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    Thread Having trouble flashing emojis

    Okey so whenever i flash an emoji zip i get bootlooped and then have to flash the nandroid recovery (it takes like 20 mins). Am i doing something wrong? I think that the bootloop is cos of the fonts that are bundled with the zip.
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    Thread Trouble getting into engineering mode

    Okey so i tried almost all the codes for engineering mode but none of them work. Any ideas?
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    Thread Problems with main speaker.

    This doesnt happen all the time. Whenever i play a video/audio in about ~1min it becomes muted. If i close (the video) or the music player then get back to it it works. When it starts working it may not happen during the day or it may happen again. Im running the stock rom,rooted, D855 3/32.
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    Thread Motherboard issues

    Okey so i bought my D855 2 and a half years ago for about 320euros. About a month ago i started to have the infamous screen fade issue. I did the ol paper on the sensor thing and it was fine for 2 days then it came back and it was worse. So after that BSOD started appearing and i figured to get...