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    Post AAWireless - General discussion and support

    Does anyone know if on 2.0.2 the SSL fix was applied? I'm still on the dev aawireless app + firmware update "channel" where everything works fine but I do not need daily updates and if it's on the stable I would revert back to stable "channel"
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    Post AAWireless - General discussion and support

    I can confirm that with the latest dev fw for aawireless with the SSL fix it works now also when passthrough is deactivated in settings. No more authentication error. Thanks for the advise @Snirpo A small side question. I tried the DPI settings to make everything a bit smaller on the display...
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    Post AAWireless - General discussion and support

    sure. its AAWireless-jDXWG8AQ Let me know when i can test it. Getting it to work was a pain after factory reset. Had to use the troubleshooting process during installation in aawireless app.
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    Post AAWireless - General discussion and support

    Correct. Without passthrough enabled it ends in a loop of trying to connect and error message. I let u know tomorrow. I want to try to delete also all data from aa app.
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    Post AAWireless - General discussion and support

    Something weird happened today. I updated my PSA RCC headunit, which is in a Opel Corsa F with the latest update. After this aawireless went crazy and was telling me in a loop between menu and the message that the date and time between system and smartphone must be the same. It was only two mins...
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    Post AAWireless - General discussion and support

    Here are the promised info about the channel. Not a single issue since fw 2.0 for me still.
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    Post AAWireless - General discussion and support

    sure. let u know later today when i drive back home on the same crossing where it always happened.
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    Post AAWireless - General discussion and support

    nope. Left everything on default. So far no adjustments were needed.
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    Post AAWireless - General discussion and support

    I just wanted to report that after the update with firmware 2.0 i had absolutely no interferences and dropout issues anymore when playing music. It could be that also samsung did something on the firmware in the meantime because i saw in the changelog of AA that Samsung team have fixed some...
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    Post AAWireless - General discussion and support

    i really think they have not enough people for this project anymore. thats why it goes so slow. Additionally corona related board redesign due to supply issues. the interferences and therefor dropouts during music playback are really annoying. regardless if im on 2,4ghz or 5ghz. otherwise i have...
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    Post AAWireless - General discussion and support

    Thanks they told me this as well but it does not fix anything. Its still the same. I was rather expecting that they could check the logs why this happens than such a copy paste answer. But what i remember is that when i used their app to first install aawireless it said in the an error happened...
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    Post AAWireless - General discussion and support

    I have the second gen aawireless hardware and a galaxy s20 5g with snapdragon with 12GB RAM. aawireless is on 1.8.0 its weird because after 30mins or so it starts to have dropouts when music is played via samsung music. i thought first that this is maybe caused due to interferences by other...
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    Post Working Gcam for Samsung s10E Exynos + WORKING NIGHT SIGHT + Playground AR Emoji.

    does not look very good imo. a bit more contrast and thats it. Its also not sharper than samsung cam.
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    Post New update 52.0.A.3.126

    nothing special. no change. why do you have some many apps restricted?
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    Post XZ2c display static electricity issue

    There is no solution for this by Sony. The forums are full of it at the sony website.
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    Post [ROM][STOCK] eXistenZ Pie WIP

    Respect buddy. Your ROM looks the way i would love to see it by Sony. So much options to choose from. So sad that this DRM stuff is keeping me a bit off from the old days of flashing ROMs without any hesitation. Your ROm would be for 101% installed. You should get a job at sony mobile. But then...
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    Thread is it possible to change system font without root?

    Back in the xz3 compact days i had root and could do whatever i wanted. Had also xposed modules and so on and it was great. I cannot find any information if i can change the system font to roboto light without root on the xz2(c). Has anyone of you information for xperia and oreo if this will...
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    Post [ROOT, NON-ROOT] [OREO, PIE, Q] [/system /oem /vendor] Debloat Script - v1.6

    i'm asking myself if this script has significant influence on better performance compared to having already manually deactivated or uninstalled many apps myself in oreo via installed apps settings. also, this is probably for picture in picture support. i would not uninstall/deactivate this if...
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    Post Drop down notification with fingerprint swipe

    there is no setting for this implemented in the firmware.
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    Post XZ2c first impressions

    honestly, i even dont care if it throttles. its so fast that i do not notice it. i do not care about artificial benchmark results. day to day experience is much more important and for this the device is perfect. but i will send it for repair as the volume rocker and power button is loose so...
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    Thread strange vibration after booting

    Does anyone of you also noticed that the phone is vibrating two times shortly after entering pin of the sim after a restart? there is no notification about this and im wondering where this vibration is coming from. In safe boot nothing vibrates, so it must be an app causing this. is there a...
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    Post XZ2c first impressions

    the newer gboard releases from google have an issue with p letter and backspace. you must press the buttons deadcenter otherwise they will not react properly. i was always pressing half right side of the letter p. initially i thought that the touchscreen has an issue. but after installing an...
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    Post XZ2c first impressions

    yeah the s9 feels more balanced since it has 5gramm less and its bigger so the feeling is a bit different. the xz2c feels like a car with very heavy motor in the middle or back. wonder if sony have put some bricks inside to make it so heavy.
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    Post Screen sensitivity issue - Read it if you game with your XZ2 Compact!

    it could be that this time the screen is more sensitive while not so precise like the ones used before.
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    Post Screen sensitivity issue - Read it if you game with your XZ2 Compact!

