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  1. esysfound

    Thread MS Office App (all in one) not updating in LineageOS

    I have 2 different phones, running LineageOS 18.1 and 19.1 respectively. After the initial install of MS Office (All-in-One) App, the App will not update automatically from the Google Play Store in either phone/LineageOS version. Updates get to 90% download and then just crash out. I have to...
  2. esysfound

    Thread v 8.0 GAPPS not installing/not compatible with Nexus 6 Lineage 15.1 (unofficial)

    Trying to install Open Gapps for 30 Jan 18 Lineage 15.1 build. Only available Gapps is for Android 8 (vs. 8.1)- says should be compatible, but when I try to install from TWRP, installation fails saying it is incompatible with Android 8.1. Tried with wiping and not wiping Dalvik and Cache - no...