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    Thread Choosing SoC MTK 8127A vs PX 5 RK

    Hello want to change my aunt and I am in big trouble My choices are an Android device based on MTK 8127A from ATOTO but that come with 2 GB of RAM or a regular one based on PX 5 which come with 4 GB of RAM. I understand that the MTK car goes devices are a little bit rare So what to choose...
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    Thread The best PX5 Unit Manufacturer

    I have the intention to get from Aliexpress a unit with the following specs: SPECS Android 8 CPU Rockchip OCTACORE PX5 4 GB RAM 7 inches screen Optional: 4G/LTE Sim module / dongle (Question: there are few models that have the 4G/LTE sim integrated; are they reliable?) Which is the best...
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    Thread Mtcd_kd rk 3188 rom speed

    Hello I have a question. My device is MTCD_KD v 1.27 on RK 3188 I also use the hal9k mod. Is there any ROM in your experience that would make the unit faster. After boot I have to wait many minutes before the yutbue or other programs to be accessed Thank you
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    Thread HTC Asia launched WM 6 for DOPOD U1000, D810 , 838Pro and P800W !

    HTC Asia lounched WM 6 ! Is is avalaible for Dopod: U1000, D810 , 838Pro and P800W Link:
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    Thread How to put Herald in boot loader mode ?

    Hello, I've searched a lot how to put the Herald in the boot loader mode. Please, help me. Thank you advance. LAter edit: i found out: i had to keep pressed the camera button :) lol