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  1. ttocs99

    Thread Need help

    Need a little help just bought a s8 plus and to my amazement it's a snapdragon version only problem is the phone wont do a software update and says I'm on the latest but its stuck on April 2019. I'm in the UK with a UK network so don't know if that's a problem or I'm willing to go the custom rom...
  2. ttocs99

    Thread Just got a ph-1

    Hi. Just got a ph-1 in mint condition for less than £75 in the UK the battery is great and love the form factor, but Is it too late for me to enjoy the device? I can go down the custom route easy but do others still use theirs as daily drivers.
  3. ttocs99

    Thread Just got a swift 2x

    Like the title says just a got a swift 2x in mint condition. The battery went dead and plugged the charger in and on the charge counter it said 32%! That can't be right so turned device on and it jumped again to 44%! With in a minute it went for 0 to 44 then it chargers at normal speed. Is there...
  4. ttocs99

    Thread Need a few pointers

    Hi I have just purchased a 2nd hand xz premium as my pixel 3a is now dead. Just need some pointers and advise as I'm going to root and ROM this device. My questions are do I need to back up the ta system and if I do can I restore it if I would ever go back to stock to be able to use Sony's DRM...
  5. ttocs99

    Thread How do I make a wallpaper fit

    Hi how do I make a wallpaper fit. I have a pixel 3a wallpaper but when I select it as wallpaper half the lettering is gone. I have uploaded the wallpaper too.
  6. ttocs99

    Thread Google assistant 2.0

    Anyone got the Google assistant 2.0 in the UK? I have everything up to date but still using the old UI. I have tried changing language and I don't have a gsuite account.
  7. ttocs99

    Thread need a opinion.

    I have a Moto X 2014 flashed aex and it's working great, I did have a problem with the earpiece not working. So it was due a battery change so thought do the ear piece as well. I replaced the earpiece component, changed battery and to my surprise it's still not working? Any thoughts on what it...
  8. ttocs99

    Thread need help.

    Can someone upload stock boot and vendor image. I've unlocked the bootloader and want to install a gsi but I can't get it to boot. So I'm hoping the boot and vendor image will help it boot up.
  9. ttocs99

    Thread stuck unlocking bootloader

    Hi. I can't unlock my bootloader. I have got the code off Sony, my laptop detected in fastboot, I have followed the unlock instructions set out by Sony as. In fastboot OEM unlock 0x(key) but it return a error saying incorrect data format! I have double checked over everything and the way the...
  10. ttocs99

    Thread pc not detect note5.

    Like the title says the laptop ain't picking up the note 5. It charges on pc but cannot detect mtp or adb even download mode. Any suggestions.
  11. ttocs99

    Thread hello.

    Hi I'm new to the note 5 forums. Managed to pick a immaculate duos version up for £30 off a friend. Was it silly for me to do that in 2020? Also can I root with out tripping knox and have two and custom Rom?
  12. ttocs99

    Thread need help.

    Hi. I have a Samsung j6 on model and flashed the latest android 10 stock rom. My problem is that's its using the xeu firmware but with phe csc which is Spain's? Any way to resolve this to change the csc to either xeu or btu?
  13. ttocs99

    Thread battery problem.

    Recently cracked my screen so I bought a new one with frame. I disassemble my old 5x and took the parts out and fixed onto new screen. The repair was a success but my battery won't charge above 82%? Should I fully discharge the battery then charge it while 5x is switched off.
  14. ttocs99

    Thread twrp help

    Just a quick question? I've encrypted my device and when I enter the password in twrp it says its wrong and won't decrypt yet my password is correct. Will this also effect backing up a nandroid. On lineage 15.1 with Sphinx kernel.
  15. ttocs99

    Thread Need some advice.

    Hi I have just been gifted a note 8 which is the snapdragon model from the U.S but I'm in the UK. My device is a greatqleue, is there any root method or custom roms for this model. I don't even know if it's a Verizon, sprint or other u.s carrier and far as i can tell it's running the XAA csc and...
  16. ttocs99

    Thread Android 11.

