont have freaking image persistence!!!??? i have this on my moto g7 its freaking nuts how **** screen moto intslling on their phones
  26. crazy4jack

    Post Screen on time

    so u guys its good battery life, i wanna buy this phone for 90 bucks - hase only screen defect not spider just clean break in 2 places so only 2 lines
  27. crazy4jack

    Post [RECOVERY][addison] Official TWRP for Moto Z Play

    abou descryption passwort in twrp, i set pin in settings and this pin not working to decryptf, wtf
  28. crazy4jack

    Post Best Google Camera port

    xso i wanan ask if gcam mod on pixel xl have teh same issues like on other phones: motorola one plus etc - a white dots on bright yellow orange red surfaces?
  29. crazy4jack

    Post [DISCUSSION] Google Camera dot pattern

    so what i understand, oryginal gcam on for example pixel xl dont have this issue? only gcam mods?
  30. crazy4jack

    Post moto g7 screen retention, ghost, burn

    any real solution - intsal lineage and set all rgb colors at 90% - solution from some XDA lineage thred or.... use only light theme:))) i use now white theme not dark and i dont see those retentions :)
  31. crazy4jack

    Post Screen on time

    Hi i wanna buy PIXEL XL from a guy from ebay poland, i will see phone in my hand before i pay a 100 bucks, but i have 2 qestion to You guys or girls;) 1 this guy says his battery is about 98% health after 3 years of using i have screenshots i will upload, and SOT 7-8 hours :)))) on 3 years old...
  32. crazy4jack

    Post Gcam for moto z play

    what exactly version of ARTX kernel do u use? anyone have this files for gcam? links r dead
  33. crazy4jack

    Post Moto G7 Google Camera Port: When do we think it will be available?

    zoom your photos u see many white dots on brown orange yellow surfaces :))) and i cant do any flash photos in night on any v6 gcam mods only v7 works fine but still on yellow red orange bright surfaces gcam mods doo many freaking wqhite dots - not only on mototrola phones, oneplus xiaomi to on...
  34. crazy4jack

    Post screen retention problem?

    is this affecting simple note 9 to? ---------- Post added at 02:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:33 PM ---------- and do u u have this screen persistance on your panel?
  35. crazy4jack

    Post Photo quality

    pic and pic from gcam, why u usuing **** stock cam on phones?1 omg[COLOR="Silver"]
  36. crazy4jack

    Post Redmi note 9,GCAM dedicated

    in OP is only gcam v6, anyone try gcam v7?
  37. crazy4jack

    Post Redmi note 8 with tianma lcd panel again :( !!!!

    and do u have or not screen retention?
  38. crazy4jack

    Post Screen temporary burn-in

    any one confirm that? im on motorola g7 and hase bad screen retention, i wanna buy note 8t and i read has the same isssue>?? wtf
  39. crazy4jack

    Post best gcam mod for redmi note 8

    and how imgae quality? i use some gcam mods on my moto g7 and i see whit dot problem on thise gcams, is there dots on pictures with hdr on note 8 too?
  40. crazy4jack

    Post Photo quality

    but do U have famous white dots using hdr mode on gcam? ---------- Post added at 12:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:35 AM ---------- can u send me some photos from gcam on hdr mode? [email protected] cheers
  41. crazy4jack

    Post [DISCUSSION] Google Camera dot pattern

    i m testing 3 different mods gcams and what i see for now i have dots on hdr+ mode and flash, or sometimes only on hdr+ only mode, on yellow orange white surface, i have thoise dots to on sky photos to, for now the best gcam mod is for me (has less dots or very blurry dots)...
  42. crazy4jack

    Post [DISCUSSION] Google Camera dot pattern

    ive just been testing many almost all Gcam moders mods from arnova to stark etc and all those mods - on arnova less - have teh same issue white on orange or dark on blue pictures dots, ive just bought motorola g7 and ive been searching internet and this is not phone issue just a freaking mods...
  43. crazy4jack

    Thread moto g7 screen retention, ghost, burn

    so i bought this phone 1 day ago, was usuing 2 years, and notice just today on dark screen i have some old images from some app, visible only on dark screeen, on reedit r people to who has the same porblem with not only g7, any real solution?
  44. crazy4jack

    Post GCam working on the MoTo G7 (Working, portrait, night sight,video,Pano)

    HI im NEW owner of G7 and im on stock 10 android and this gcam from OP works but i cant do photo whit flash from close - is always bright like hell ---------- Post added at 01:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:21 PM ---------- same for me ifinite hdr process ---------- Post added at...
  45. crazy4jack

    Post [GUIDE] How to get Magisk Root & Xposed on Oreo 8.0 (STOCK)

    i have the same problem now but i dont see any PC terminal, bue even after fail flash fix i have magisk and root on system lol
  46. crazy4jack

    Post Moto camera Sony IMX230

    thx man, i bought moto Z play now, muuuuch better battery but camera worst only 12pix :(
  47. crazy4jack

    Post [APP][ALL ROOT SOLUTIONS][6.0+]ViPER4Android FX 2.7

    i dont have any ;)
  48. crazy4jack

    Post [APP][ALL ROOT SOLUTIONS][6.0+]ViPER4Android FX 2.7

    im on MOTO Z PLAY stock Oreo, i install Viper i see settings but nothing is happened whan i press bass or otehr different options :(
  49. crazy4jack

    Post [ROM] Official fastboot stock Oreo image (OPNS27.76-12-22-9)

    so when i got MOTO z PLAY i was glad, nice SOT very good sound good pic, very good videos etc - i always checked quality sound on 2 players, N7 and Musicolet - but after flashing couple roms, LOS etc this sound quality just disapear!!! so i decided to flash stock rom to get it back, and im on...
  50. crazy4jack

    Post [APP][2.2+][05 Oct. - V2.4] BetterBatteryStats

    I have wakelock on my Z play moto runing Lineage 15.1 and its on every build so i install BBS and i dont know how to read :( i dont see what specific app doing this, can someone help me discover this?