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  1. hg42

    Thread Android (Samsung) partitions list

    I think this thread is obsolete now, please go to [DEV][REF] El Grande Partition Table Reference instead, which contains more facts Hi, I want to create a list of Android partitions, to collect information for different purposes. My current cause of investigation is about repartitioning emmc...
  2. hg42

    Thread [recovery-app] Partition scanner (mainly for emmc bricks)

    Hi emmc bricked folks, this is a emmc partition scanner which is mainly usable for emmc bricked phones (only Samsung?). It's a companion software for my xda thread: "PIT file method to revive your phone from a MMC_CAP_ERASE brick". The tools are started via "install zip" from a recovery...
  3. hg42

    Thread PIT file method to revive your phone from a MMC_CAP_ERASE brick

    Summary: in many cases this allows to revive (not really repair!) your N7000 (and some other samsung devices) after an emmc brick and should be relatively easy to follow. The method uses PIT files. Note: This thread is rather old now (2012). Please note that the emmc brick bug should be...