    Has anyone tried the Android 11 dp1 gsi on there Google pixel? I'm going to try later but thought would ask here 1st.
  17. ttocs99

    Thread muffled voice on loudspeaker.

    Hello. I'm having a issue with me having a muffled voice on loudspeaker while on call. I have done the build prop tweak for better hearing while on call and its amazing and the other person can hear me clearly! I don't understand why I'm muffled on loud speaker! I have clean both speakers and...
  18. ttocs99

    Thread no root adblocker works

    Using official 15.1 and I have tried to use adblockers but they are not working I have used energized with systemless root on magisk, that didn't work also tried adaway with and without using systemless root and problem still there. Can't use adblockers. Only have 4 magisk modules running which...
  19. ttocs99

    Thread change middle nabvar icon.

    Hi is there a way to change middle navbar icon? I was after the nexus "X" logo. I'm running lineage 15.1 rooted.
  20. ttocs99

    Thread getting a 6p.

    Hi. I'm getting a Nexus 6p and would like a little advice. The device I'm getting has been working flawlessly since the guy got it, the only problem was the battery which got replace about a month ago. Now my question starts here, when I'm going to install the custom rom etc... Should I use the...
  21. ttocs99

    Thread In need of midnight fabric case.

    Asking if anyone has a pixel 2 midnight fabric case that they don't want or need. I'm really desperate to obtain one of these but they look to be hard to get hold of. If anyone has and is Willing to part with there's please dm me or reply to this thread. Thank you.
  22. ttocs99

    Thread Help with battery capacity %

    Hi I have a normal pixel 2 and I'm trying to work out what the battery capacity I have left. We all know it's a 2700mah battery and I have used aida64 to find out my charge current when unplugged which is 2013mah what percentage is that left on my battery? Hope someone can help.
  23. ttocs99

    Thread is there any no root tweaks.

    Hi. Like the title says is there any no root root tweaks for oos. I'm currently on 9.0.5.
  24. ttocs99

    Thread did I get op3 at bargain price (discussion)

    Hi I recently got a op3 for £25. Was that worth it? The back is fine but the screen in heavily scratched BUT it is not cracked and I get about 6 hours screen on time. It's currently on oos 9.0.5 stock but should I root? All in all I think I got a bargain but the scratches are terrible.
  25. ttocs99

    Thread random reboots

    Like the titles says having a lot of random reboots. It happens in any situations like on charge, off charge playing games, downloading apps , using apps like reddit twitter XDA etc. And I have not got a clue why its happening. I've tried loads of ROMs and even went back to stock but it still...
  26. ttocs99

    Thread How to activate oneplus doze on op5

    Hi I've seen it about now on custom ROMs etc about the oneplus doze sttings, but is there a way to the the oneplus doze settings on stock pie.
  27. ttocs99

    Thread hi new op5 user

    Hello people. I'm a new user to the oneplus5. I got the 8gb 128 at a price for £110 in the UK . I'm very surprised at how quick fluent and fast this device is even if it is hitting the 2 year old device. Now I'm going to ask if there's any non root mods I should be aware of, I don't want to root...
  28. ttocs99

    Thread encryption

    Can I still encrtypt my rooted device. I'm on lineage micro g and I want my trust setting green as I have all ready set enforcing on.
  29. ttocs99

    Thread play store icon packs on stock

    Is there a way to get playstore icon packs on stock Rom without changing launcher.
  30. ttocs99

    Thread found a great way to theme with no root

    If your not rooted using stock there is a really easy way to a pitch black system using overlay. It doesn't need a pc and can do it all on our phone it also themes the play store black, whatsapp Twitter etc. The app in question is called swift installer on the play store. It's worth the money...
  31. ttocs99

    Thread looking to blackout s7 edge

    Just got a s7 edge and looking to go completely black by theming. Is this possible without root even for play store etc. Any help would be kindly appreciated.
  32. ttocs99

    Thread help with wallpaper

    Hi can anyone turn the background colour of this from red to the glacier grey to match the colour of my device
  33. ttocs99

    Thread unlocking bootloader?

