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  1. hariprasadiit

    Thread [ROOT][CWM RECOVERY] Onda V971 Quad-core | V972 | Allwinner A31

    Hello everybody! Here is the ROOT and CWM Recovery for Onda v971 Allwinner A31 and Onda v972. CAUTION : I'm not responsible for any damage to your device.Use at your own risk Back up your data before you start doing anything Links : ROOT : ROOT Allwinner A31 CWM RECOVERY : CWM...
  2. hariprasadiit

    Thread [APP][FUNBOOK]AllWinner MOD [AWmod]play Gameloft games and some other games

    Many of us having problem with gameloft games and some other games to play on funbook. but with the AWmod you can play all these games. Download the app ,change build type to Motorola xoom then reboot your device. now you can play all gameloft games meant for xoom tablet. If you have problems...
  3. hariprasadiit

    Thread [Q] HELP to make changes to network AUTO MODE

    when i put network mode in auto,i want the phone to connect to 2g network first till data network is activated and then it should switch to there any way to do this? is there any way to give delay in auto mode? what i have observed is,when the phone is in auto mode, some times it...
  4. hariprasadiit

    Thread Youtube bug

    i own HTC DESIRE HD week before.i have youtube bug problem.its saying that"there was a problem while playing".anybody help plzz.:(
  5. hariprasadiit

    Thread [Q] about 3d drivers for galaxy i5800

    will galaxy get 3d drivers or not?spica already got.and wokin good.what about this galaxy??this phone graphics sucking me to play many games.:mad: