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    Thread [ROM][AOSP][8.1 Oreo] Unlegacy Android (Unofficial)

    Warranties: THIS GUIDE COMES WITH NO WARRANTY. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE OF BREAKING YOUR PRECIOUS TABLET. PLEASE BACKUP YOUR DATA BEFORE CONTINUING, AS THIS GUIDE WILL WIPE YOUR DATA. Also, this guide assumes you have the following requirements: Bootloader unlocked TWRP installed Installation...
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    Thread Wifi connecting but no internet

    Hello, in upstreaming to android oreo, my wifi seems to be able to scan and connect but when connected it says no internet, checking the logcat i found NetworkMonitor/NetworkAgentInfo [WIFI () - 100]: PROBE_DNS 1ms FAIL which means somehow the device is not able to connect to the...
  3. Mighty

    Thread Wifi driver failing to load

    Hello, I'm trying to upbring a device to Android Oreo, its the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, but the wifi does not work. In the logcat it says `[email protected]: Failed to load WiFi driver` which seems to be the main issue. Any help on how to fix this issue? The sources are kernel -...
  4. Mighty

    Thread Freshly built Custom ROM issue

    So, I recently built RR for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and it built successfully, now i flash the zip in the device, it boots and shows the Samsung logo but then there is only blank screen with backlight! There is no bootanimation nor is pc detecting the tab. When powered off and put into charging...
  5. Mighty

    Thread [GNU/LINUX][] Sailfish OS for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

    Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT ANDROID! Android apps(.apk) do not work here, no Play Store! Use this at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any problem. Prerequisites: Installed TWRP recovery Downloaded CyanogenMod 13 and SailfishOS zip files from below The basic linux & android knowledge Patience...
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    Thread Trying to build Halium for tab 2

    So I'm trying to get halium working for tab 2 (we can get ubuntu touch and maybe even plasma mobile with help of it) and I get this error arch/arm/boot/compressed/atags_to_fdt.o: In function `merge_fdt_bootargs': atags_to_fdt.c:(.text+0x20c): undefined reference to `__stack_chk_fail'...
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    Thread Trying to build LineageOS Oreo

    So i am trying to build oreo for the tab 2 and i get this error ninja: error: '/home/mighty/Los/out/target/product/espresso3g/obj/lib/', needed by '/home/mighty/Los/out/target/product/espresso3g/obj/EXECUTABLES/pvrsrvinit_intermediates/LINKED/pvrsrvinit', missing and no known...
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    Thread Trying to build LineageOS 15

    So i am trying to build oreo for the tab 2 and i get this error ninja: error: 'libsrv_init', needed by '/home/mighty/Los/out/target/product/espresso3g/obj/EXECUTABLES/pvrsrvinit_intermediates/pvrsrvinit.o', missing and no known rule to make it i used this -...
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    Thread Broke my Tab 2

    Ok so i am trying to mainline my tab 2 but in that process i didnt have a dts so i tried to make my own and got to the point where a simplefb screen would come and go! Now the problem arises is that i cannot open anythin, only sometimes it boots up to shows the simplefb screen when charging but...
  10. Mighty

    Thread Phone totally dead after shutdown

    I recently flashed evolution x on my phone, and then after using it normally it shut down, now when i try to switch it on it dosent and i get a black screen and ALL MY DATA IS GONE. I went into redowolf recovery only to see that all the data is gone which might be the problem because of which it...
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    Thread [Game][4.4+] Iridium

    So what is Iridium you may ask? Iridium is a blend of racing and endless runner for Android as well as for browser. It is easy to learn and very fun to play! It also offers various customization. Try it out! How do I play it? It is very simple. For Android Tap left to go left, tap right to...
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    Thread New ROMs

    I need a good time for the tab 2. Currently on stock with Agni kernel powered by next. Tried a lot of ROMs but they are unstable/give bad battery backup. Need a stable, fast, good battery backup rom. Any Android version is okay. Thanks.
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    Thread Google Camera and Camera2api MIUI 10

    How can we enable camera2api in miui 10? No magisk as do not want to root my phone? Is there any way now??????
  14. Mighty

    Thread Lineage OS 14.1

    Why did the los 14.1 thread close? Los 14.1 is a great ROM and bugs can be fixed to make it even better Re-open los 14.1 thread Android-Andi Moderator Edit: Post edited to improve "tone".
  15. Mighty

    Thread PUBG

    How do I play PUBG on this device! I have overclocked it and will also try to increase RAM PUBG needs atleast 2 gb RAM but it can still run on our device with few tweaks! How do i install it It says device not supported:eek:
  16. Mighty

    Thread How do i make a rom?

    Just found this tablet and have started using it! Although old, it can run things smoothly. My question is how do i make an oreo rom for it to bring new life in it?? I will have to make it or can i port it from other devices like Nexus 7?
  17. Mighty

    Thread Oreo

    Are we going to get an oreo rom or not i know it is a stupid question, but is there any hope that developers make an oreo ROM for our old device?
  18. Mighty

    Thread Overclock RR 5.7.4

    Is there a custom kernel needed to over clock RR 5.7.4 on my gt p3100 How do I overclock it?:confused:
  19. Mighty

    Thread Volte

    There are many nougat ROMs for le 1s. But none have volte. Is there any nougat ROM with Volte or any way we can enable it on our own:confused:
  20. Mighty

    Thread GCAM Tool

    Few months back a tool was released for mi a1 users. It enabled camera 2 api without root or any treacherous process. Both of these phones(note 4 and a1) have snapdragon 625 processor. So, will this work on note 4 or is there any tool like this for us, note 4 users who want camera 2 api...
  21. Mighty

    Thread Google Lens

    Google Lens recently rolled out to some OnePlus devices in the assistant itself. Looks like Google is planning to release it to every phone with assistant support. Here's what happened when I asked assistant for lens.:)
  22. Mighty

    Thread Mi AI

    Xiaomi just announced their new voice assistant in China! The apks are present in apkmirror (search for Mi AI) It is good but in Chinese only Is there an english version of it? or do we hv to wait