    Is it worth paying the money to unlock the bootloader for the honor 9 as there's no official way of doing it. Using the honor 9 uk
  34. ttocs99

    Thread need help finding wallpaper

    Hi. New to the honor 9 and was wondering if anyone on here has this wallpaper with the number 9 on in this pic
  35. ttocs99

    Thread liquid screen protector

    As the title suggests has anyone used a liquid screen protector on there pixel XL, if so what has been your experience with it also does it work with minor scratches to the screen.
  36. ttocs99

    Thread march update

    Just a quick heads up march up date has been released but the release notes only say that specific fixes are for the pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL. I don't know if there's anything for our OG XL.
  37. ttocs99

    Thread can someone edit this wallpaper

    Hi I like this wallpaper but it's for the pixel 2 XL can anyone remove the 2 and replace the XL so it's spaced out correctly. Thanks
  38. ttocs99

    Thread battery life on pie

    Hi I'm new to the of pixel XL forums. I bought a pixel XL pre-owned for £50 in decent condition and the 128gb variety. Everything works ok but battery life is a bit low. Is 5hours and 30minutes good for this device at the age it is I haven't played and games yet just casual browsing checking...
  39. ttocs99

    Thread Android go gsi?

    Is there any Android go gsi I know there is lineage 15.1 go I've tried that but is buggy as hell so is there any others, it doesn't matter if it's oreo or pie.
  40. ttocs99

    Thread need some advice

    Hi I'm looking for a gsi that will be good for a 1gb ram device preferably that's Android go optimised I have tried the latest lineage 15.1 go but that was buggy for graphics etc. I'm currently using a Alcatel 1 which is Android go with a mtk soc.
  41. ttocs99

    Thread anyone using gsi

    As the title says is anyone using any custom gsi if so could you upload screenshot of your Nokia 1 running a gsi,thanks
  42. ttocs99

    Thread is there a gsi for arm 32bit mtk

    Hi like the title says is there a gsi for 32bit device I have a blackview A30 2gb ram 16gb storage it has a mtk6580A soc and it's treble support as shipped with 8.1.0
  43. ttocs99

    Thread silly question

    Silly question but has anyone with a m8 optimized this device as a android GO. Like with the magisk tweak low ram config+?
  44. ttocs99

    Thread some info please

    I'm wanting to go custom but do I really need s_off and supercid or can I just unlock boot loader and be happy lol. I'm using a UK m8
  45. ttocs99

    Thread wifi problem

    Just got this device and the WiFi keeps disconnecting. I have to sit next to router but it still disconnecting and sometimes it won't reconnect unless have to manually connect.
  46. ttocs99

    Thread need this wallpaper!!

    Does anyone know where I can get that wallpaper from. I've seen some y6 2018 devices with that on it but think it's only available in different regions.
  47. ttocs99

    Thread recovery

    I want to do a back up on my moto g3 but theres a system image setting that's over 2gb. Do I need that in my back up with system, data etc.
  48. ttocs99

    Thread is it possible to move play services

    Hi just asking out of curiosity? Is it possible to move Google play services to adopted storage as the size is building rather quite big
  49. ttocs99

    Thread August security patch

    Has anyone received this yet on the UK varient
  50. ttocs99

    Thread root methoed for my bargain

    Hi I recently went to Argos shopping for a new device as my nexus 5 was broke beyond repair, and I came across the Bush spiral d5 dual cam on sale for £59.99 and the specs it has got is a bargain 4g quad core at 1.3 GHz 2gb ram 16gb internal storage nougat 7.0 720p 5inch screen dual rear camera...