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  1. hej2010

    Thread Rooting the G8s - Guide

    I got root and Magisk working on my G8s (LM-G810EAW)!! The patched boot image I used for my German (NEU) G8s can be downloaded from (check your Android security patch date in the phone system settings and choose the corresponding version): Version v10n: here (2019) or Version v10p: here...
  2. hej2010

    Thread The bootloader for the G8s can be unlocked!!

    I entered my device info (European G8s) on the LG bootloader unlock page and they actually sent me a key :D I flashed it and the bootloader is now unlocked. Are there any custom recoveries for the G8 so I can root it? Confirmation SS:
  3. hej2010

    Thread [Q] Relocking bootloader with fastboot oem lock gives error

    Hi, I am trying to install the stock RUU. But when I do the command "Fastboot oem lock" it gives an error message: C:\Users\Rikard\Desktop\ADB + Fastboot . Drivers>fastboot oem lock ... INFO[ERR] Command error !!! <---- why this? OKAY [ 0.013s] finished. total...
  4. hej2010

    Thread [Q] Two copies of one app?

    Is it possible to have two copies of one app so I can open one and have one account on it and open the other and have another account? (I have root)
  5. hej2010

    Thread [Q] Help! PACman Rom stuck at boot screen

    Hi, I have tried to install PACman Rom for desire s but it's stuck on boot screen. I have unlocked bootloader. I did a full wipe in recovery with 4ext touch and flashed the rom and the boot image. I didn't flash the google apps because I...