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  1. Arkapravoarka

    Thread Gcam 7 for Realme 7 Here is the Google drive link of the one in using. Everything Works perfectly except slow mo Set back camera 2 id to 4 and turn the settings off
  2. Arkapravoarka

    Thread No 7.2 on the Nokia update roadmap

    Even my 6.1 plus received the update today. I couldn't find any news about android 10 on the 7.2, the official roadmap have no mention of 7.2 and 6.2
  3. Arkapravoarka

    Thread Will the GSIs on other forum work on this device?

    I had previously flashed GSIs on max prom2 with a few bugs. Can someone get me the link for an almost stable oxygen os gsi.
  4. Arkapravoarka

    Thread Tether via usb unavailable after using about 45 GB of data.

    I was basically using the tether via usb to access internet on my computer. But yesterday in the middle of udating CS go, it stopped. The file transfer option is gone too. In device manager it shows unknown usb device(device descriptor request failed). Is this issue related to october update? As...
  5. Arkapravoarka

    Thread Windows animation scale increases when night sheild is turned on and off

    Todaty I discovered a weird bug. Whwn the animation is set to 0.5, turning on and off the night sheild will get it back to 1 again
  6. Arkapravoarka

    Thread Windows animation scale automatically increases

    The windows animation scale and transition animation scale gets increased to 1 after some time. I've set them to 0.5 but they automatically come back to 1 for unknown reasons. Can you help with it
  7. Arkapravoarka

    Thread Slow mo problems in gcam

    Is there a gcam with working slow motion. I tried dozens of the but none worked. The stock camera's Slow Mo is choppy
  8. Arkapravoarka

    Thread Google cam problem

    Enabling the save portrait to dcim puts 10-12in a smart burst and the photos can't be shared. Any solution for this
  9. Arkapravoarka

    Thread Pixel experience

    I found Pixel experience for our device from a Youtube video. could anyone test it out
  10. Arkapravoarka

    Thread MoKee ROM foe lavender

    I found this rom on the official MoKee website
  11. Arkapravoarka

    Thread 48mp on custom roms

    Coming from miui 10 eea, I miss the 48mp option on custom roms. Could anyone port the miui camera for flashing on roms
  12. Arkapravoarka

    Thread 48 mp on indian not pro

    Can we somehow get 48mp resolution pictures in the indian not pro.
  13. Arkapravoarka

    Thread Best gcam settings

    What the the best settings for rn7. I'm using bulkin's latest gcam.
  14. Arkapravoarka

    Thread China dev rom on Indian varient?

    Can I flash the China dev rom on indian varient running 10.2.11 global without bricking?
  15. Arkapravoarka

    Thread EU rom for redmi note 7 indian

    Can someone provide the EU romfor redmi note 7 indian varient. I heard there arent ads on the eu version
  16. Arkapravoarka

    Thread How to remove bloatware?

    Is there a way to remove bloat on the indian redmi note 7?
  17. Arkapravoarka

    Thread The notch area is weird after pie update.

    Look closely and you'll find that the screen around the notch has a black border and ita somewhat rounded
  18. Arkapravoarka

    Thread Focus not working on gcam

    I'm not able to focus using gcam. Only the auto focus is working on that app. Any solution for this would be appreciated. Using stock ROM February security patch
  19. Arkapravoarka

    Thread How to update from Oreo February patch to Pie January patch

    Every time I try the update method provided by Asus, I get an error when the installing updates scren appear. Is there any way to update it?
  20. Arkapravoarka

    Thread I need stock Max pro m2 camera from Pie

    I need the stock camera for max pro m2 pie. I'm on pixel experience march security update. Donot suggest the one plus cam or gcam I am in need of the stock camera only.
  21. Arkapravoarka

    Thread Need Stock Camera of Max pro m2

    I flashed the pixel experience and portrait mode isn't working. The gcam works only on faces. Somebody please get me a link of the stock camera that came with the firmware. I'm on Pie March security patch.