    maybe the display is not so well for the pen you are using. i noticed that the display was even reacting when i had two display protective films on it at the same time. try to play around with glove mode. maybe this helps.
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    Post XZ2c first impressions

    i have the black one lying next to me. its a bit heavy after long term use. wish it would be a bit less heavy. sometime the edges of the usb-c port are irritating my small finger. would be better if sony have moved the usb port to the top. the bottom mic hole gets sometimes covered by the hand...
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    Post XZ2c first impressions

    there was only black. i was also thinking about the silver/white one. Couldnt see it live. But i rather like more black at front and white or silver back so i have choosen the black one
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    Post XZ2c first impressions

    I saw the xz2 compact couple days before first time in local store. was pretty impressed. It was the black one. Looked a bit like a small business phone. I was just to buy a Pixel 2 after i returned my galaxy s9 due to light leak. but i saw it and could play with it a bit and compare with Pixel...
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    Post Battery drain - device idle - any solution?

    this must be a bug with the modem or something. some german users are reporting this as well.
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    Post gsmarena studio samples of XZ2 vs SGS8,9, etc.

    seems like its oversharpening a bit. for some areas with structure it looks good but the rubber bands are looking terrible. samsung has definitely reduced sharpening this time in comparison to sony
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    Post again light leak and bad manufacturing quality

    you only need to go to settings with 100% brightness and it should be directly visible. maybe change slighlty the viewing angle but in my case this was not necessary. i have contacted samsung online shop now about this. hoping for a flawless unit.
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    Post again light leak and bad manufacturing quality

    good for you. are you sure? hen there would be hope to get a replacement that does not have this
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    Thread again light leak and bad manufacturing quality

    got today my S9 midnight black and its even worse than on the s8. light leak also on the bottom, additionally plus the light leak above front cam. also dust in the frame of the fingerprint sensor. oh samsung oh samsung..... at least the stereo speakers are fantastic i have to say. display is...
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    Post Samsung and Quality

    Well i tried it today the last time . was the 6th device. not happy at all. everything is now fine. no light leak above camera/iris and also buttons are ok. but: The screen is shifting its white so badly when tilting a bit the device on the Z-axis or Y-axis that this must be a joke. From...
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    Post Samsung and Quality

    It was at 5 different shops but they all said that this should not happen. Before i had a sony and there was everything fine from the beginning.
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    Thread Samsung and Quality

    Just a quick report of my journey buying a S8 without any issues in Germany. I had now 5 S8 midnight blacks here. Every one had atleast one issue of rhe following. Yellow tint or green tint with non uniform white. Not removable by white balance correction. Light leak above front cam and iris...
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    Post Initial impressions

    I have returned this phone. Reasons: 1. The metal edge on the bottom is hurting/irritating my skin after long usage! Its simply too sharp. this is unacceptable for a compact phone. 2. Camera is not 600€ worth! Its distorted and Sony is not even announcing to make a lens correction profile in...
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    Thread Preordered

    Due to the lack of alternatives in compacts only (iphone se which has to small display, no notification led and iphone 7 without headphone jack) i have preordered this little black powerhorse. In Germany you get additionally headphones when preordering (Value 220€-300€). the ones that were...
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    Post Guide: Root + Custom Kernel + Clean rom + TA for X Compact

    first i want to thank you for this. i appreciate this. why do we have to use the genesis kernel that is including drm patch when this method makes this patch obsolete? is ta_poc deactivating the drm patch within genesis during injecting the TA data? What happens if i want to update the rom to...
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    Post No ROMs so far?

    i bought a refurbished z3c again and had my battery replaced just because the z5c has this ****ty 810 snapdragon and the x compact a weird vibration motor (too loud) and several other reasons (no root on locked bootloader) and im fine. ok maybe i get no nougat on this but i dont care because im...
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    Post No ROMs so far?

    if someone doesnt find a exploit to root on locked bootloader then nobody will be able to backup ta data. i wont buy a sony phone if rooting means loosing features of the phone. z3c has support because the giefroot was once found and this enabled all dev to backup ta data with drm. even if...
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    Post Loud vibrations

    all x compacts have this ****ty loud vibration motor. if you press rapidly buttons with vibration the motor gets louder and loder like a bee! additionally the letter "P" on the keyboard is often not reacting when you are not pressing centered from top the letter on the keyboard. it will not...
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    Post [Discontinued|ROM][6.0.1|STOCK][D5803|D5833] 23.5.A.1.291 SLiMM

    does anyone know where wajk has the included material design aosp browser from? i cant find the same version like in the rom here at xda.
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    Post Battery life discussion

    :cowboy: gsmarenas battery test is personally not the best method. i rather like phonearenas. their method is much more realistic as they are not only testing video playbacks but also social media, browser and so on. usual smartphone usage.
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    Post Reviews

    the individual vibration is the same. the often and quicker you are pressing a button the more the motor of the vibrator gets crazy. sound like a bee on Speed. You must try to press the letter p probably from the right side. a bit through the curved glass. the galaxy s7 and z3 compact...
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    Post Reviews

    try it. the plastic glossy shell is not the problem. its nice to look at, looks a bit like ceramic and not so slippery as i thought but the build quality is again not the best. i hate the unsymetric gaps between frame. they just cant place the display equally into the frame. on the black (which...
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    Post Reviews

    i have bought yesterday the white x compact. unfortunately its a bit larger than the z3c. well im a bit disappointed but not because of the sd 650. the performance is quite good. its definately responsive and quick for a compact. but the bezel on the bottom is bigger than at the top. looks like...
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    Post [APP] Material Design AOSP Browser V5

    does anyone know if there is a possibility to change the browsers green color to black or even custom color? this is the only thing that is keeping away using lollipop.
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1|STOCK][D5803|D5833] 23.4.A.1.264 SLiM 5.0

    does anyone know if there is a possibility to change the browsers green color to black or something custom?