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    Thread OnePlus 8T debloat list

    Hello. this is the APK list of the OnePlus 8T EU Version with (29.03.2021) Where can we get a list which apk is what and which is save to remove ? com.qualcomm.qti.gpudrivers.kona.api30 com.oneplus.gpudrivers.kona.api30...
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    Thread Bypass FRP on Android 10

    Hi, my mum locked her out on her Google Pixel 2 XL. She cannot remember even her email. I tried a factory reset at the stock recovery. But now the phone stuck at the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Bootloader is locked. Is there any way to bypass the FRP or even boot into the phone ? Please...
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    Thread Andoid Q - Dublicate icons

    Hi, i have dublicate icons on my launcher. I made hardreset to my phone but some apps are listed two times in the launcher. How top solve this problem ? Best regards
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    Thread Axon 7 Source Code

    Is it possible to get the Axon 7 Source Code ? Is Android not open source ?
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    Thread A2017G How to relock Bootloader to original mode.

    Hi, is it possible to relock the bootloader to original factory mode.
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    Thread Call Recorder

    IS it possible to get a working call recorder for the Axon 7 ?
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    Thread Difference between X720 X722 X727

    Hello, what is the difference between X720 and X727 ? Is the hardware the same ?
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    Thread Apps save to remove !

    Hi, does anbody has a list which apps are save to remove on the S5 9505 ?
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    Thread Changing IMEI on SGS2 :)

    Hi, is it possible to change the IMEI of the SGS2 ? Cheers dodo34
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    Thread which HardSPL for DIAM300

    Hello, which HARDSPL i have to use for DIAM300 and how ? Thanks
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    Thread How to read cid from borken magic

    Hi, i bricked my Vodafone Magic. it stops when the bootscreen comes. I can enter Fastboot. But how to read the CID to make a goldcard. THANKS
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    Thread PDA or Smartphone ?

    Hi, which version must i install on my HD ? Smartphone or PDA ? Thank you
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    Thread Unlocking your MDA Vario III

    Hi, is it possible to sim-unlock the MDA Vario 3 to use a simcard of any operator ? THX dodo34
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    Thread unlocking a Qtek 8500 ...

    Hi, i got a Qtek 8500 from my provider. But it is network locked. How can i unlock it to use another sim card ?
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    Thread Need unbranded Rom for Wizard. Official Version.....

    Ist there any official Rom for the Wizard (not selfmade) witj Turkish Language inside. Thank you
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    Thread Unbranding a O2 XDA Trion ..............

    Hi, which ist the newest and best working German OS for the XDA Trion ? many THANKS ! :)
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    Thread Unranded Rom for MDA compact III / XDA Orbit ...

    Hi, is there an unranded Rom for MDA Compact III / XDA Orbit ? Can we flash it? Many thanks
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    Thread T-Mobile MDA Compact III free unlocking solution ..........

    Hi, is it possible to unlock and unbrand the new MDA Compact III ? Many thanks