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    Thread Sim card issues on anything other than Android 11

    I've been running the official release of Android 11 on my Pixel 3 XL without issue other than I'd like the battery life to be a little better. Had a really weird issue that maybe someone might have some insight about. My sim card only works on Android 11. If I run the official Android 10...
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    Thread battery %

    Anyone know how to display the battery percentage in the notification bar? I don't see battery as an option in the system UI tuner.
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    Thread Has the ota update fixed the lockups?

    I'm on the fence with the G2 and the vibrant. I don't get a good signal at home and am concerned about lock UPS and reboots with the G2. If you had these issues with your phone, did the ota update fix them? Sent from my HTC Liberty using XDA App